404: Loss Not Found

Fall 2015, Week 3 Posted by ScooterJ On September 8, 2015ADD COMMENTS

While it's almost certain to change in the weeks to come, fir the first time this season one team has pulled ahead of the pack to stake a claim to the first place throne.Phil walks the runway, showing off the latest in men's bowling fashion accessories.Starting with lanes 41 & 42: 404: Team Name Not Found faced off against Holy Sandbaggers, Batman!. Co-led by Scott Murdock and Sean Miller and their 484 series...es?, 404: Team Name Not Found secured first place with a clean sweep over Holy... (more...)

Shaking It Up

Fall 2015, Week 2 Posted by ScooterJ On September 1, 2015ADD COMMENTS

The second week of the Fall 2015 season saw some pretty big shakeups, as every team ever moved in the standings or caused a major upset.The league's newest member... draining itself of golden liquid almost as frequently as those drinking from it.First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Stephen Hawking's Dance Club faced off against Ray & Stevie. Led by a freshly-back-from Vegas Michael Gordon and his 540 series, Stephen Hawking's Dance Club secured a clean sweep against the blinds. Stephen Hawking... (more...)

Sandbaggers Away!

Fall 2015, Week 1 Posted by ScooterJ On August 25, 2015ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2015 season kicked off tonight, resulting in two teams on top, four teams in a dead even tie, and one team winding up a victim of it all. The blind team was, of course, a no-show. Money was collected, humps were given, beer was consumed, and even in the post-Cliff world people still can't resist adding special sketches to the score sheets.On Lanes 41 & 42, the goofily-named Salt Water Taffy faced off against the freshly-named Hold My Beer, Watch This. With a 647 series, including... (more...)

Fall 2015 Preview: Milestones to Watch For

Fall 2015 Posted by ScooterJ On August 25, 2015ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2015 season begins in just a few hours, and here is a sneak preview of some milestones that should or could be achieved this season...Ian Goetz should pass David Codding in the count of 200+ games rolled either this week or next week, unless he sandbags like a chump. Freda Schroeder and Dennis Blake both have their 50th 200+ game within reach this season if they work at it.Aaron Barber is now the best currently-active bowler who has not won a championship. Could this be his season?But... (more...)

Welcome to the Fall 2015 Season!

Fall 2015, Week 1 Posted by ScooterJ On August 21, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Summer is behind us and it's already that time again – dust off your balls and say goodbye to the wife and kids as it's time to head back onto the battlefields as the 32nd season of GutterAlley actions begins this Tuesday. This season will feature eight new recruits making their debut this season! A special welcome to rookies Andrew Finger, Brian Walsh, Chelsie Finger, Matt O'Dell, Meghan Cummings, Sean Miller, Seaon Simmons, and Zach Cross!START DATE: Tuesday, August 25th at 6:20PM (league... (more...)

Our Best Season Ever is History!

Spring 2015, Week 17 Posted by ScooterJ On May 19, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Well, that's it! With another 300 game, a 7-10 split, a combined league average of 168.845, and 285 200+ games, our best-season ever on MANY metrics is now in the history books!Highlights include Brian Coe picking up our league's second 300 game, and newcomer Russell Bingham picking up our first 7-10 split ever.It also came some with some sadness, when a league staple from the very beginning, Ken M. Wilson, quit after the 4th week. He was just one week shy of being the first bowler in league... (more...)

Freda Finishes… First?

Spring 2015, Week 16 Posted by ScooterJ On May 5, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Since Bryan Mohr was absent again preventing a team photo of the champs, the top story this week is that for the first time anyone can remember the matchup involving Freda's team was the first to finish without a forfeit being involved --- and that was even with a forfeit happening elsewhere in the league tonight!The Fall 2015 season – our 31st since beginning back in the Winter of 1999 – came to a big finish Tuesday night. And, for the second time in a row, we set a new record for the best... (more...)


Spring 2015, Week 15 Posted by ScooterJ On April 28, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Wow, what a night! By all rights, the lead story should be about Amazeballs securing the championship, making next week a formality. But their accomplishment was overshadowed when Russell Bingham, a rookie, did what no one else has done in 31 seasons of our league's existence -- he picked up a 7-10 split! This is an accomplishment that is statistically far more rare than a 300 game. For a little more perspective, 38,245 individual games had been rolled in our league before Russell became the... (more...)

The League is Stuck!

Spring 2015, Week 14 Posted by ScooterJ On April 21, 2015ADD COMMENTS

For the second week in a row none of our teams moved in the standings, though one team came close to doing so. But just because none of the rankings changed doesn't mean nothing interesting happened...First up, on lanes 41 & 42: League-leaders Amazeballs faced off against Sponsored By Rogue and got a well-deserved spanking. Led by Ian Goetz and his 702 series (his second 700+!), Sponsored By Rogue secured a clean sweep but was just barely unable to make any headway in the standings. Ryan... (more...)

Some Taxing Matchups

Spring 2015, Week 13 Posted by ScooterJ On April 14, 2015ADD COMMENTS

With Tax Day looming tomorrow, some bowlers probably wish they'd stay home to work on their taxes rather than suffer the beatings they took on the lanes. Before we begin, remember that all bowling fees for the season (17 weeks worth) need to be paid in full by next week. So Scoot will be IRSing all over your asses next week after Uncle Sam is done having his way with you this week.First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Ballz Out hoped to extend their recent slate of wins with some victories against... (more...)


