Compromising Position Round

Spring 2011, Week 8 Posted by Ken On March 22, 2011ADD COMMENTS

Ahh, the position round. One of the two true wild cards of each season. Teams can make meteoric rises or suffer huge drops in the standings. The results of this season's position round truly reshuffled the standings as every single team – with the exception of the 1st and 8th place teams – changed spots in the league standings. Now THAT'S what we're talking about. Along with the reporting of the position round, we'd also like to take the opportunity to introduce GutterAlley's Hall... (more...)

New Feature: The Hall of Fame

Spring 2011 Posted by Ken On March 22, 20112 COMMENTS

After having kicked the idea around for several months, Scoot and I finally knuckled down and programmed the newest feature to the league – the Hall of Fame. With the league into its 23rd season now, we thought back through the hundreds of people that have bowled over the years and remembered a great number of bowlers who have contributed to the league by donating their time to originally get it started (Angela Bradford!), bringing in a ton of new recruits (Jason Carpio!), keeping weekly stats... (more...)

Position Round: What If…?

Spring 2011 Posted by Ken On March 16, 2011ADD COMMENTS

So, as we do each season around this time, Scoot and I got to thinking about how the standings could move around depending on the numerous outcomes from next Tuesday. Finally we decided to just do the math ourselves (always a recipe for disaster) over lunch and came up with what is listed below.The highest each team could move next week after the position round, provided "perfect conditions" take place (and by "perfect conditions" we mean that your team sweeps and the teams above end their matchups... (more...)

Touch It for the Win

Spring 2011, Week 7 Posted by Ken On March 15, 20111 COMMENT

Week #7 has come to a close and with it comes the lineup of which teams will compete against one another in the season's position round at the midway point. This week alone, four teams swapped placed in the league standings. The surprise of the night came with an unlikely sweep from a team that mounted a huge comeback starting this time last season as well. Could history be repeating itself?For those of you that do not know how the position round works, here's the inside skinny: once each team... (more...)

Dedication, Devotion…and Destruction

Spring 2011, Week 6 Posted by Ken On March 8, 20112 COMMENTS

As the league nears its midway point, the position round awaits. Certain teams that figured they would be near the top of the standings aren't exactly where they figured while other teams are somewhat surprised that the rest of the league doubted them. Week #6 provided a lot of one-sided victories in which the victorious teams came away with 3-1 or 4-0 matchup victories. Overall, the positions within the standings didn't change very much but the margins in-between win percentages shifted somewhat.... (more...)

New Features: Twitter Feed and White Sheets

Spring 2011 Posted by Ken On March 8, 2011ADD COMMENTS

In our eternal quest to keep improving the bowling site – and the league overall – we're debuting two new additions today.Firstly, we've started a Twitter feed for the bowling league. Feel free to follow us. Our latest tweets will appear on the site in the right-hand column just above the fake ads.The biggest addition to our league experience will be the debut of our new and improved white sheets. You know, those sheets that are printed out each week by the bowling alley that almost... (more...)

Winning. Duh.

Spring 2011, Week 5 Posted by Ken On March 2, 20113 COMMENTS

My, my, my...what a difference a single week can make in the VML Bowling League. After amassing a 15-1 record to start their season, the team that was trying to run away with the 2011 Spring season has been given a reality check after running head first into the 2nd place team, ending the night with first through fourth place now separated by only 2.5 games. With the position round only a couple weeks away, things could get really interesting. Let's see how everyone did, shall we?Having just moved... (more...)

Chip Off the Old Block

Spring 2011, Week 4 Posted by Ken On February 22, 20111 COMMENT

Four weeks of the Spring 2011 VML Bowling league are in the books now and the standings offer up some surprises. One of last season's powerhouse teams is off to a slow start while a low team from two seasons ago has completely reversed its fortunes and has racked up big wins. The team atop the standings increases its record thanks to big output from its youngest bowler. All in all, the first month has been a roller coaster and who knows where it'll take us next.For fun, we've decided to implement... (more...)

Let Them Eat Pins

Spring 2011, Week 3 Posted by Ken On February 15, 20111 COMMENT

Typically after three weeks of bowling, averages stop going through wild swings as scores settle down. We also usually get a good glimpse at which teams mean business by their initial win records. Currently, four teams can claim winning records. While the teams in first and second place are made up of former and reigning champions, the two teams in third and fourth are off to a great start in the 2011 Spring league. This season should prove to be an interesting one if this continues.The first... (more...)

WIN-ter Wonderland

Spring 2011, Week 2 Posted by Ken On February 8, 2011ADD COMMENTS

Each and every season of the VML Bowling league, Week #2 seems to be the wildest. Averages set in the initial week are put to the test as each and every bowler must do his or her best to stay on pace from their initial output. While a few historically remain basically the same, the vast majority radically raises or lowers their average. This season was no exception. And while the same two teams from last week remain tied atop the league standings, this is shaping up to be an interesting season.The... (more...)

The Race Begins

Spring 2011, Week 1 Posted by Ken On January 25, 2011ADD COMMENTS

At 6:30pm on Tuesday night, eight teams all began their quest towards the Spring 2011 title in the VML Bowling League. Along side a good number of returning veterans, four new faces made their debuts – we gladly welcome Kelly Anderson, Russell Madsen, Jeremy Stockbridge and substitute Matt Miquelon into the fold. Ready to find out how everyone did? Well, let's go...Fresh off their championship run last season, three of last season's 1st place team returned as S*I*C*K (named after the first... (more...)

