Each week Murdock the Kinda Good At Times will attempt to predict the outcome of the next week's round of games. The Murdock takes into account a tremendous variety of factors and expects your actual scores to be within 10% of its predictions. Can you bowl better than Murdock thinks you will?When viewing the predicted results for the upcoming week, a score with a green background indicate that Murdock the Kinda Good At Times predicts the bowler will perform exceptionally well in that game game, while a scores with a red background indicates a game Murdock the Kinda Good At Times predicts will be below the bowler's norm. Predicted wins are marked with an X, predicted ties are marked with a T.In addition to seeing the predictions for the next round of bowling, you can also use the selector below to see how well Murdock the Kinda Good At Times did at predicting past games. Scores and results that Murdock correctly predicted in the past are highlighted in yellow.

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The bowling alley's operating hours are:

Monday:5PM - 12AM
Tuesday:12PM - 12AM
Wednesday:   4PM - 12AM
Thursday:5PM - 12AM
Friday:5PM - 2AM
Saturday:12PM - 2AM
Sunday:12PM - 2AM

Please keep these hours in mind if you need to pre- or post-bowl! Call (816) 221-8844 to schedule your pre/post bowling session!