Season 48: Spring 2023

Welcome to Season #48, the Spring 2023 session.

Here is your Spring 2023 Recap, where you can find out who won all the individual awards plus lots more! Our next season will begin on August 22, 2023!

Do lanes 1 & 2 still suck? That remains to be seen, but they sure do look purdy. (Click to see larger)

Before I get into the recaps, I want to first apologize for a couple of things. First, this post should have been made two months ago -- this summer has been unexpectedly busy and time just got away. Second, I realized I forgot to ever finish updating the Hall of Fame section of the web site. I feel much worse about this, and promise to get this corrected before the Fall season starts.

Now, on with the recap. And if you missed the presentation, you can see it here on Google Docs, and if that doesn't work you can also see it as a PowerPoint or (without any animation) as a PDF.

Up until nearly the end this season was essentially anybody's to win (with the exception of course of a team that prefered to roll their balls with flippers instead of hands), but in the end it was Balderdash who managed to hold things together and come out on top. The team finishes as the 129th strongest team in league history, putting it at the the 66th percentile.

Fun Night / Awards Night enabled us to be the first league to get to roll on the brand new lanes! That's right, new lanes! What was supposed to just be new approaches turned into a complete rebuild of every lane due to the contractor misunderstanding the assignment in a GOOD way! Unfortunately only a handful people people actually stuck around to play bowling, so most of us still have yet to experience it. Rumor has it that a new tile floor is coming as well, perhaps before the Fall season starts!


Women's High Series Scratch: JoAnne Barber (478)

Women's High Game Scratch: N/A due to insufficient females)

Women's High Series Handicap: N/A due to insufficient females)

Women's High Game Handicap: N/A due to insufficient females

Men's High Series Scratch: Nick Kinney (669)

Men's High Game Scratch: Ben Spencer (269)

Men's High Series Handicap: Ryan Sisco (749)

Men's High Game Handicap: James Tott (265)

Brett Affolter is #1 Power ranked bowler, Scott Murdock is runner up.

Balderdash is #1 Power ranked team, Just Shitty Enough is runner up.

Head to Head: AJ Hofmann would have won 60.579% of all possible one-on-one matchups this season, Michael Gordon comes in second with 58.718%.

The Tournament of Champions was won by AJ Hofmann, with Michael Gordon as runner-up.


Rookie of the Season

(Which first year bowler did the most for his or her team in their initial outing?)

Seth Gunderson Captain of the Season

(Which team captain provided the most leadership, dedication, and inspiration to their team?)

Carl Goetz Defensive Bowler of the Season

Which player with an average of 150 or above proved to be the strongest finisher in crucial tenth frame situations?

Ian Goetz Underdog of the Season

Bowler with an average under 150 who was the biggest spark for their team.

Bob Brunker / Rob Kaszuba Sportsmanship Award

This award should go to the one male bowler who continually shows the best example of good sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

Emily Podhajsky / Alison Radke Sportsmanship Award

This award should go to the one female bowler who continually shows the best example of good sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

  • Runner Up: JoAnne Barber
  • Winner: JoAnne Barber

Pat Searcy 'Life of the Party' Award

Named for a man whose exuberant personality made bowling nights more fun for all those around him. Given to the person who livens up Tuesday nights and brings a smile to all our faces.

  • Runner Up: Ryan Sisco
  • Winner: Scott Thompson

Sub of the Season

The sub who did the most for the team or teams they helped

  • Runner Up: Chris Lenz
  • Winner: Doug Lenz

Most Valuable Bowler People's Choice

Who did everyone think did the most for their team?

