Kiernan Takes Over the Crown

Fall 2012, Week 4 Posted by Ken On September 18, 2012ADD COMMENTS

In 1986, The Rolling Stones released a single called "Harlem Shuffle". Well, on Tuesday night, the GutterAlley bowling league released their own shuffle single as all but two teams shifted around in the standings. To top it off, the fourth 250+ game has been rolled this season – and it's only Week #4! Ready to get the lowdown? So are we...After missing the first three weeks of the season, Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends' very own Seth Gunderson finally made his debut this season in... (more...)

They Didn’t Split It, They Hit It

Fall 2012, Week 3 Posted by Ken On September 11, 20123 COMMENTS

Week #3 is now in the books and with it came some surprises across the league: the last place team upset the first place team; two bowlers shot over 250+ while another shot over 240; several seemingly-impossible splits were picked up; and, in the end, several games were settled by the slimmest of margins. Ahh, GutterAlley...bring me the scoop!The reigning champions Turkey Hunters started the night off by dropping Game #1 to Sexual Chocolate, who was led by anchor Jason Carpio and his 535 series.... (more...)

The Cream Rises

Fall 2012, Week 2 Posted by Ken On September 4, 20121 COMMENT

The ever-volatile Week #2 of any season is historically fraught with disasters. Many people who shot lights out in the the first week of this session are brought back down to reality while others who struggled or held back find themselves on the opposite side of the equation. This season's second week was no exception. In the end, two teams have started out with a near perfect 7-1 win record while the remainder of the league is batting .500 or less. In the lead off match of the evening, Bobby... (more...)

Three is a Magic Number

Fall 2012, Week 1 Posted by Ken On August 29, 20124 COMMENTS

The Fall 2012 season of GutterAlley kicked off Tuesday night – our 26th season! – with a full roster of 32 bowlers slated to do battle over the course of seventeen weeks in the quest to pull down the championship title. With this session made up of a lot of the seemingly eternal staples, several bowlers from seasons past made their return into the fold including: Andy McLeod (last seen Fall '06), Steve Kiernan (Fall '07), Cory Chorpenning (Spring '09), Pat Searcy (Fall '09), John Boren... (more...)

Welcome to the Fall 2012 Season!

Fall 2012 Posted by Ken On August 22, 2012ADD COMMENTS

As summer winds down, the month of August has historically marked the return of the fall session of the VML Bowling League...and this one is no exception. Tuesday, August 28th will see the beginning of the 26th season. This season will feature five new recruits making their debut this season! A special welcome to rookies Shane Daniel, Cliff Barendsen, Matt Bunyard, Mark DeVoe, and Michael Smith. Several past bowlers who haven't been seen on the lanes in several years are also coming back into... (more...)

Fall 2012 Season Starts Aug. 28th!

Fall 2012 Posted by Ken On August 20, 20122 COMMENTS

That's right,'s almost time for the next session of the VML Bowling League to get underway.Here's the inside skinny:Starts: August 28th at 6:30pm (practice starting at 6:20)Ends: December 18th (total of 17 weeks)Cost: $14 per week, does NOT include the cost of rental shoes (full-time VMLers will tentatively pay only $8/week)Location: NKC Pro-BowlFor the full list, hit up you next week!  Read More →

Spring 2012: And the winner is…

Spring 2012 Posted by Ken On May 8, 20121 COMMENT

The Spring 2012 season came to an official conclusion on Tuesday night, complete with prize disbursement and the announcement of the various season-ending awards.This season proved to be a big one for returning bowlers shooting their all time personal bests (obviously rookies had their highest games, series, and average ever in the league this season so we left them off):Highest game?AJ Hofmann, Aubrey Moren, Bob Brunker, Eric Lynch, Freda Schroeder, Scott Murdock, Seth Gunderson, and Teresa DeterdingHighest... (more...)

Finally the finale, the Finals

Spring 2012, Week 16 Posted by Ken On May 1, 20121 COMMENT

The 25th season of GutterAlley bowling wrapped up Tuesday night and while there wasn't much drama in the realm of who would walk away with the title – as The Turkey Hunters had wrapped that up in Week #13 – it seems that the hot topic was the newly created Tournament of Champions, which will be refined over the summer to provide more of a variety in the realm of who you will face each week. Couple that with some impressive performances by various people around the league and you have... (more...)

The Big 5-0

Spring 2012, Week 15 Posted by Ken On April 24, 20121 COMMENT

Over the course of our league's twenty-five seasons, many teams have managed to accumulate 40+ wins with the majority going on to win the championship. Only two times has a team managed to crest the 50+ win mark – the Fall 2009 champions Sweep the Leg, Johnny ended with a 55-9 record and the infamous Blue Ballers from the Fall 2000 season with an unconfirmed 53-11 record (unconfirmed, as this was before official record keeping). Week #15 saw this season's crown winners, The Turkey Hunters,... (more...)


Spring 2012, Week 14 Posted by Ken On April 17, 20122 COMMENTS

With only a handful of weeks until the Finals take place, it's being touted as "the battle for second place." And while we can't give the official update just yet due to the results of one contender's matchup delayed until some post-bowling takes place, it's safe to say that one team truly took the necessary steps to put themselves ahead of the pack while another team continues to get big output – and big wins – out of a relatively quiet member as the season wraps up.The matchup between... (more...)

