Head to Head Performance

Most Valuable Bowler finds the bowler who played the greatest role in earning the most victories for his or her team. Power Ranking finds the bowler who put on the strongest performance relative to their usual strength. But who bowled best relative to themselves and the league?This report looks at what would happen if bowling were an individual sport and you were rolling head-to-head against each and every other bowler of the league...with the 80% league handicap applied.* How many games would you have won?

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Weekly Top Individuals for Week #0 of Spring 2019   (Using League Handicap - 80%)
Rank Name Victories Percent


Overall Top Individuals for Spring 2019   (Using League Handicap - 80%)
Rank Name Victories Percent Change

* Just like we do with the team matchups in which 80% handicap is added in for the team with the lower total average, we're applying an 80% handicap for the individual bowler with the lower average in each head to head matchup.

For example, let's say that Bowler A has an average of 180 and Bowler B has an average of 130. The difference between the two averages is 50 pins, 80% of which is 40. So, in our matchups, Bowler B would get an additional 40 pins of handicap added to his or her score in each game.

If Bowler A shoots a 214 while Bowler B ends up with a 175...Bowler B would be awarded the Head to Head victory as the final score would be 214-215. Bowler B's game of 175 would have the 40 pins applied, bringing their total to 215. Hooray for handicap!



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