Season 20: Fall 2009

The Fall 2009 season came together with 40 bowlers across ten teams, with Scott Murdock as the only bowler to return from the previous season's championship team. Murdock nor his new team would repeat this time around as an unfortunate event that occured over the summer break inspired one team to emphatically win the title this go around...and did they ever.

Long-time veteran Carl Goetz lost his wife to cancer right before the Fall season began and opted not to bowl. Former teammate Ken M. Wilson promised him before the season that he would win the championship for Carl in his absence and dedicate the championship in her name. Wilson, along with teammates Chris Lewis, John Boren and David Codding on the aptly named Sweep The Leg, Johnny, collectively put on the most inspired performance by a team and came away with the best record in league history, 55-9. Along the way to their title – which they clinched a full month before the season ended – they enjoyed a record setting 28-game win streak as well as having three members from the team ending their season with 200+ averages (each of their personal bests). As promised, Wilson proudly donated his prize money to Carl's late wife's memorial fund for cancer research.


1. Sweep The Leg, Johnny55-9
  Chris Lewis, John Boren, David Codding, Ken M. Wilson
2. No Pinheads42-22-42-22    
  Aubrey Moren, Phil Schroeder, Dennis "Pops" Laube, Freda Schroeder
3. Quick Release42-22
  Rob Kaszuba, Brett Schroeder, Adam Messner, Ryan Doll
4. Rollin' J's31.5-32.5
  Jared Goff, Jerry Krall, Julie Benson-Grant, Corey Weinfurt
5. BILFs30-34
  Derrick Grimpo, Andee Weinfurt, AJ Hofmann, Scott Murdock
6. Ebowla30-34
  Sarah Sauer, Amanda Duncan, Zach Frank, Jason Carpio
7. BOWLSH!T29-35
  Orion Kinkaid, Alison Radke, Kelly Sands, Travis Kleiner
8. WWJB27-37
  Eric Summers, Rich Foster, Dave Winger, AJ Taylor
9. Chicks With Balls26.5-37.5
  Amy Goodnow, Tiffany Schmidt, Andrea Caudillo, Janelle Laube
10.  Split Happens5-59
  Nick Allegri, Ryan Simonet, Ali Fisher, James Long

Individual Season Awards:

Men's High Series Scratch - Ken M. Wilson (733)
Men's High Game Scratch - David Codding / Jason Carpio (276)
Men's High Series Handicap - Zach Frank (749)
Men's High Game Handicap - Orion Kinkaid (300)
Women's High Series Scratch - Andrea "Dre" Caudillo (524)
Women's High Game Scratch - Julie Benson-Grant (188)
Women's High Series Handicap - Janelle Laube (634)
Women's High Game Handicap - Andee Weinfurt (234)

Season Favorites:

Rookie of the Season: Orion Kinkaid (Amanda Duncan, runner-up)
Captain of the Season Ken M. Wilson (Ryan Doll, runners-up)
Defensive Bowler of the Season: Ken M. Wilson (Ryan Doll, runners-up)
Underdog of the Season: Sarah Sauer (Chris Lewis, runner-up)
Bob Brunker Good Sportsmanship Award: Alison Radke (Janelle Laube, runner-up)
MVB (People's Choice): Ken M. Wilson (Ryan Doll, runner-up)
MVB (Actual): Ryan Doll (David Codding, runners-up)

Individual Team MVBs:

Team 1: BILFs = ?
Team 2: Sweep The Leg, Johnny = David Codding
Team 3: No Pinheads = ?
Team 4: Split Happens = ?
Team 5: WWJB = ?
Team 6: Chicks With Balls = ?
Team 7: Ebowla = ?
Team 8: Quick Release = Ryan Doll
Team 9: BOWLSH!T = ?
Team 10: Rollin' J's = ?

Top Individual Achievements for Fall 2009
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Ken Wilson - 733
David Codding - 718
Pat Searcy - 677
John Boren - 668
Jason Carpio - 664
Andrea Caudillo - 524
Janelle Lamar - 474
Sarah Sauer - 445
Andee Weinfurt - 434
Julie Benson-Grant - 418
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Zach Frank - 747
Ken Wilson - 733
David Codding - 718
Jason Carpio - 709
Phil Schroeder - 699
Janelle Lamar - 633
Sarah Sauer - 625
Andrea Caudillo - 624
Amanda Duncan - 622
Tiffany Schmidt - 620
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Jason Carpio - 276
David Codding - 276 (t)
John Boren - 266
Ken Wilson - 257
Pat Searcy - 248
Ryan Doll - 245
Andrea Caudillo - 196
Julie Benson-Grant - 188
Janelle Lamar - 174
Andee Weinfurt - 171
Sarah Sauer - 162
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Orion Kinkaid - 300
Jason Carpio - 291
Jerry Krall - 290
David Codding - 279
Phil Schroeder - 271
Andrea Caudillo - 238
Andee Weinfurt - 234
Amanda Duncan - 230
Janelle Lamar - 229
Julie Benson-Grant - 228
Amy Goodnow - 228 (t)
Men's High Pins Over Average Women's High Pins Over Average
Orion Kinkaid +118
Jerry Krall +105
Jason Carpio +95
Phil Schroeder +80
David Codding +80 (t)
Zach Frank +77
Andee Weinfurt +50
Amanda Duncan +50 (t)
Andrea Caudillo +49
Amy Goodnow +47
Julie Benson-Grant +46
Tiffany Schmidt +45
Men's Most Improved Bowler Women's Most Improved Bowler
Phil Schroeder +23
Aubrey Moren +19
Derrick Grimpo +16
Jared Goff +16 (t)
Orion Kinkaid +16 (t)
Jason Carpio +14
David Codding +13
John Boren +13 (t)
Amy Goodnow +15
Amanda Duncan +12
Tiffany Schmidt +8
Alison Radke +7
Sarah Sauer +6

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