  • Runner Up: Ben Spencer
  • Winner: Matthew Taylor & Nick Kinney (tie)

Favorite Team to Roll Against

  • Runner Up: Glory Bowl
  • Winner: Sun Dolphins

Most Feared Team to Roll Against

  • Runner Up: Just Shitty Enough
  • Winner: Balderdash


  1. Just Shitty Enough: John Boren
  2. Sun Dolphins: Scott Thompson
  3. Balderdash: Michael Gordon
  4. Let's Split Up, Gang!: James Tott
  5. Glory Bowl: Brett Affolter
  6. I Thought This Was AA?: AJ Hofmann

ACTUAL SEASON MVB: Brett Affolter, single-handedly responsible for 10 of his team's wins. — Runners-Up: Kent Karms & Nicholas Knight


  • Carl Goetz crossed the 1,500 games bowled in our league mark last month, he now sits at 1,512 total games.
  • Matthew Taylor crossed the 150 league career 200+ game mark this season and now sits at 159 200+ games.
  • Despite his heroic first game of the season, AJ Hofmann only managed to land at #14 in Biggest Sandbaggers of All Time. Among current bowlers he still trails Dennis Walling, Nick Kinney, John Boren, Aaron Barber, and all-time leader Matthew Taylor in this category

New Personal Best Games

Bowler New
Ben Spencer 265 249 Fall 2020,  wk 6
Chris Lenz 223 174 Fall 2022,  wk 14
JC Cox 144 140 Fall 2022,  wk 1
Jeremy Varnell 207 199 Fall 2018,  wk 11
Jim Koger 198 167 Fall 2022,  wk 7
Nicholas Knight 210 194 Spring 2022,  wk 12
Nick Kinney 279 268 Fall 2017,  wk 13
Ryan Sisco 231 221 Fall 2022,  wk 2
Scott Thompson 244 190 Fall 2022,  wk 15

New Personal Best Series

Bowler New
Chris Lenz 533 417 Fall 2022,  wk 14
JC Cox 400 344 Fall 2022,  wk 7
Nathan Burrows 466 460 Spring 2022,  wk 16
Nicholas Knight 508 495 Spring 2022,  wk 8
Scott Thompson 508 487 Fall 2022,  wk 15

New Personal Best Average

Bowler New
Nick Kinney 183 180 Fall 2022
Nick Kinney 183 180 Spring 2020
Nathan Burrows 137 134 Spring 2022
Kent Harms 171 169 Fall 2022
JC Cox 107 94 Fall 2022
Brett Affolter 172 162 Fall 2022
Jim Koger 128 122 Fall 2022
Scott Thompson 144 139 Fall 2022


Brett Affolter


"I mean, dolphins are super intelligent. If they had opposable thumbs, we'd all be fucked."

Sun Dolphins, grasping for any explanation other than bourbon why they can't grip onto more wins.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins
1 Balderdash 38-26 .594 32,817
2 Just Shitty Enough 34-30 .531 34,008
3 Let's Split Up Gang! 32.5-31.5 .508 27,496
4 I Thought This Was AA? 32-32 .500 27,193
5 Glory Bowl 31-33 .484 28,200
6 Sun Dolphins 24.5-39.5 .383 24,470

Top Individual Achievements for Spring 2023
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Nick Kinney - 669
Ben Spencer - 640
Dennis Walling - 622
James Tott - 620
Matthew Taylor - 620 (t)
Seth Gunderson - 599
JoAnne Barber - 478
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Ryan Sisco - 749
James Tott - 722
Ben Spencer - 715
AJ Hofmann - 690
Michael Gordon - 686
JoAnne Barber - 661
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Nick Kinney - 279
Ben Spencer - 265
Matthew Taylor - 248
Scott Thompson - 244
Seth Gunderson - 231
James Tott - 231 (t)
Ryan Sisco - 231 (t)
JoAnne Barber - 171
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Ryan Sisco - 293
Ben Spencer - 290
James Tott - 265
Michael Gordon - 263
Jeremy Varnell - 255
Brett Affolter - 255 (t)
JoAnne Barber - 232
Men's High Pins Over Average Women's High Pins Over Average
Ryan Sisco +109
Ben Spencer +97
James Tott +74
Michael Gordon +72
Jeremy Varnell +68
JoAnne Barber +48
Men's Most Improved Bowler Women's Most Improved Bowler
Ryan Sisco +18
AJ Hofmann +11
Michael Gordon +9
JC Cox +7
Scott Murdock +7 (t)
Brett Affolter +6
Clayton Burrow +6 (t)

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