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David Codding
Career High Game:300MVBs:   13
Spring 2019 Season
Career High Series:   718#1 Power Rankings:   6
Titles Won:5#1 Head-to-Head:   20
Debut:Spring 2001
ToC Champ:0 (0 2nd)
David has not bowled this season. David bowled most recently in the Fall 2012 season.

David Codding made his league debut in the Spring 2001 season.

Having rolled 450 games over the course of 13 seasons in his GutterAlley career, Codding carries a lifetime average of 187.

To date, David's highest game shot in league was a 300 bowled in Game #3 during Week #6 of the Fall 2012 session and his highest series in league was the 718 he rolled in Week #13 during the Fall 2009 season.

He has been named the Most Valuable Bowler 6 time(s) and the runner-up 16 time(s).

David has bowled for:
  -Fall 2012: FTOP   (Avg: 202)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2010: Pin Pricks   (Avg: 193)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2009: Sweep The Leg, Johnny   (Avg: 204)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2009: Chico's Bail Bonds   (Avg: 186)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2006: All Belts Are Off   (Avg: 192)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2006: Bowl Movement   (Avg: 194)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2005: Three Men and a Babe   (Avg: 190)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2004: Joey's B*tches   (Avg: 189)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2003: Anchors Aweigh!   (Avg: 187)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2003: When Push Comes To Shove   (Avg: 180)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2002: Team 5   (Avg: 155)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2000: Team 7   (Avg: N/A)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2001: 007 When Pins Die   (Avg: 157)   (My profile for this team)


David has unlocked the following Spring 2019 achievements...

A listing (from most current to furthest back) of any write-up posts in which David has been mentioned:
  • A Third Three Hundred! (Apr 24th, 2018) - While the standings didn't change at all tonight, quite a lot actually happened. Before we get into the big story of the night, we will take a moment to remember some of the other people who accomplished things tonight. Monica Hufford picked up this week's high game (188) and series (474) for the women. As for the men, Dennis Walling snagged this week's high game with a score that we'll get to in a moment. High series was earned by Kody Karnes with a 699. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Fall 2015 Preview: Milestones to Watch For (Aug 25th, 2015) -

  • Coe Golfs A Perfect 18! (Or something like that) (Mar 31st, 2015) - On the far left set of lanes, one team tripled their record from the first half of the season. On the far right hand set of lanes, a 300 was rolled. What else happened?

  • Welcome to the Fall 2014 Season! (Aug 26th, 2014) -

  • Pinterest Pins the Championship (May 13th, 2014) - The Spring 2014 season came to a close with the Finals a mere formality as Pinterest had already wrapped up the championship last week. Congratulations to title winners Jonathan Vigliaturo, Andy McLeod, Ian Goetz, and Seth Gunderson on their impressive run, ending with the 6th best win record in league history. The full recap can be found inside...

  • Welcome to the Spring 2014 Season! (Jan 20th, 2014) - Let's get this party started! Thirty-two bowlers – including three brand new rookies – will lace up their shoes this week to do battle for the next sixteen weeks. Now let's see some new high scores out there, gang!Good luck, gang...and welcome back!

  • Fall 2013: And the winner is... (Dec 11th, 2013) - The Fall 2013 Fun Night closed out the season with an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the individual achievements, season favorites, and the newest addition to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame...

  • It's All Over (Dec 4th, 2013) - Despite the Finals having been settled and decided last week, there was still one more night to make great things happen...and Chadwick Andrews did 'em all.Over the course of three games Andrews shot his career high game as well as series, secured his second consecutive night to be named Most Valuable Bowler and #1 Power Ranked Bowler, and concluded his evening by winning the Tournament of Champions. Not too bad of a way to finish one's season, eh?

  • Awards Renamed in Honor of Hall of Famers, Others (Dec 3rd, 2013) -

  • Open Letter from Ken: Pat Searcy for the Hall of Fame... (Sep 9th, 2013) -

  • Welcome to the Fall 2013 Season! (Aug 19th, 2013) - And we're back on the air as of Tuesday, August 20th. Thirty-two bowlers – including three brand new rookies and one former sub officially joining the league – will lace up their shoes this week to do battle for the next sixteen weeks.Good luck, gang...and welcome back!

