Best and Worst 

We've all seen it before – either on the good side or the bad side to the equation, bowlers in our league tend to perform their best and/or their worst against particular teams. Why is this? If we knew that answer to that, do you honestly think we'd be sitting around creating these kind of charts for a bowling site? Nonetheless, we'd like to be able to definitively see just who is doing their best and worst against that various teams around the league.

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Who everyone bowled their best against...

Bowler Best Game Against Best Series Against
Aaron Barber 218 Squid Row 598 Sun Dolphins
AJ Hofmann 235 Schindler's Fists 593 It Starts Now!
Ben Spencer 242 Schindler's Fists 592 Schindler's Fists
Brett Affolter 216 Squid Row 545 Squid Row
Brian Schaben 148 Schindler's Fists 383 Schindler's Fists
Buck Nasty 181 Grumpy Old Men 447 Sun Dolphins
Carl Mueller 146 Squid Row 377 Schindler's Fists
Chris Lenz 157 Grumpy Old Men 398 Grumpy Old Men
Chris Windham 190 Sun Dolphins 503 Sun Dolphins
Clayton Burrow 161 It Starts Now! 392 It Starts Now!
Dennis Walling 212 It Starts Now! 544 DB Lenz a Hand
Doug Lenz 178 It Starts Now! 475 It Starts Now!
Dustin Schmeltz 212 Grumpy Old Men 559 Grumpy Old Men
JC Cox 172 Schindler's Fists 417 Schindler's Fists
Jeremy Varnell 177 Squid Row 447 It Starts Now!
Jim Koger 159 Sun Dolphins 395 Sun Dolphins
JoAnne Barber 167 Schindler's Fists 427 Schindler's Fists
Kent Harms 212 Schindler's Fists 562 Grumpy Old Men
Matthew Taylor 262 Schindler's Fists 659 It Starts Now!
Michael Gordon 237 DB Lenz a Hand 654 DB Lenz a Hand
Nathan Burrows 213 Schindler's Fists 490 Squid Row
Nicholas Knight 193 Sun Dolphins 501 Squid Row
Nick Kinney 212 It Starts Now! 602 It Starts Now!
Ray Scott 150 It Starts Now! 416 Schindler's Fists
Ross Baker 190 Squid Row 490 Squid Row
Ryan Sisco 209 DB Lenz a Hand 518 DB Lenz a Hand
Scott Murdock 180 Squid Row 495 Squid Row ,Squid Row
Scott Thompson 194 Schindler's Fists 499 It Starts Now!
Seth Gunderson 238 Sun Dolphins 572 Squid Row
Here's how many best performances each team had rolled against them...
Team # Best Games
Against Them
# Best Series
Against Them
DB Lenz a Hand 2 3
Grumpy Old Men 3 3
It Starts Now! 5 7
Schindler's Fists 9 6
Squid Row 6 6
Sun Dolphins 4 4
Here are the teams that each bowler rolled their worst against...
Bowler Worst Game Against Worst Series Against
Aaron Barber 129 Sun Dolphins 489 It Starts Now!
AJ Hofmann 111 It Starts Now! 456 DB Lenz a Hand
Ben Spencer 125 Sun Dolphins 457 Sun Dolphins
Brett Affolter 127 Squid Row 438 Grumpy Old Men
Brian Schaben 68 DB Lenz a Hand 260 DB Lenz a Hand
Buck Nasty 99 Grumpy Old Men 375 DB Lenz a Hand
Carl Mueller 78 DB Lenz a Hand 291 Sun Dolphins
Chris Lenz 98 Schindler's Fists 299 Schindler's Fists
Chris Windham 91 Sun Dolphins 377 Sun Dolphins
Clayton Burrow 76 Squid Row 312 Squid Row
Dennis Walling 132 It Starts Now! 428 It Starts Now!
Doug Lenz 116 Squid Row 399 Grumpy Old Men
Dustin Schmeltz 126 DB Lenz a Hand 479 Grumpy Old Men
JC Cox 74 Squid Row 261 Squid Row
Jeremy Varnell 95 It Starts Now! 317 Squid Row
Jim Koger 91 Squid Row 307 Squid Row
JoAnne Barber 91 Sun Dolphins 317 Sun Dolphins
Kent Harms 128 Squid Row 444 Squid Row
Matthew Taylor 126 Sun Dolphins 470 Sun Dolphins
Michael Gordon 110 DB Lenz a Hand 428 Sun Dolphins
Nathan Burrows 92 DB Lenz a Hand 400 DB Lenz a Hand
Nicholas Knight 117 Sun Dolphins 416 Squid Row
Nick Kinney 162 Grumpy Old Men 525 Grumpy Old Men
Ray Scott 91 DB Lenz a Hand 348 DB Lenz a Hand
Ross Baker 146 Squid Row 490 Squid Row
Ryan Sisco 85 Grumpy Old Men 312 It Starts Now!
Scott Murdock 92 It Starts Now! 334 It Starts Now!
Scott Thompson 103 It Starts Now! 390 DB Lenz a Hand
Seth Gunderson 118 DB Lenz a Hand 430 DB Lenz a Hand
Here's how many worst performances each team had rolled against them...
Team # Worst Games
Against Them
# Worst Series
Against Them
DB Lenz a Hand 7 7
Grumpy Old Men 3 4
It Starts Now! 5 4
Schindler's Fists 1 1
Squid Row 7 7
Sun Dolphins 6 6



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