About the League

The Dude Abides...and bowls.
League History

The infamous and long-running VML Bowling League was formed quietly in the Spring of 2000 under the guidance of league president Angela Bradford. Comprised of 16 VMLers and their friends, the fledgling band of bowlers battled it out on 2-man teams at the now-defunct Antioch Shopping Center bowling alley in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Since the formation of the league, literally hundreds of bowlers have laced up their shoes and participated in what has become a much-anticipated Tuesday night tradition through 30+ seasons.

Hall of Fame

Established in the Spring 2011 league to commemorate those individuals who best represent the bowling league throughout its rich and lengthy history, the Hall of Fame will induct one new bowler approximately once per year.


As with any league, we have a set of rules. Just like The Dude, you need to abide.


GutterAlley.com, the official site for the VML Bowling League, was started in 2003 as a labor of love between eternal bowlers Ken M. Wilson and Scott "Scooter J" Murdock to record the history of the league. In 2015 the torch was passed from Ken to AJ Hofmann to continue helping with the site and the league. Each and every Tuesday night after league bowling, they'll scurry off to update the site to keep all the facts, figures and foolery coming your way.



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The following bowlers had wanted to bowl in the Fall 2023 season but there wasn't room, so please consider them first when a sub is needed.

Ken, after missing a 300 by one @%*&ing pin.