Cash Stash Lashes First With Panache

Fall 2017, Week 5 Posted by ScooterJ On September 19, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Being lamewads, we here at Gutteralley can't claim to know what "Mustache Cash Stash" means or what the Google Image Search images that we found mean. But we do know enough to know that MCS = this week's first-place flavor-of-the-week. (more...)  Read More →

The Left Rises (For Real This Time)

Fall 2017, Week 4 Posted by ScooterJ On September 12, 2017ADD COMMENTS

After jumping the gun last week, the Alt-Left can now finally celebrate a legitimate claim to first place, due largely to a certain team member who has apparently found new ways to exercise his left hand. Meanwhile last week's 1st place team plummets all the way to 5th. The Tournament of Champions also started up with its new 40-bowler format. Read on to see how it all shook out! (more...)  Read More →

Led By The Lefties

Fall 2017, Week 3 Posted by ScooterJ On September 5, 20171 COMMENT

The men of The Alt-Left left the bowling alley tonight so certain they had moved into first place that they even posed for this week's cover photo. But they apparently forgot we had expanded from 8 teams to 10 and didn't notice that a scoresheet at the far end was still being calculated. While the Alt-Left is still in a standings tie for first, total pins technically gives first place to Bowl Yer Ballz Off. What does this mean for the league? Well, it means that the two teams that feature... (more...)


Fall 2017, Week 2 Posted by ScooterJ On August 29, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Tonight our league received the worst news it has heard since the time the bar ran out of Sam Adams: PBR is being replaced with Boulevard Wheat at the bar because no one was drinking PBR. Tell that to the members of JG's Rusty Nuts, who average 5-6 pitchers of it a week. Their Tuesday nights are ruined. To find out how devastating this news was, read on... (more...)  Read More →

A Flood of Big Games Eclipses the Usual Week 1 Sandbagging

Fall 2017, Week 1 Posted by ScooterJ On August 22, 20173 COMMENTS

The Fall 2017 season began with two teams' worth of bowlers absent, but that didn't stop some big games from causing some surprising upsets across the lanes. (more...)  Read More →

Get Your Bowling Shoes On!

Fall 2017 Posted by ScooterJ On August 13, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to the Fall 2017 bowling season, our 36th session! This season we have 10 teams for the first time since Fall 2009, and that means a few big changes that will be noted below. (more...)  Read More →

Fall 2017′s Full! Already???

Posted by ScooterJ On July 14, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Due to surprisingly strong popular demand we expanded our line-up for this Fall from 8 teams to 10 for the first time since 2009. The extra spaces filled quickly, and we now have a full roster of 10 teams, and a standby list waiting for any last minute drops. (more...)  Read More →

Spring 2017 Recap

Spring 2017 Posted by ScooterJ On May 19, 2017ADD COMMENTS

35 seasons of bowling are now behind us, and while this season may not have set a lot of records, it still has a few firsts and a lot of fun moments. And the surprise come-from-behind championship win by Omaha Hambone marks the first title win in quite some time that didn't come from ne of the long-time dynasties. (more...)  Read More →


Please be sure to vote for this season's people's choice awards! Voting is open until 5:00pm on Monday. (more...)  Read More →

Write-up Delayed

Spring 2017 Posted by ScooterJ On May 9, 20171 COMMENT

Because tonight made league history, the write-up is delayed while Scoot does some reprogramming. Here's a hint, though: The Royals won tonight in extra innings!  Read More →

Can the Dark Horse Still Win?

Spring 2017, Week 15 Posted by ScooterJ On May 2, 20173 COMMENTS

Probably not. Tonight was the last night of regular-season bowling, and next week decides it all! As is stands now, Omaha Hambone would have to sweep and then win the roll-off in order to defeat the perennial champs. However, Hambone is currently 4-4 against the Uncles, only won one game when they last faced each other, and last enjoyed a sweep 4 weeks ago. Sure, they may pull off a huge upset, but it's looking quite unlikely. How did it come to this? (more...)  Read More →

Tightening the Grip

Spring 2017, Week 14 Posted by ScooterJ On April 25, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Next week is the last week of regular season bowling, and after a season that at first seemed to be heading toward finally letting someone else win for a change, it appears the dark overlords are getting a tighter grasp on yet another victory. Just two weeks left for any of the remaining competition to make a play! (more...)  Read More →

Another RoboWriteup :(

Spring 2017, Week 13 Posted by ScooterJ On April 18, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Sorry, folks. Scoot only got 3 hours of sleep last night, so we have to do another computer-generated writeupo this week. Sorry about that! (more...)  Read More →

Mopping It Up

Spring 2017, Week 12 Posted by ScooterJ On April 12, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Tonight was a night of almost all sweeps, and saw a formerly near-last-place team barrel its way into the top half of the standings. Meanwhile the formerly first-place team became increasingly frustrated with their inability to regain the lead and it cost them their most precious commodity. (more...)  Read More →

The RoboWriteup

Spring 2017, Week 11 Posted by ScooterJ On April 5, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Scoot had a lot he needed to do tonight and didn't have time to write a recap, so this week's update is the automated, computer-generated version. Sorry about that! (more...)  Read More →

The Uncles Wiggled Back Up

Spring 2017, Week 10 Posted by ScooterJ On March 28, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Last week left things with the top three teams only one game apart. Now they are three games apart and a new leader has emerged. (more...)  Read More →

Getting Tighter

Spring 2017, Week 9 Posted by ScooterJ On March 21, 2017ADD COMMENTS

While the only position change in the standings tonight was a flip right in the very center of the lineup, the race for first place definitely became a lot more interesting as now only one game separates the top three teams. Who will have what it takes to come out ahead 7 weeks from now? (more...)  Read More →

Halfway to the Pot o’ Gold

Spring 2017, Week 8 Posted by ScooterJ On March 14, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Our season is now officially half over. Three teams are sliding along the downhill side of the rainbow towards the pot of gold, while everyone else is still back on the uphill slope, weighed down with too much corned beef and green beer. (more...)  Read More →

Gearing Up for the Position Round

Spring 2017, Week 7 Posted by ScooterJ On March 7, 2017ADD COMMENTS

The season is already nearly halfway over, and as we move into next week's position round the only shakeup in the standings is the surprise result of Frankee's Uncles no longer rolling on lanes 1-2 next week. (more...)  Read More →

Fat Tuesday? Nah, It’s Just a Beer Belly.

Spring 2017, Week 6 Posted by ScooterJ On February 28, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Tonight we had several bowlers off celebrating Mardis Gras, and for a while it seemed some of the lanes might take the night off as well. Luckily everything came together and we finished our games with little debauchery, no arrests, and no one getting run over. (more...)  Read More →



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