Most Valuable Bowlers 

Each week your tried and true bowling site will go through a number of factors that will determine who, above anyone else, was that week's most valuable bowler. It's a series of equations that take into consideration the things that determine whose individual efforts provided their team with the most valuable performance that evening. If you shoot a 600 but your team wins only one game it looks like you just didn't do enough to lift your team. Even when Michael Jordan dropped 63 points against the Celtics to set the all-time NBA Playoffs scoring record did his individual efforts provide enough to win his team that game. It's all about the victories, it's all about the victories.At the very end of the league, an overall MVB will be determined.

Week 1:

James Tott
James bowled over average in 2 of 3 games.With a high game of 201 - a thrilling 35 pins over average - he contributed to 2 team victories. In fact, James was single-handedly responsible for 1 of these wins. This is James' first MVB this season and the 5th in his career.
Runners-Up: Jeremy Varnell, JoAnne Barber

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Dave Parre.

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