Season 45: Fall 2021

Here is your Fall 2021 Recap, where you can find out who won all the individual awards for which we were actually able to give out prizes for the first time since COVID started!

But before I get to all of that, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for the generous gift of certificates for my two favorite dining establishments: Em Chamas and... Gomer's Fine Wines and Spirits! :) :) This came as a complete surprise! Though it stresses me out weekly and inspires frequent nightmares, the work I do for this league is still fun for me, and believe or not all the weekends and late nights (and sitting on my laptop at various picnic tables for hours while camping during the week before this season started) developing our electronic scoring system ended up teaching me skills that had immediate applications in my day job. (Obviously not the parts about scoring math, but a number of other aspects.) So again, thank you all, I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me!

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As we are all well aware and tired of hearing about by now, Going Going Bald secured the championship three weeks ago. What you might not have known, however, was that until they lost a game to a forfeiting team in Thanksgiving week, they were mathematically capable of ending the season with the best win-loss record in league history. Even with that loss they still could have at least tied it. but after sweeping Would You Rather the next week and knowing they needed only one more win to secure the championship, they became lackadaisical and would up all the way down in 13th place instead.


Women's High Series Scratch: JoAnne Barber (417)

Women's High Game Scratch: Emily Nicolet (167)

Women's High Series Handicap: LaReash Bridges (510)

Women's High Game Handicap: N/A due to insufficient females

Men's High Series Scratch: Carl Goetz (650)

Men's High Game Scratch: James Tott (255)

Men's High Series Handicap: Dustin Schmeltz (704) - earned at the last second!

Men's High Game Handicap: Ben Spencer (270)

Carl Goetz is #1 Power ranked bowler, Kent Harms is runner up.

Shephus Cripes is #1 Power ranked team,Going Going Bald is runner up.

Head to Head: Carl Goetz would have won 68.63% of all possible one-on-one matchups this season, Kent Harms comes in second with 65.398%.

The Tournament of Champions with newly expanded prizes was won by James Tott, with Kent Harms as runner-up.

With hastily thrown together paper ballots due to Scoot working late every night the past month so not having time to set up online voting, the People's Choice awards have been revived! (Runners-up are shown only for categories with more than three choices.)


Rookie of the Season

(Which first year bowler did the most for his or her team in their initial outing?)

  • Winner: Kent Harms

Seth Gunderson Captain of the Season

(Which team captain provided the most leadership, dedication, and inspiration to their team?)

  • Runner Up: Emily Nicolet
  • Winner: JoAnne Barber

Carl Goetz Defensive Bowler of the Season

Which player with an average of 150 or above proved to be the strongest finisher in crucial tenth frame situations?

Ian Goetz Underdog of the Season

Bowler with an average under 150 who was the biggest spark for their team.

Bob Brunker/Rob Kaszuba Sportsmanship Award

This award should go to the one male bowler who continually shows the best example of good sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

Emily Podhajsky/Alison Radke Sportsmanship Award

This award should go to the one female bowler who continually shows the best example of good sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

  • Winner: Emily Nicolet

Pat Searcy 'Life of the Party' Award

Named for a man whose exuberant personality made bowling nights more fun for all those around him. Given to the person who livens up Tuesday nights and brings a smile to all our faces.

Sub of the Season

The sub who did the most for the team or teams they helped

Most Valuable Bowler People's Choice

Who did everyone think did the most for their team?

  • Runner Up: Carl Goetz
  • Winner: Dennis Walling


  1. Kenny Fan Club: Adam Scherzer
  2. Shephus Cripes: Carl Goetz
  3. Bowlie Guacamole: Dustin Schmeltz
  4. Would You Rather...: Scott Murdock
  5. The Heavy Pins: Kent Harms
  6. Going Going Bald: Dennis Walling

ACTUAL SEASON MVB: Carl Goetz, single-handedly responsible for 10 of his team's wins. — Runner-Up: Dustin Schmeltz


Scott Murdock "Get 'er Done" Award

Normally this is named in the Spring, but the circumstances require early recognition this season...

  • Runner Up: Jacob, the lane mechanic, for being so quick and attentive
  • Winner: Dennis Walling, for serendipitously finding us a new home just when it appeared the league would have to fold!


  • On the second game of week 11 (November 16), Seth Gunderson rolled his 200th career 200+ game, with a 222!
  • Speaking of GunderFacts™ — while it won't appear on the Top 25 list until the Spring 2022 season launches, Shephus Cripes tied the all-time record for best second-half team performance, going 27-5 in the final 8 weeks of the season.
  • James Tott is now the 14th best bowler to never win a championship, and is tops among only three currently active league members making that Top 25 list. (Dustin Schmeltz and Conor Clarke are the other two.)

New Personal Best Games

Bowler New
Adam Scherzer 175 169 Spring 2020,  wk 8
Ben Spencer 249 (t) 249 Fall 2020,  wk 6
Emily Nicolet 167 164 Spring 2019,  wk 7
James Tott 255 245 Spring 2020,  wk 8
LaReash Bridges 157 134 Midsummer 2021,  wk 4
Nathan Burrows 182 136 Midsummer 2021,  wk 7

New Personal Best Series

Bowler New
Dustin Schmeltz 608 605 Spring 2016,  wk 14
James Tott 631 606 Spring 2021,  wk 3
Nathan Burrows 455 387 Midsummer 2021,  wk 6

New Personal Best Average

James Tott 174 169 Midsummer 2021
Brian Bockelman 129 126 Spring 2020
Nathan Burrows 127 110 Midsummer 2021

FALL 2021

Carl Goetz


"You have to be kidding... nobody told us that the Gutter Alley league is coming here next year. This is going to be our hardest challenge ever."

Tan France, of Queer Eye, noticing our league name penciled into Kenny's notebook.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins
1 Going Going Bald 46-18 .719 32,383
2 Shephus Cripes 42-22 .656 33,859
3 Would You Rather... 29-35 .453 26,845
4 The Heavy Pins 29-35 .453 25,331
5 Bowlie Guacamole 25-39 .391 23,179
6 Kenny Fan Club 19-45 .297 18,702

Top Individual Achievements for Fall 2021
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Carl Goetz - 650
Matthew Taylor - 638
James Tott - 631
Dennis Walling - 628
Ben Spencer - 616
JoAnne Barber - 417
Emily Nicolet - 376
LaReash Bridges - 343
Danielle Gross - 203
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
James Tott - 707
Carl Goetz - 705
Dustin Schmeltz - 704
Dennis Walling - 695
Matthew Taylor - 689
Emily Nicolet - 616
JoAnne Barber - 615
LaReash Bridges - 510
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Carl Goetz - 256
James Tott - 255
Ben Spencer - 249
Matthew Taylor - 243
Dennis Walling - 239
Emily Nicolet - 167
JoAnne Barber - 160
LaReash Bridges - 157
Danielle Gross - 78
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
James Tott - 279
Ben Spencer - 270
Carl Goetz - 270 (t)
Kent Harms - 266
Dennis Walling - 264
Emily Nicolet - 247
JoAnne Barber - 226
LaReash Bridges - 184
Men's High Pins Over Average Women's High Pins Over Average
James Tott +85
Ben Spencer +76
Carl Goetz +75
Kent Harms +75 (t)
Dennis Walling +71
AJ Hofmann +69
Emily Nicolet +68
JoAnne Barber +43
LaReash Bridges +6
Men's Most Improved Bowler Women's Most Improved Bowler
Kent Harms +31
Carl Goetz +27
James Tott +23
Dennis Walling +19
AJ Hofmann +19 (t)
Chris Windham +15
Emily Nicolet +2

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