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Fall 2021 Bowling Starts Tuesday!

Posted by ScooterJ September 5, 2021 Fall 2021

Though the 'rona plague continues, we've pretty much gotten a good handle on doing this bowling thing safely and are now embarking on our first 16-week season in two years.

  • If you haven't done so yet, please read Changes For Fall 2021


  • Wyandotte County (where our new bowling alley is located) has a mask mandate for in effect for indoor facilities. It's unclear whether than applies to private events like ours, but plan to be masked. Once the mandate is lifted, please continue to wear a face mask if you are unvaccinated, not feeling well, or just more comfortable keeping it on.

  • We will continue setting out hand sanitizer.

  • The poker cards are back in play!

  • Bowling fees will continue to be collected electronically only, through Venmo or Cash App. New this season: financial incentive to pay ahead! See the payment section for rates and full details.

  • We are bowling on church property and in a historic facility, and the staff are all neighborhood volunteers, so please be respectful at all times. This doesn't mean no cussing, but it does mean no kicking or slamming anything when you are frustrated, and no berating the staff.

Some fun stuff to look forward to:

  • Seth Gunderson should roll his 200th 200+ game this season unless I just jinxed it.

  • The Tournament of Champions will be back to normal, with three weeks to determine divisions before play begins in week 4. (There will be some modifications to account for a league size of 24.)

PS - If you didn't give me a team name, I made one up for you. You can change it at any time.

Everybody keep staying safe, and see you on the lanes on Tuesday!

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