Spring 2015, Week 12 Posted by ScooterJ On April 7, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Due to Scoot being extremely busy with work, this week's writeup will be almost entirely computer-generated. However, there's a few noteworthy items to call out...First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Sponsored By Rogue faced off against Gimme Headpin. Led by Seth Gunderson and his 685 series, Sponsored By Rogue managed only 1 win against Gimme Headpin. Led by Kody Karnes and his 706 series, Gimme Headpin secured 3 wins. Sponsored By Rogue remains in 3rd place, while Gimme Headpin remains in 2nd.... (more...)

Coe Golfs A Perfect 18! (Or something like that)

Spring 2015, Week 11 Posted by ScooterJ On March 31, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Tonight's lead story should have been all about Ballz Out tripling their win record in the past two weeks. But then something happened against the far wall. But before we get to that...First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Where has Ballz Out been all season? After suffering one of the worst starts in league history, they have enjoyed back to back weeks of victories. Cliff Barendsen, rolling his ball entirely with his exposed scrotum, whipped out a 514 series to crush the opposition 3-1. Todd... (more...)

AmazeBallz Upsets

Spring 2015, Week 10 Posted by ScooterJ On March 24, 2015ADD COMMENTS

While Amazeballs extended their hold on first place considerably tonight, the bigger story was that every other matchup of the night saw the underdogs commit some amazing upsets. Getting the ho-hum matchup out of the way first, on lanes 41 & 42: 10 Pins 10 Balls faced off against Amazeballs. Continuing to thumb their noses at the rest of the league, Ryan Doll and his 597 series led Amazeballs to a clean sweep. Dennis Laube tried to mount a defense with his 560 series, but couldn't muster... (more...)

Yabba Dabba Dublin

Spring 2015, Week 9 Posted by ScooterJ On March 17, 2015ADD COMMENTS

With a good portion of the league drunk / hungover from today's Irish festivities, the rest of us enjoyed a fairly quick bowling session tonight. And in each of the matchups, the luck o' the Irish seemed to be concentrated in just one of the teams.First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Gimme Headpin faced off against The Pin is Mightier. With only a 2-man team present, it was Brian Coe's time to shine. His 681 series earned him MVB, #1 Power Ranked Bowler, and a clean sweep for his team. Meanwhile... (more...)

Bowlers On Fire!

Spring 2015, Week 8 Posted by ScooterJ On March 10, 20152 COMMENTS

The Spring 2015 Position Round saw almost unbearably high temperatures in the bowling alley and also saw hot action in all four matchups.UPDATE!  The mystery of the standings discrepancy has been solved.  Last week our server needed a restore from backup and this restore happened to also restore a typo that had been previously fixed.   That typo resulted in Squirtin' Tuna being credited with 1 more win than they actually had.   So yes, Seth Gunderson, it turns out they were bowling in the correct... (more...)

Getting Positioned

Spring 2015, Week 7 Posted by ScooterJ On March 3, 20151 COMMENT

The leadup to the position round saw none of our teams move in the standings. But that doesn't mean nothing happened...Lanes 41 & 42: Lacking their flu-riddled anchor, Amazeballs might have been in trouble. But Angela Bradford stepped up with an MVB-earning 534 series to sweep Split It & Hit It. Fresh off their victory last week, Dennis Blake hoped to comtinue their surge but his 475 series wasn't enough to mount a defense against AB. Amazeballs extends their lead by 1 game.Lanes... (more...)

Balls of Amazingness

Spring 2015, Week 6 Posted by ScooterJ On February 25, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Tonight saw yet another reshuffle of the top spots in the league as the power players continue to battle it out. It also saw all 8 teams present for the first time in a long while,... well, if one lone representative from a team of prebowlers counts as a team.Lanes 41&42 seemed to be bowling their way across multiple time zones as they slowly worked their way to a 3-1 victory of 10 Pins 10 Balls over Ballz Out. While Aubrey Moren led his team with a 593 series, perhaps the bigger story is... (more...)

Sorry, Charlie

Spring 2015, Week 5 Posted by Ken On February 18, 2015ADD COMMENTS

Big games from Jake Parrott propel him to the top of of this week's charts and his team into a group of 5 teams all within a single series of a tenuous grasp on first place. But enough about Jake for now...The first 4 weeks of this season have seen all 8 teams present only once. So tonight was a refreshing change to finally see all eigh.... wait, never-mind. The matchup between Sponsored by Rogue and Split It & Hit It will have to wait until Split It post-bowls.Lanes 43 & 44: With... (more...)

Nearly a Complete Reshuffle

Spring 2015, Week 4 Posted by Ken On February 10, 2015ADD COMMENTS

What a difference one night can make! Despite one team needing to post-bowl once again, seven – count 'em, SEVEN – teams swapped places in the league standings after Week #4 action was posted. While not everything be updated, it's pretty apparent that this week will go down as one of the biggest reshuffles we've seen in quite some time. Here's how almost all of it played out...The results of the matchup between The Pin is Mightier and Ballz Out will have to wait until next Monday... (more...)

The Cream Rises

Spring 2015, Week 3 Posted by Ken On February 3, 2015ADD COMMENTS

There's an old saying that history repeats itself...well, considering that we only lost four bowlers from last season, it seems that the league is falling right back into the way it finished in the Fall for the most part. Week #3 is typically the calm after the storm of the first two weeks as averages wildly fluctuate but begin to settle. Tentatively, only two teams swapped places in the league standings as the bowlers of the Spring 2015 season get ready for the next 13 weeks of competition. NOTE:... (more...)



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