Season 30: Fall 2014

Let's face it: Brian Coe is the king of the league. Hoisting his 7th series over 700+ this season, Coe (once again this week's #1 Power Ranked bowler) led 921+ to not only the championship title a clean sweep over defending champions My Three Sons but also earning them the title of best team in league history. After the team's shaky first half, Coe led his crew to the best 2nd half win record in league history en route to his first championship Tuesday night as well as being crowned the best bowler in our league's history with his 219.687 average. Hall of Famer Seth Gunderson led the Sons with his 606 series but couldn't rally his team to stop the Coe steamroller. My Three Sons finishes with a 41-23 record and the honor of being the 5th beat team in league history. 921+ ended their season with a record of 45-19.

Their fates in the standings already locked in before the first ball was thrown, 3rd place The Finger Holes faced off against 4th place More Beer, Chelsea on Lanes 43 & 44. Behind anchor Aubrey Moren's team-leading 572 series, The F-Holes took a decisive Game #1 victory over the competition. That's when Scott "Scooter J" Murdock decided enough was enough and hoisted his best series of the season a 569 to completely reverse the momentum in the matchup. Storming back to take it 3-1, Chelsea improved its record to 36-28 but end their run in 4th place nonetheless. The Finger Holes, finishing with a record of 38-26, held onto 3rd place.

Ryan Doll, despite a losing record this season, had his best season to date ending his run with Dixie Stampede with his first 200+ average a 201 making him only the 8th bowler to end their season with an average above the 200 mark. Taking the final matchup of the season 3-1 against opponents Split It & Hit It, Doll led the Stampede with his 542 series to secure a 31-33 record and learning, once and for all, that you NEVER replace a Bill Krejci with the likes of a Jason Carpio. Split It's anchor Todd Way threw two 200+ games as part of his team-leading 532 series to take Game #1 but wasn't enough to find the answers to take any more. Split it, concluding their season in 6th place, end with a record of 26-38.

They say that if you want to get better at something to just surround yourself with people that will elevate you. Michael Gordon did just that this season. Bowling alongside Pin and Tonics teammate Aaron Barber (who led the team with a 626 series), Gordon earned Most Valuable Bowler honors while setting a new career high series in his final matchup of the season. Winning 4-0 against opponents Ballz Out, Barber and Gordon provided the 1-2 punch this season to help the team improve their record to 25-39 but remained in 7th place. Cliff Barendsen, despite his best output all season with a 551 series (including two 200+ games), couldn't muster the strength to secure a single win and ends the Ballz' season with a 27-game losing streak with a record of 10-54.

The Tournament of Champions was finished in a rather non-traditional way with Dan Imperial taking it by being the only bowler to qualify for Round #3. Congratulations, Imperial! You had a hell of a rookie season. Jake Parrot, due to the average power rank tie-breaker, takes 2nd place. They join the list of winners dating all the way back into the early 2000s although we officially began awarding the winners with cash prizes in the Spring 2012 season. This marks the third season in a row that the winner has come from Division 4.

Helping us to crush that all-time record for the most 200+ games in a single season in The 200 Club this week includes: Aaron Barber (214, 245), Aubrey Moren (212), Brian Coe (233, 263, 224), Carl Goetz (215), Cliff Barendsen (202, 209), Ian Goetz (204), John Boren (205), Jonathan Vigliaturo (215), Ken M. Wilson (232),
Kody Karnes (221, 232), Michael Gordon (223), Scott Murdock (235), Seth Gunderson (231, 213), and Todd Way (201, 209).


Women's High Series Scratch - Freda Schroeder (506)
Women's High Game Scratch - Teresa Deterding (198)
Women's High Series Handicap - Alison Radke (617)
Women's High Game Handicap - Scott Murdock by default, as there were only 3 females on the roster this season

Men's High Series Scratch - Brian Coe (756)
Men's High Game Scratch - Aaron Barber (286)
Men's High Series Handicap - Aubrey Moren (759)
Men's High Game Handicap - Jonathan Vigliaturo (275)

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins
1 921+ 45-19 .703 39,398
2 My Three Sons 41-23 .641 35,620
3 The Finger Holes 38-26 .594 31,769
4 More Beer, Chelsea 36-28 .563 28,366
5 Dixie Stampede 31-33 .484 33,293
6 Split It & Hit It 26-38 .406 24,178
7 Pin and Tonics 25-39 .391 29,288
8 Ballz Out 10-54 .156 25,619

Top Individual Achievements for Fall 2014
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Brian Coe - 756
Ian Goetz - 707
Aubrey Moren - 692
Carl Goetz - 690
Kody Karnes - 682
Freda Schroeder - 506
Teresa Deterding - 505
Alison Radke - 440
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Aubrey Moren - 758
Brian Coe - 756
Ian Goetz - 752
Aaron Barber - 709
Carl Goetz - 708
Teresa Deterding - 652
Alison Radke - 617
Freda Schroeder - 614
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Aaron Barber - 286
Brian Coe - 278
Kody Karnes - 269
Carl Goetz - 268
John Boren - 268 (t)
Aubrey Moren - 264
Teresa Deterding - 198
Freda Schroeder - 193
Alison Radke - 165
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Aaron Barber - 305
Aubrey Moren - 286
Brian Coe - 278
Jonathan Vigliaturo - 275
John Boren - 274
Carl Goetz - 274 (t)
Teresa Deterding - 249
Freda Schroeder - 229
Alison Radke - 224
Men's High Pins Over Average Women's High Pins Over Average
Aaron Barber +110
Aubrey Moren +92
Jonathan Vigliaturo +82
Scott Murdock +80
John Boren +77
Teresa Deterding +62
Alison Radke +39
Freda Schroeder +38
Men's Most Improved Bowler Women's Most Improved Bowler
Dan Imperial +22
Dennis Blake +16
Aaron Barber +14
Ian Goetz +13
Rob Kaszuba +12
Phil Schroeder +12 (t)
Teresa Deterding +8
Freda Schroeder +3

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