Spring 2014, Week 11 Posted by Ken On April 8, 2014ADD COMMENTS

Week #11 is now in the books and, with it, came some surprising results: for the first time since the very beginning of the season, the league leaders are almost within striking distance. Now leading the league by only four and a half games, the pressure is now on to keep the momentum going. Around the league, four of the eight teams swapped places in the league standings while the lanes saw some pretty nice output. Let's get into the details, shall we?When he made his debut last spring, no one... (more...)

April Fool’s Gold!

Spring 2014, Week 10 Posted by Ken On April 1, 2014ADD COMMENTS

While the world was watching pranks play out right before their very eyes Tuesday, several others took place on the lanes during Week #10 action of the Spring 2014 season. Half the teams in the league swapped places in the standings by bowlers other than the usual suspects. To top off the report, the seemingly invulnerable team at the top of the heap took it on the chin in a surprising upset. Read on, friends...and, we promise, there are no April Fool's jokes in here.In the first matchup of the... (more...)

Goetz It Done

Spring 2014, Week 9 Posted by Ken On March 25, 20141 COMMENT

With the Spring '14 position round behind us, the schedule reset and everyone faced their opposition from the very first night once again in Week #9. While the league leaders continue to distance themselves from the other seven teams on the roster, the overall output from the league as a whole is currently the third best in league history with a chance to be the best ever. In the first matchup of the evening, The Finger Holes looked to rebound after the beat down they took at the hands of the current... (more...)

Position Round Robin

Spring 2014, Week 8 Posted by Ken On March 18, 2014ADD COMMENTS

The Spring 2014 season is officially now half way complete and it's pretty apparent that the current league leaders are showing no signs of slowing up whatsoever. After amassing an incredible 28-4 record – winning 87.5% of their games so far – Pinterest is openly declaring the second half of the season as a battle for second place amongst everyone else still rolling as they are gunning for the best record in league history. Week #8 action witnessed half the league switching spots in... (more...)

Spring ’14 Position Round: What if…?

Spring 2014 Posted by Ken On March 18, 2014ADD COMMENTS

The midway point of the season is upon us and, as always, that means that it's time for the position round. For those of you new to the league, this week moves away from the standard schedule and pits the team in 1st against the team in 2nd place; 3rd place battles 4th place; 5th tries to beat up on 6th place; 7th and 8th place wage war against one another as well.Scoot and I usually try to figure out just how high and, consequently, low teams could move around tonight provided "perfect conditions"... (more...)

Batting .857

Spring 2014, Week 7 Posted by Ken On March 10, 2014ADD COMMENTS

Week #7 is now in the books and every team has faced off against one another. We've seen big games, win streaks, and come-from-behind victories as well as subpar scores, surprising losing streaks, and games lost with the final throw of the 10th frame. All in all, we've had your typical first half of a season leading up to next week's position round. Ready to see how the stage has been set? Read on...In the first matchup of the evening, out of sorts Split It & Hit It took on the recently... (more...)

Blue Skies for Gray

Spring 2014, Week 6 Posted by Ken On March 4, 2014ADD COMMENTS

Week #6 is now in the books and with it came quite the shuffling in the league standings. All but one team found themselves in a new position while the lone foursome that didn't budge extended its lead out ahead of everyone else after an impressive 21-3 start and will easily find themselves on this Top 25 list after the position round. Ready to hear how the matchups played out? Okay, then...Talk about firing on (almost) all cylinders! The members of Schwetty Balls took on league laughingstocks... (more...)

They’re Going In Dry

Spring 2014, Week 5 Posted by Ken On February 25, 20141 COMMENT

Going into Week #5, the two teams on top of the league standings were somewhat untested against heavy hitters. No one can claim that now as they found themselves going up against the teams just below them. While one of those teams faltered in their showdown, another one absolutely demolished their competition and extended their lead over everyone in the Spring 2014 season. Big scores, big series, and big wins make up the bulk of this week's recap.The first matchup of the evening featured the debut... (more...)

Powerful Pinterest

Spring 2014, Week 4 Posted by Ken On February 18, 2014ADD COMMENTS

With four weeks now under the league's belt, two teams have jumped off to very impressive starts having amassed win records of 14-2. Right behind them are two other teams sitting at 10-6. The fun truly begins now, though, as all four of these teams are scheduled to face off against one another next week. But, for now, let's see how Week #4 played out and how these teams got to where they are in the standings.After dropping two games last week by single digits, Mark It Zero struck back to log the... (more...)

UpgrayeDD Upgrade

Spring 2014, Week 3 Posted by Ken On February 11, 2014ADD COMMENTS

After a delay last week due to a massive snowstorm hitting the area, GutterAlley action resumed Tuesday night. Collectively our league is getting hotter as 21 of our thirty-two bowlers raised his or her average on Tuesday night during Week #3. To top it off, six teams swapped places in the league standings as things begin to settle down in the Spring 2014 season. The first matchup of the evening pitted The Finger Holes against Split It & Hit It. With their anchor absent, Split It's Matt... (more...)

Holey Bowley!