  • The 11th Frame – Week 14, Spring 2013 (May 6th, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame – Week 13, Spring 2013 (Apr 26th, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame – Week 8, Spring 2013 (Mar 21st, 2013) -

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  • The 11th Frame: Week 5, Spring 2013 (Feb 21st, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame: Week 2, Spring 2013 (Jan 30th, 2013) -

  • Colossal Debuts (Jan 23rd, 2013) - The Spring 2013 season got underway Tuesday night and a good portion of the league forgot that you're not supposed to bowl lights out and set big averages on the first night. Ian Goetz, pictured, was the biggest ignorer of this time honored tradition.Want to see just how well people shot in Week #1? Well, read on...

  • Welcome to the Spring 2013 Season! (Jan 22nd, 2013) - The 27th season of GutterAlley action gets back underway but before all of the swearing, drinking, and in-fighting begin we thought we'd officially welcome you all back...

  • Fall 2012: And the winner is... (Dec 18th, 2012) - Mr. 300 himself – David Codding – was named this season's inductee into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame, becoming the 7th bowler to enter as the Fall 2012 season officially came to an end Tuesday night. Prize money was handed out to everyone during the semi-annual Fun Night. The winners for the individual achievements as well as the top picks for the season favorites were announced as the gang enjoyed a round of 9-pin tap and the various traditional trick shot challenges.

  • You Can't Top FTOP (Dec 11th, 2012) - It took until the very last roll of their matchup, but a new championship team was crowned on Tuesday night as the Finals went down to conclude the Fall 2012 season of GutterAlley action...Congrats to John Boren, Cory Chorpenning, David Codding, and Ken M. Wilson!

  • No Friends of Mine (Dec 4th, 2012) - Week #15 set the stage for the Finals of the 26th season of GutterAlley action. Two teams, separated by a mere half a game, will battle it out for the crown in one of the tightest races to the finish line in league history. Let's get this party started...

  • The Antithesis of Perfect (Nov 27th, 2012) - Two weeks until the Finals. Big battles on the lanes. High scores. Low scores. Blowout victories. Extremely narrow losses. And yet, in the end, not a single team managed to move up or down in the league standings. Ready to see how the teams are setting the stage for the last week before the Finals? Let's go.

  • The Dark Knight Rises (Nov 7th, 2012) - For the third time this season, another team has taken over the top spot on the league standings. The Pocket Pounders have been cutting into the lead for weeks now and finally reached the zenith. Can they hold on for five more weeks through the Finals? Only time will tell...

  • The Walking Ahead (Oct 30th, 2012) - On Devil's Night, mischief took place across the lanes as Week #10 made its way into the record books. Thirteen people raised their averages while the league standings continue to tighten up with the possibility of other teams overtaking the coveted first place spot. Ready to find out how it all went down? Let's go trick or treating, then.

  • Taking It On the Chin (Oct 23rd, 2012) - Just about every underdog team in tonight's matchups made sure to make their opponents take it on the chin as the league standings tightened up in the second half of the Fall 2012 season. Despite only three teams changing places, leads over other teams have been significantly diminished as only ten games separate all eight teams in the league. With 28 games still left to win, it's honestly anyone's title to take.Will your favorite team make the most of these next seven weeks?

  • Hall of Fame Nominees: Fall 2012 (Oct 22nd, 2012) - The GutterAlley Hall of Fame was created to commemorate and honor those individuals that best represent the bowling league throughout its rich history. Six league luminaries have been selected to grace this season's ballot. Congratulations to David Codding, Demond Robinson, Janelle "Nellie" (Laube) Lamar, Jason Carpio, Pat Searcy, and Seth Gunderson. Now it's up to you, the bowling community, to vote for your favorites...

