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Rise of the Mayans

Posted by Ken September 25, 2012 Fall 2012, Week 5 View Score Sheets

Week #5, with one exception, was a week of sweeps. Three powerhouse teams handed out perfect 4-0 beatdowns while two other teams engaged in a brutal battle of back and forth Tuesday night on the lanes of North Kansas City Pro Bowl. In the end, five of the eight teams exchanged places in the league standings and two bowlers rolled big series as the season marches toward its halfway point.After their collapse in Week #3, the men of FTOP have been on a mission to win, win, win. And win they did against their opponents for the night – Pocket Pounders. For the second week in a row, FTOP has gone 4-0 to maintain and extend their lead in first place. Led this week by David Codding and his 647 series, the acronymed-named rollers improved to 16-4 on the season. The Pounders' anchor Ryan Doll led his team with a 554 series but it simply wasn't enough to earn a single victory. The losses drop the Pocket Pounders two spots down into 5th place with a record of 9-11.With all four bowlers together for the first time this season, the men of Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends had planned to block Sexual Chocolate from any wins but the night did not go exactly as planned. With this week's Most Valuable Bowler leading the way, Teresa Deterding and her 451 series took Game #1 to start the matchup. The Belt struck back behind anchor Bill Krejci's 574 series to easily take Game #2 by a margin of 101 pins. Game #3 went to Sexual Chocolate in a 10th frame showdown but the gigantic Belt win in the second contest helped secure total pins for a 2-2 split. Bobby Belt slip a spot into 3rd place with a 12-8 record while Sexual Chocolate stays put in 6th at 8-12.After a surprisingly lackluster start, the Mayan Apocalypse finally found their stride against the streaking Split It and Hit It. With Carl Goetz shooting the highest series to date this season – a 652 – as well as earning #1 Power Ranked bowler honors this week, the Mayans swept their competition and rocketed three spots in the league standings to take over 4th place with their 9-11 record. Rumor has it that the Mayan calendar foresaw this team in the Finals vying for first place. Perhaps now the beginnings of this prophecy are starting to come true. Split It, led by anchor Dennis Blake and his 454 series, drop two spots back down into 7th place with a record of 8-12 after suffering their first winless week of the season. Down on Lanes 47 & 48, the reigning champion Turkey Hunters decided to take out their frustrations from last week's four losses by handily adding four victories at the expense of opponents Ballz Out (and unlocked the "Big Bully" achievement in the process, check your "Achievements" tab on your player profile page to see what you have unlocked this season). Led by anchor Aubrey Moren and his 548 series, the Hunters rebounded nicely with their 13-7 record to regain 2nd place. Ballz Out, led once again by Cliff Barendsen – this week with a 400 series – take their lumps – and a 6-game losing streak – to remain in 8th place with a record of 5-15.Bowlers rocking their Gangnam Style inside The 200 Club this week include: Bill Krejci (202, 202), Carl Goetz (237, 227), David Codding (247, 201), Jonathan Vigliaturo (201), Ryan Doll (201), Seth Gunderson (222), and Steve Kiernan (200).The leaders in the four Tournament of Champions divisions switched around quite a bit with Carl Goetz (7 points) now leading Division #1 with John Boren and Ryan Doll each trailing with 3 points apiece. Division #2 saw Aubrey Moren (9 points) piggy back over last week's leaders, Phil Schroeder and Seth Gunderson (6 points each). Andy McLeod (9 points) takes over the top spot in Division #3 with the absent Matt Bunyard sitting in 2nd place with 6 points. Division #4 continues to be dominated by Teresa Deterding who has a perfect 12 points over the past two weeks with Michael Smith holding the second spot in the division with four points. There is still plenty of time for all of this to switch as the season progresses.The mighty and mystical ScooterMath™ has the predictions claiming all kinds of interesting things for next week: the Mayan Apocalypse is slated to continue their winning ways against opponents Ballz Out, Split It and Hit It is predicted to win three against the Turkey Hunters, Sexual Chocolate is apparently going to end FTOP's win streak with a lone Game #2 victory, while the Pocket Pounders are to return with a 3-1 beatdown over Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends. Will any of this come true? We'll just have to wait until next week to find out.See you next Tuesday!


Teresa Deterding
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Carl Goetz
Runner Up:
Anita Osthoff


Carl Goetz
Runner Up:
Andy McLeod

"F&#k your Game #1! "

Carl Goetz, snapping at David Codding as the two did battle in the Tournament of Champions.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 FTOP 16-4 .800 11,126 n/a
2 Turkey Hunters 13-7 .650 10,057 +2
3 Bobby Belt and the Facebook Friends 12-8 .600 9,589 -1
4 Mayan Apocalypse 9-11 .450 10,135 +3
5 Pocket Pounders 9-11 .450 10,129 -2
6 Sexual Chocolate 8-12 .400 8,455 n/a
7 Split It and Hit It 8-12 .400 8,118 -2
8 Ballz Out 5-15 .250 6,496 n/a
Top Individual Achievements for Week 5
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Carl Goetz - 652
David Codding - 647
Bill Krejci - 574
Ken Wilson - 566
John Boren - 559
Freda Schroeder - 475
Anita Osthoff - 468
Teresa Deterding - 451
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Carl Goetz - 676
David Codding - 656
Andy McLeod - 643
Scott Murdock - 620
Aubrey Moren - 605
Bill Krejci - 605 (t)
Anita Osthoff - 645
Teresa Deterding - 626
Freda Schroeder - 580
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
David Codding - 247
Carl Goetz - 237
Seth Gunderson - 222
Bill Krejci - 202
Ryan Doll - 201
Jonathan Vigliaturo - 201 (t)
Anita Osthoff - 186
Freda Schroeder - 177
Teresa Deterding - 155
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
David Codding - 250
Carl Goetz - 245
Seth Gunderson - 230
Jonathan Vigliaturo - 228
Phil Schroeder - 222
Anita Osthoff - 245
Teresa Deterding - 213
Freda Schroeder - 212
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
David Codding - 51
Carl Goetz - 47
Jonathan Vigliaturo - 35
Seth Gunderson - 33
Andy McLeod - 32
Anita Osthoff - 60
Teresa Deterding - 28
Freda Schroeder - 21

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  1. avatar Ken says:

    Glad to see that Carl forgot that Scoot’s on his team and got back his winning ways!

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