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UPDATED: Yes, We Are Having a Fall Season!

Posted by ScooterJ July 17, 2020 Spring 2020

(First for those of you still waiting refunds, we finally have the last batch of money and are working on getting it cashed.)

The Fall 2020 bowling season is on, at least as long as we don't have another shutdown. Though many of you understandably want to sit this one out, we want to field at least some semblance of a league this Fall in order to be able to hold onto our lanes that we have had since 2001. If another league takes out spot, it could be very hard to get the league going again once COVID is behind us.

To that end, both due to the large number of you wanting to sit this season out and also to better promote social distancing to whatever extent we can, we will be fielding a greatly reduced roster this Fall with smaller team sizes. We are seeking a minimum of 12 bowlers to a maximum of 18 bowlers. Team sizes and the schedule will be determined by the number of people who sign up by the August 15 deadline.

The exact schedule and team size will be determined by the number of bowlers we get...

  • < 12 bowlers: We will cancel and regroup in January
  • 12 bowlers: 4 teams of 3, or 6 teams of 2
  • 13-15 bowlers: 6 teams of 2-3
  • 16 bowlers: 8 teams of 2
  • 17 bowlers: 5 teams of 3, 1 team of 2
  • 18 bowlers: 6 teams of 3

All league sizes apart from 16 will roll a 13 week schedule instead of the usual 17. A 13-week schedule will start in September on whatever Tuesday works best for those participating. (Sep 1-Nov 24 gets us done before Thanksgiving, Sep 8-Dec 1 starts us after Labor day, other options are Sep 15-Dec 8 and Sep 22-Dec 15.) If our league size is 16, we will roll our full Aug 25-Dec 15 schedule.

A few things to note if you're wondering whether or not to bowl:

  • Masks are required at all times in the bowling alley EXCEPT when you are eating, drinking, or at your assigned lane.
  • We will not be setting the poker cards out this season.
  • There will be no team payment envelopes, and cash will not be accepted for bowling fees. Payments must be made online, through Venmo, or by check. Details to come.

We will still have the Tournament of Champions in some form, we will figure out some way to make it work with a smaller group.

As always, the status of sign-ups can be seen at the Recruitment Central page.

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