V for Victory

Spring 2012, Week 13 Posted by Ken On April 11, 201210 COMMENTS

Last season, something strange happened. Defying logic and beating the odds, four veteran bowlers who had rolled together for years – Phil Schroeder, Freda Schroeder, Dennis "Pops" Laube, and Aubrey Moren – found their mojo and used it to win the Fall 2011 championship. Well, they've done it again this season, along with new recruit Anita Osthoff. Congratulations to the Spring 2012 champions, Turkey Hunters, who clinched the crown this week!And speaking of this week, some gigantic... (more...)

Every Pin Counts

Spring 2012, Week 12 Posted by Ken On April 3, 20121 COMMENT

As the Spring 2012 season marches onward, teams celebrated their victories and lament their losses in Week 12. In all four matchups Tuesday night, at least one game was settled by the slimmest of margins reinforcing the old bowling adage that "every pins counts." That single open frame or the low count following a spare early in the game may come back to haunt you when all is said and done. Such was the case across the board in this week's rehash of GutterAlley. Ready to get into the specifics?... (more...)

The Beard Man Cometh

Spring 2012, Week 11 Posted by Ken On March 28, 20124 COMMENTS

With the Finals quickly approaching on May 1st, the reigning champs continue to further distance themselves from the rest of the league during Week #11 on what appears to be an historic run towards the best record in league history. The big story of the night, however, belonged almost entirely to Jonathan Vigliaturo...but we'll get to that here in a little bit. Let's see how things went down, shall we?The last time that Ballsagna faced opponents Splits or Swallows, the teams battled one another... (more...)

Still Some Fight in ‘Em (Updated!)

Spring 2012, Week 10 Posted by Ken On March 20, 2012ADD COMMENTS

As the second half of the season continues on, one team continues to dominate the league as they race towards the Finals...and potentially another championship. Can they be toppled or have they gotten so far ahead that it's a battle now only for second place and below? Week 10 may be looked back upon as opportunities allowed to slip by as yet another powerhouse team succumbed to the reigning rulers of the roost.In the first matchup of the evening, the ACE2S stared down the barrel of Bowled to Death.... (more...)

Ready, Set, Restart!

Spring 2012, Week 9 Posted by Ken On March 14, 20122 COMMENTS

With the position round now in the rearview mirror, the league restarted its schedule once again Tuesday night as teams faced their Week #1 opponents. Despite an odd assortments of wins and losses across the board, not a single team managed to move up or down in the standings. For the first time in several seasons, five of the eight teams in the league have records .500 or better. Surely this won't stay true as the season rolls onward but, for the time being, there's quite a knot right there in... (more...)

Hall of Fame Nominees: Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Posted by Ken On March 12, 20121 COMMENT

Kicking off in the Spring 2011 season, our bowling community collectively cast its votes for the inaugural class of enshrinees to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame. These initial four bowlers were tasked with carrying on the Hall's enshrinement duties, promising that one new bowler would make his or her way to join them at the end of every season going forward. We are happy to say that the tradition is about to continue. (more...)  Read More →

Pole Position

Spring 2012, Week 8 Posted by Ken On March 6, 20121 COMMENT

As dictated by the schedule the 8th week of the league is always the position round. a week in which the matchups are set by where teams fall in the standings. The results of this particular week have historically done one of two things: the league standings either tighten up as underdogs best their opponents or dominant teams truly leave a message and extend their leads over their closest competitors. This season's position round was a mixture of both. Reigning champions Turkey Hunters wasted... (more...)

Gimme a T!

Spring 2012, Week 7 Posted by Ken On February 28, 2012ADD COMMENTS

On a stormy Tuesday night, nearly the entire league showed up to give it one last shot before heading into the half-way mark of the season – the position round – next week. And while only two teams managed to swap positions in the league standings, the stage has been set for what could definitely be a big shake up. But before all of that mess transpires, let's get into what happened during Week #7 first.After securing a 20-pin victory in Game #1, Bowled to Death found themselves facing... (more...)

Two Records in One

Spring 2012, Week 6 Posted by Ken On February 22, 20124 COMMENTS

Week 6 of the 25th season was a memorable one in a number of ways: four bowlers shot their career highest games, three bowlers rolled their highest series (including one that is now the 2nd highest in league history), one team tied the all-time record for highest output for a 5-man single game, and a "Hitler Reacts" video were the talk of the evening. Once again, only one team managed to make any headway in the league standings which has a potential for a major reshuffling as we head into the position... (more...)

Oh, Bowling…I Love You!

Spring 2012, Week 5 Posted by Ken On February 14, 20122 COMMENTS

Love was in the air Tuesday night on the lanes of GutterAlley as a sizable number of bowlers showed up to do battle. Although only two teams managed to move at all in the standings, three teams are making a play to extend their leads over the rest of the league. Sure, it's early, but we've seen teams build momentum near the beginning of a season that they carry throughout. Let's get to the recap...The Strange Bedfellows fell in love with this week's Most Valuable Bowler – and the most recent... (more...)



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