On Your Marks, Get Set…Bowl!

Spring 2011 Posted by Ken On January 24, 2011ADD COMMENTS

The 23rd season of VML Bowling will kick off tomorrow (Tuesday, January 25th) at the NKC Pro-Bowl in North Kansas City, Missouri. The lanes will come on for practice at 6:20pm with league play beginning ten minutes later.For those of you new to the league, welcome! We're glad to see that you've been suckered into, er...that you've joined our league. We have just a few little rules for you to know about how it all works: (more...)  Read More →

Time to Pick Teams

Spring 2011 Posted by Ken On January 11, 20112 COMMENTS

Well, gang, we're exactly two weeks away from starting up the next session of the VML Bowling League and it's that ever-popular portion of the league – picking teams and team names.Below is the list of teams that have already been formed:SucmaBOWLSOrion Kinkaid*Joe LongstreetDave WingerSam NauS*I*C*KSeth GundersonIan GoetzCarl GoetzKen M. Wilson*Touch My VladEmily Podhajsky*Jeremy StockbridgeSarah ManningChris AbleNo PinheadsAubrey MorenPhil SchroederDennis "Pops" LaubeFreda Schroeder*Istanbowl... (more...)

It’s 2011: Open Recruitment!

Spring 2011 Posted by Ken On January 3, 2011ADD COMMENTS
Sign Up Today!

All hail, 2011! With the new year we have a new season upon us...and it's time to fill that roster. While we'll settle for a 32-person league we'd love to return to a full ten teams with a total of 40 bowlers. Whaddya say?The league will start back on Tuesday, January 25th. For those of you that don't know, we bowl at the NKC Pro Bowl located at 505 E. 18th Avenue in North Kansas City. Same bat time, same bat channel.Bowlers already signed up for the next season include: (more...)  Read More →

Happy Holidays!

Fall 2010 Posted by Ken On December 15, 2010ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2010 bowling season officially came to a conclusion Tuesday night with the disbursement of the prize fund and individual awards.Here's a recap of the season's awards:Women’s High Series Scratch: Freda Schroeder (511)Men’s High Series Scratch: Carl Goetz (680)Women’s High Game Scratch: Jessica Thomas (188)Men’s High Game Scratch: Ken M. Wilson (240)Women’s High Series Handicap: Alison Radke (648)Men’s High Series Handicap: Aubrey Moren (691)Women’s High Game Handicap: Sarah... (more...)

The Kansas City 49ers

Fall 2010, Week 16 Posted by Ken On December 7, 2010ADD COMMENTS

The 22nd season of the VML Bowling League came to a close Tuesday night with four teams swapping places in the standings after all was said and done. Only three teams ended with a record above .500, each managing to compile records strong enough to move into the top ten best win records in the league's 11-year history. Congratulations to the members of Pin Pricks (49-15), Ground Zero Mosque (45-19) and No Pinheads (43.5-20.5). As it is league tradition, please take a few moments out to vote for... (more...)

It’s a Wrap! Finals Next Week

Fall 2010, Week 15 Posted by Ken On November 30, 2010ADD COMMENTS

Week 15 is now in the books and it turned out to be a historical one for the Pin Pricks. Not only did they clinch the league title but they propelled themselves to have the second best record in league history! Congrats to this season's champs Ian Goetz, Carl Goetz, David Codding and Ken M. Wilson. Ready to hear the results from Tuesday night? Let's get this party started.Having come a long way since their initial debut in the league, the members of Feed the Monkey added another four wins to... (more...)

Serving Up Turkeys

Fall 2010, Week 14 Posted by Ken On November 23, 2010ADD COMMENTS
Bowling Turkeys

On the week of Thanksgiving, the VML Bowling League gathered together to do battle on the second to last week before the Finals. As has been the case throughout the season, most teams stayed put in their respective spots in the standings with the exception of another flip-flop in 4th and 5th place. With eight games left to be played by each team in the league, it's a race to the finish line as teams try to overcome gaps between themselves and the team ahead of them. Ready to hear how Week #14... (more...)

Go For It

Fall 2010, Week 13 Posted by Ken On November 16, 20102 COMMENTS
Mr. T

Week 13 is now in the books and with it came the largest shakeup in the league standings in quite a long time. Almost half the league swapped places while the top three teams remained firmly in their respective spots. The big winner this week was a team that, until last week, had been on a massive tear and climbed from 6th to 4th place. Want to know the specifics? Read on...With their eyes on climbing into second place, Ground Zero Mosque stared down the most surprising opponent all season --... (more...)

Scoot’ing Right Along

Fall 2010, Week 12 Posted by Ken On November 9, 2010ADD COMMENTS

One month from today, the seven teams of the VML Bowling League will square off one last time in the Finals. While there has not been any real movement in the standings for several weeks now, time is starting to truly run out as the distances between win records continue to shift. Three teams appear to have put themselves out of reach as the season winds down...with one of those teams gaining ground each week.The last time that the current league leaders Pin Pricks met up against opponents Kitten... (more...)



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