Season 21: Spring 2010

Recruitment for the 2010 Spring season proved to be a difficult endeavor so the league was forced to slim down to an 8-team format for the first time in several years. Rookies Jim Flath, Greg Shelton, Kim Shelton, Joe Longstreet, Bill Riley, Lawrence Prak, Shane Pfaffly and Ian Goetz all made their league debuts with Goetz going on to earn Rookie of the Season honors.

Dominating the first half of the season were the teams 3 Pin Moon and No Pinheads with each holding onto the top spot in the league standings for almost the entire first two months of league play. Ryan Doll, the season's Most Valuable Bowler, kept his 3 Pin Moon teammates in the running for the league championship up to the final few weeks but fell victim to two teams made up of some of the league's longest tenured veterans.

In what would be one of the tightest contests in league Finals history, the Empire Strikes Back needed all four victories to win the season. Zero, one or two victories by the Empire in the Finals would have resulted in opponents Scoot Gave Us the Schlitz winning it all. If the series ended 3-1, however, the teams would have to enact a never-before-used league rule in which the two top teams would have a one game "winner takes all" rolloff for the championship. Fortunately for the Empire, they came away with an improbable sweep of Schlitz to secure the title.

Game #2's tenth frame in the Finals saw a series of unlikely events unfold as – with the game on the line – legendary game closers Bob Brunker, Angela Bradford, Carl Goetz and Wilson all opened. The game was settled by a mere nine pins.

The championship was Ken M. Wilson's 9th, Carl Goetz's 7th, Chris Lewis' 3rd and Ian Goetz's first.


1. Empire Strikes Back40-24
  Chris Lewis, Ian Goetz, Carl Goetz, Ken M. Wilson
2. Scoot Gave Us the Schlitz38-26
  Sabrina Gray, Scott Murdock, Bob Brunker, Angela Bradford
3. 3 Pin Moon37.5-26.5
  Rob Kaszuba, Brett Schroeder, Adam Messner, Ryan Doll
4. No Pinheads31.5-32.5    
  Aubrey Moren, Phil Schroeder, Dennis "Pops" Laube, Freda Schroeder
5. Lil' Devils31-33
  Amy Goodnow, Tiffany Schmidt, Janelle Laube, Andrea "Dre" Caudillo
6. The Prak Attack30-34
  Joe Longstreet, Lawrence Prak, Bill Riley, Shane Pfaffly
7. Bowlumpkin28-36
  Orion Kinkaid, Dave Winger, AJ Taylor, Jason Carpio
8.  Lil' Lebowski Urban Achievers    20-44
  Jim Flath, Kim Shelton, Greg Shelton, Sarah Sauer

Individual Season Awards:

Men's High Series Scratch - Carl Goetz's 708
Men's High Game Scratch - Ken M. Wilson's 256
Men's High Series Handicap - Bob Brunker's 686
Men's High Game Handicap - Phil Schroeder's 267
Women's High Series Scratch - Angela Bradford's 590
Women's High Game Scratch - Freda Schroeder's 215
Women's High Series Handicap - Janelle Laube's 671
Women's High Game Handicap - Tiffany Schmidt's 242

Season Favorites:

Rookie of the Season: Ian Goetz (Bill Riley, runner-up)
Captain of the Season Angela Bradford (Ken M. Wilson, runner-up)
Defensive Bowler of the Season: Ryan Doll (Carl Goetz, runner-up)
Underdog of the Season: Andrea "Dre" Caudillo (Bill Riley, runner-up)
Bob Brunker Good Sportsmanship Award: Janelle Laube (Sarah Sauer, runner-up)
MVB (People's Choice): Carl Goetz (Ryan Doll, runner-up)
MVB (Actual): Ryan Doll (Ken M. Wilson, runner-up)

Individual Team MVBs:

Team 1: Empire Strikes Back = Ken M. Wilson
Team 2: 3 Pin Moon = Ryan Doll
Team 3: No Pinheads = Freda Schroeder
Team 4: Scoot Gave Us the Schlitz = Angela Bradford
Team 5: Bowlumpkin = Orion Kinkaid
Team 6: Little Lebowski Urban Achievers = Kim Shelton
Team 7: Lil' Devils = Andrea "Dre" Caudillo
Team 8: The Prak Attack = Lawrence Prak

Top Individual Achievements for Spring 2010
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Carl Goetz - 708
Ken Wilson - 647
Jason Carpio - 633
Bob Brunker - 622
Ryan Doll - 618
Angela Bradford - 590
Freda Schroeder - 588
Janelle Lamar - 500
Andrea Caudillo - 462
Sarah Sauer - 442
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Carl Goetz - 723
Rich Foster - 702
Ken Wilson - 698
Bob Brunker - 685
Ian Goetz - 676
Janelle Lamar - 671
Angela Bradford - 663
Freda Schroeder - 622
Tiffany Schmidt - 620
Andrea Caudillo - 616
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Jason Carpio - 286
Ken Wilson - 256
Ryan Doll - 252
Carl Goetz - 251
Phil Schroeder - 232
Ian Goetz - 232 (t)
Angela Bradford - 242
Freda Schroeder - 215
Janelle Lamar - 197
Andrea Caudillo - 181
Sarah Sauer - 180
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Ken Wilson - 268
Phil Schroeder - 267
Ryan Doll - 264
AJ Taylor - 263
Orion Kinkaid - 262
Angela Bradford - 266
Janelle Lamar - 256
Tiffany Schmidt - 242
Freda Schroeder - 236
Andrea Caudillo - 233
Men's High Pins Over Average Women's High Pins Over Average
AJ Taylor +76
Orion Kinkaid +76 (t)
Phil Schroeder +76 (t)
Ken Wilson +72
Rich Foster +69
Shane Pfaffly +68
Ryan Doll +67
Angela Bradford +73
Janelle Lamar +71
Tiffany Schmidt +60
Sabrina Gray +47
Andrea Caudillo +47 (t)
Sarah Sauer +44
Men's Most Improved Bowler Women's Most Improved Bowler
Lawrence Prak +16
Bill Riley +12
AJ Taylor +8
Ken Wilson +5
Phil Schroeder +4
Greg Shelton +4 (t)
Orion Kinkaid +4 (t)
Janelle Lamar +13
Andrea Caudillo +7
Angela Bradford +5
Tiffany Schmidt +1

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