Spring 2014, Week 2 Posted by Ken On January 28, 2014ADD COMMENTS

The ever-volatile Week #2 of Gutteralley's latest season proved to be an interesting one as every single bowler – minus those absent or setting an average – either raised of lowered their average. One bowler managed to raise his +25 while another dropped -24 in what has always been the biggest roller coaster week of each and every season. To top it off, six of the eight teams swapped spots in the league standings to cap off the evening. Here's the lowdown...The first matchup of the... (more...)

Big Games, Big Averages to Start the Season

Spring 2014, Week 1 Posted by Ken On January 21, 2014ADD COMMENTS

The Spring 2014 season – our 29th! – officially got underway Tuesday night and with it came some personal bests right out the gate, but we'll get to those in the recap. This go around we have a full cast of 32 bowlers across eight teams in what may be one of the most even playing fields we've seen in quite some time. Three new rookies made their debuts so a big welcome goes out to (from left to right) Bryan Bay, Josh Robison, and Michael Gordon. (more...)  Read More →

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Season!

Spring 2014 Posted by Ken On January 20, 2014ADD COMMENTS

With the holidays now firmly behind us it's time to make Tuesday nights fun again as the Spring 2014 season of GutterAlley action gets underway on Tuesday.This season will feature three new recruits making their debut this season! A special welcome to rookies Bryan Bay, Josh Robison, and Michael Gordon. Abandon hope all ye who debut here, gentlemen! START DATE: Tuesday, January 21st at 6:20PM (league bowling starts at 6:30 after ten minutes of practice)LOCATION: NKC Pro Bowl, 505 East 18th Avenue,... (more...)

Fall 2013: And the winner is…

Fall 2013 Posted by Ken On December 11, 2013ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2013 season came to an official conclusion on Tuesday night, complete with prize disbursement and the announcement of the various season-ending awards.Truth be told, this was an odd season as compared to our last one. There weren't any really incredible games this time around. Hardly any big series were thrown. No one went on a lengthy win streak tear nor did anyone shatter any long-standing records (well, no positive ones anyway). The following are bowlers that shot their all-time bests:Highest... (more...)

It’s All Over

Fall 2013, Week 16 Posted by Ken On December 4, 2013ADD COMMENTS

With the members of Bowltron having wrapped up the championship last week, the Fall 2013 Finals were nothing more than a formality with the remaining teams jockeying for a better spot in the standings just for the hell of it. In the end, not a single team managed to move at all as Week #16 action came to a close. And while it may sound like nothing actually went down, you'd be wrong...In what had been shaping up to be one of the best Finals showdowns we've seen in quite a while as Bewbie Dance... (more...)

Awards Renamed in Honor of Hall of Famers, Others

Fall 2013 Posted by Ken On December 3, 2013ADD COMMENTS

Back in the Spring 2003 session of GutterAlley, we decided to create a way to allow the league collectively to bestow upon the individuals competing that season a nod in various areas ranging from the best captain to the favorite underdog. In that batch also came our first award named in honor of someone – the Bob Brunker Good Sportsmanship Award. With the start of the Hall of Fame and the retirement of various bowlers, additional awards were renamed in honor of these deserving individuals.To... (more...)

All Hail the Chumps, er, Champs!

Fall 2013, Week 15 Posted by Ken On November 27, 2013ADD COMMENTS

After having taken hold of the top spot in the league standings in Week #6 and not relinquishing it at all, Bowltron wrapped up their run Tuesday night by racking up enough wins to be untouchable in the Finals next week. Congratulations to four time champion John Boren and first time winners Bryan Mohr and Rob Kaszuba! Oh, and Ryan Doll was carried along for the ride as well. The Finals this week will merely be for a formality as the rest of the league just divides what's left over. Ready to... (more...)

Tournament of Champions: Things to Watch Tonight

Fall 2013 Posted by Ken On November 26, 20131 COMMENT

The results of tonight's Tournament of Champions matchups will officially determine which eight bowlers will do battle next week for the whole thing. While certain bowlers have already secured their spots, there still exists several key contests tonight that will fill out the remainder of the seeding.Here's a closer look into each of the four divisions...DIVISION 1While it's still up in the air if he will be handed his first championship title or not, Ryan Doll has definitely secured one thing already... (more...)

Almost to the Finish Line

Fall 2013, Week 14 Posted by Ken On November 19, 2013ADD COMMENTS

The final few weeks of each season are always an exercise of "what will happen if" scenarios. While some seasons have already been settled and decided, the Fall 2013 session is not one of them. Mathematically, the top four teams are still in the running albeit with two of those teams sitting in there with very long odds. Next week's matchups will truly set the stage for how the Finals will go down but, for now, Week #14's action brings us just the right amount of intrigue to keep it interesting.... (more...)

Things are Getting Tighter

Fall 2013, Week 13 Posted by Ken On November 12, 2013ADD COMMENTS

Week #13 is in the books and just about everything stayed the same with the standings still remaining super tight. A mere six games separate the top half of the league with two weeks of "regular season" bowling remaining before the Finals. With a few key matchups left to go before the big showdown, it's still mathematically any of these four teams season to win. In the first (and last) matchup of the night, Ballz Out battled opponents Will Strike if Provoked to a tie in Game #1 and then took Game... (more...)



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