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Fall 2021 Is Here

Posted by BowlingBot September 7, 2021 Fall 2021, Week 1 View Score Sheets

The Fall 2021 season is now underway at our new home, with six teams entering the 16-week competition for the coveted, nonexistent championship trophy. JoAnne Barber picked up this week's high game (141) and series (368) for the women, while James Tott earned this week's high game (223) and series (532) for the men. Read on for all the rest of the details!

First up, on lanes 1 & 2: Kenny Fan Club and Shephus Cripes kept getting their balls stuck, allowing for some extra bonding time. In spite of the prowess of Conor Clarke with his 480 series, the Fan Club accomplished only 1 win against Shephus. In the meantime, James Tott with his 532 series motivated Cripes (along with kudos to #1 Power-Ranked and Most Valuable Bowler Seth Gunderson) as his team took the match with 3 wins. Kenny Fan Club begins the season in 4th place, while Shephus gets rolling in 1st.

(Please pardon the delays the first couple of weeks. They expect to have another person working by week 3 to handle mechanical issues on the lanes.)

On lanes 3 & 4: Bowlie Guacamole found themselves devoured by Would You Rather.... Notwithstanding the leadership of Nathan Burrows with his 326 series, Guac accomplished only 1 win against Rather. In the midst of this, Jeremy Varnell with his 422 series inspired Would You Rather... as his team took the match with 3 wins. Bowlie Guacamole starts out in 6th place, while Would You gets going with 3rd.

Finally, down on lanes 5 & 6: The Heavy Pins found them selves distracted by all the light reflecting off the heads of Going Going Bald. While headlined by Nicholas Knight with his 439 series, Heavy P accomplished only 1 win against Baldness. Meanwhile #1 Head-to-Head Ben Spencer and his 531 series guided the cue-balls as his team took the match with 3 wins. The Heavy Pins begins with 5th place, while Bald begins in 2nd.

Bowlers slipping into The 200 Club include: James Tott (223) and Seth Gunderson (209)


  • First, on lanes 1&2, 5th-place The Heavy Pins (estimated hcp 3) will meet with 3rd-place Would You Rather.... is expected to roll a little low and lose the series but avoid getting swept; while Heavy is forecast to hold steady as they enjoy their victories.
  • Moving to lanes 3&4, 4th-place Kenny Fan Club (estimated hcp 52) will test their mettle against 2nd-place Going Going Bald. might roll a little low and lose the series but avoid getting swept; while Fan Club ought to hold steady as they enjoy their victories.
  • Finally, on lanes 5&6, 1st-place Shephus Cripes will chuck some balls with 6th-place Bowlie Guacamole (estimated hcp 189). Shephus is predicted to see their averages fall off a cliff as they lose the series but avoid getting swept; while Guac is anticipated to hold steady as they enjoy their victories.

*(Remember, the predicted results above are based on mathematical extrapolations and can be changed by all sorts of factors. If you don't like how your team's results are predicted, you and your teammates have the power to prove the math wrong!)


Seth Gunderson
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Seth Gunderson
Runner Up:
Ben Spencer


Ben Spencer
Runner Up:
Aaron Barber

"Where is Aaron? Is he not here tonight?"

Dennis Walling, unable to identify Aaron after he Barbered.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 Shephus Cripes 3-1 .750 1,971 n/a
2 Going Going Bald 3-1 .750 1,746 n/a
3 Would You Rather... 3-1 .750 1,487 n/a
4 Kenny Fan Club 1-3 .250 1,539 n/a
5 The Heavy Pins 1-3 .250 1,512 n/a
6 Bowlie Guacamole 1-3 .250 1,220 n/a

Top Individual Achievements for Week 1
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
James Tott - 532
Ben Spencer - 531
Seth Gunderson - 521
Conor Clarke - 480
Aaron Barber - 464
JoAnne Barber - 368
Emily Nicolet - 278
LaReash Bridges - 251
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
James Tott - 587
Ben Spencer - 586
Seth Gunderson - 585
Conor Clarke - 576
Aaron Barber - 574
JoAnne Barber - 555
Emily Nicolet - 537
LaReash Bridges - 531
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
James Tott - 223
Seth Gunderson - 209
Conor Clarke - 193
Ben Spencer - 188
Dennis Walling - 177
JoAnne Barber - 141
Emily Nicolet - 113
LaReash Bridges - 86
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
James Tott - 241
Seth Gunderson - 230
Dennis Walling - 226
Conor Clarke - 225
Luke Melton - 224
JoAnne Barber - 203
Emily Nicolet - 199
LaReash Bridges - 179
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
James Tott - 46
Dennis Walling - 39
Seth Gunderson - 36
Luke Melton - 36 (t)
Ben Conaghan - 34
Conor Clarke - 33
Emily Nicolet - 21
JoAnne Barber - 19
LaReash Bridges - 3

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