The Uncles Wiggled Back Up

Spring 2017, Week 10 Posted by ScooterJ On March 28, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Last week left things with the top three teams only one game apart. Now they are three games apart and a new leader has emerged. (more...)  Read More →

Getting Tighter

Spring 2017, Week 9 Posted by ScooterJ On March 21, 2017ADD COMMENTS

While the only position change in the standings tonight was a flip right in the very center of the lineup, the race for first place definitely became a lot more interesting as now only one game separates the top three teams. Who will have what it takes to come out ahead 7 weeks from now? (more...)  Read More →

Halfway to the Pot o’ Gold

Spring 2017, Week 8 Posted by ScooterJ On March 14, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Our season is now officially half over. Three teams are sliding along the downhill side of the rainbow towards the pot of gold, while everyone else is still back on the uphill slope, weighed down with too much corned beef and green beer. (more...)  Read More →

Gearing Up for the Position Round

Spring 2017, Week 7 Posted by ScooterJ On March 7, 2017ADD COMMENTS

The season is already nearly halfway over, and as we move into next week's position round the only shakeup in the standings is the surprise result of Frankee's Uncles no longer rolling on lanes 1-2 next week. (more...)  Read More →

Fat Tuesday? Nah, It’s Just a Beer Belly.

Spring 2017, Week 6 Posted by ScooterJ On February 28, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Tonight we had several bowlers off celebrating Mardis Gras, and for a while it seemed some of the lanes might take the night off as well. Luckily everything came together and we finished our games with little debauchery, no arrests, and no one getting run over. (more...)  Read More →

Bowl To The Future

Spring 2017, Week 5 Posted by ScooterJ On February 22, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Okay, get ready for this, our league has just undergone time travel and split off into an alternate reality. (more...)  Read More →

Write-up Delayed

Spring 2017 Posted by ScooterJ On February 21, 2017ADD COMMENTS

It has come to our attention that we are missing a batch up pre-bowling scores. These scores affect not only the outcome of one of the matchups, but also the overall team rankings and potentially the MVB as well. Because of this, the write-up will be delayed until Wednesday night so that we can get the missing pre-bowling scores after the bowling alley opens.  Read More →

Our Gutters ♥ Your Balls

Spring 2017, Week 4 Posted by ScooterJ On February 14, 2017ADD COMMENTS

While many bowlers were either absent or pre-bowled, most of the league knew what their true love is and spend Valentine's evening chucking balls down the lane. (more...)  Read More →

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

Spring 2017, Week 3 Posted by ScooterJ On February 8, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Tonight was a night of some pretty incredible games. With two veterans setting new personal high games, one setting a new personal high series, and people rolling well above their average in every one of our matchups, tonight was literally smoking! (more...)  Read More →

So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World

Spring 2017, Week 2 Posted by ScooterJ On January 31, 2017ADD COMMENTS

With so much darkness and suffering in our country and the world the last 11 days, it is nothing short of miraculous when a tiny ray of light cuts through the darkness and brings hope to a world in sorrow. So, Omaha Hambone, we thank you. (more...)  Read More →

Spring 2017 Kickoff!

Spring 2017, Week 1 Posted by ScooterJ On January 24, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Our 35th season kicked off with what could very well turn out to be the most fun, least competitive season we have had in years. A dozen rookies make up more than a third of the league, so anything goes! (more...)  Read More →

Inaugurating the Spring Season

Spring 2017 Posted by ScooterJ On January 21, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to the Spring 2017 bowling season, our 35th session! In addition to the return of multiple females and a double-digit number of rookies, this season marks the apparent end of VML's dominance of the league. VML now provides the same number of members as Decision Insight, and neither of them provide as many bowlers as Aaron Barber, Michael Gordon, and AJ Hofmann do! (more...)  Read More →

Spring 2017 Update

Posted by ScooterJ On January 16, 2017ADD COMMENTS

Just a quick update on the status of the Spring 2017 season: (more...)  Read More →

2016 Is A Wrap

Fall 2016 Posted by ScooterJ On December 21, 2016ADD COMMENTS

With 34 seasons of bowling now behind us, the Fall 2016 season ended tonight as the 3rd best season in league history in terms of combined league average. Congratulations, everyone, on a great season! (more...)  Read More →

Same Result, with a Tiny New Twist

Fall 2016, Week 16 Posted by ScooterJ On December 6, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Congratulations to Seth and Ashlee Gunderson on the birth this morning of their first child, Spring 2038 women’s high game scratch winner Frankee Belle Gunderson! (Oh also also congratulations to Seth and his team for winning the championship yet again...) (more...)  Read More →

Up In The Air

Fall 2016, Week 15 Posted by ScooterJ On November 29, 2016ADD COMMENTS

All bowling scores are in, and the headline for this write-up doesn't need to change! After ruling the roost all season, Vote JV is now in a tie with the team that is trying very hard to live up to the namesake of its acronymous name. It litterally comes down to who wins next week! (more...)  Read More →

Thankful For a More Interesting Championship

Fall 2016, Week 14 Posted by ScooterJ On November 22, 2016ADD COMMENTS

In what was a very short night for everybody except the poor schmoes on the first pair of lanes, things suddenly have become potentially very interesting as we close in on the Championship round. Without warning, the team that has been running away with first place all season is finding themselves needing to fight for it. How did this happen? (more...)  Read More →

Flat-ner Is Coming

Fall 2016, Week 13 Posted by ScooterJ On November 15, 2016ADD COMMENTS

After years over suffering with blurry, miscolored, distorted scoreboards, we have credible information that by next week all of the scoreboards will be replaced with modern LCD flat=panel screens. It remains to be seen if or when this will be followed with high-def signal on the TVs, or working lanes. (more...)  Read More →

Look At Some Cute Things While Reading About Bowling

Fall 2016, Week 12 Posted by ScooterJ On November 9, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Scoot tried several times last night to get this write-up going, and even had various sets of images already loaded up to go with a theme for either way the election went. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it, and decided that what this nation needs now more than anything else is a bowling recap to help us heal. (more...)  Read More →

No Change

Fall 2016, Week 11 Posted by ScooterJ On November 1, 2016ADD COMMENTS

You'd think that with new bowlers continuing to be introduced 11 weeks into the season, that we'd see some changes in the standings. But nope, not this week, every team stayed exactly where they were! (more...)  Read More →



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