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Bowling Paused at Least Two Three Weeks Until Who The Hell Knows

Posted by ScooterJ March 16, 2020 Spring 2020

3/23 UPDATE: Now that we are on full-on lockdown until April 24, the absolute earliest bowling might resume is April 28. And even that is completely up in the air as the situation changes every day. We're going to wait until AMF contacts us to discuss options before making any further updates.

UPDATE: Due to both a directive from AMF Corporate as well as an emergency ordinance from the city of North Kansas City, bowling is paused until at least April 7.

Original post:

I know last week we said we had no plans to put the league on pause, but that was before everything went berserk over this past weekend.

After careful reflection, discussion with AMF, and nearly unanimous support from those who responded to my email this morning (thank you all for that), we have made the decision to do our part for flattening the curve and utilize our two "snow days" to put the bowling season on pause for at least two weeks.

(It's likely that this decision would have been made for us anyway. Two other Northland bowling centers are closing temporarily, and ours is fully anticipating getting similar instructions.)

This means that, for now, we will resume bowling on March 31, picking up at week 9 right where we left off. (Note, however, that this date may change if Clay County or AMF Corporate dictates a longer closure.)

I will keep everyone updated if there are any changes, otherwise we will plan to reconvene on 3/31. Until then stay safe, and wash filthy hands, and get your fingers out of your noses!

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