  • Missed it by THAT Much... (Oct 9th, 2012) - Last week, David Codding rolled a perfect game. This week, Carl Goetz fell one pin shy of joining Codding in perfection after rolling eleven strikes in a row but ending with a 299. Other bowlers around the league also had big games and huge series. What's going on with these guys...and can they share it with the rest of us?!?See that pin? Carl HATES that pin.Dive into this week's writeup...

  • Absolute Perfection (Oct 2nd, 2012) - One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Twelve strikes in a row. David Codding becomes the first person to roll a perfect game on league night. It doesn't get much better than that, folks. Actually, it cannot.

  • Rise of the Mayans (Sep 25th, 2012) - Week #5 saw some domination as three of the four matchups ended in opponents getting swept. Only one matchup was a real roller coaster thanks to an MVB performance from Teresa Deterding that ended in a 2-2 split. Five of the eight teams changed places in the league standings and two bowlers shot lights out to both surpass the highest series thrown this season so far. Hop on into this week's writeup to get the lowdown...

  • They Didn't Split It, They Hit It (Sep 11th, 2012) - Week #3 is now in the books and with it came some surprises across the league: the last place team upset the first place team; two bowlers shot over 250+ while another shot over 240; several seemingly-impossible splits were picked up; and, in the end, several games were settled by the slimmest of margins. Ahh, GutterAlley...bring me the scoop!

  • The Cream Rises (Sep 4th, 2012) - Highly volatile Week #2 reshuffled the league standings, putting six of the eight teams in a new spot. Two teams have already separated themselves from everyone else after amassing 7-1 records while four teams (yes, FOUR TEAMS!) share a record of 3-5. This season should prove to be a fun ride, as usual. Ready to see how everyone did? Of course you are...

  • Three is a Magic Number (Aug 29th, 2012) - The new season. Eight teams. 32 bowlers. Initial week results? 3-1 for four teams, 1-3 for the others. Nothing like consistency to get things started, eh?The highlight of the night, though, was seeing Rob Kaszuba receiving his surprise replacement bowling ball after a mishap over the summer that destroyed his regular ball. Thanks to everyone who pitched in on the gift!

  • Welcome to the Fall 2012 Season! (Aug 22nd, 2012) - The Fall 2012 session of the VML Bowling League kicks off on Tuesday, August 28th. We're returning to 4-man teams vying for the championship title over the course of 16 nights on the lanes. Before we get started, we wanted to welcome our newest recruits and explain what they can expect in the league...

  • NEW FEATURE: The Over/Under Factor (Nov 23rd, 2011) -

  • Happy Holidays! (Dec 15th, 2010) - The Fall 2010 bowling season officially came to a conclusion Tuesday night with the disbursement of the prize fund and individual awards. The final results of the season favorite awards were also announced. Congratulations to all of the winners!The next session of the league will begin on Tuesday, January 25th. Hope to see you there!

  • The Kansas City 49ers (Dec 7th, 2010) - The 22nd session of the VML Bowling League has come to a close with 3/4ths of last season's title winners repeating as champions. A late surge by Ground Zero Mosque in the Finals managed to propel them into 2nd place while this week's Most Valuable Bowler rolled his highest game ever to cap off the evening.Ready to find out how everyone did in the Finals? Good. Let's light this candle, then...

  • It's a Wrap! Finals Next Week (Nov 30th, 2010) - This season's powerhouse team proved to be the Pin Pricks as they clinched the title one week before the Finals. Congratulations to Ian Goetz, Carl Goetz, David Codding and Ken M. Wilson for winning the 2010 Fall season of the VML Bowling League. While the rest of the league spread themselves out quite a bit on the second to last week of bowling, the teams in 2nd and 3rd place end up with a mere half of a game separating one another.The season's individual achievements reached an ending as well with eight bowlers lined up to receive additional money in their envelopes at the end of the season. Want to find out who garnered the extra green? Read on...

  • Serving Up Turkeys (Nov 23rd, 2010) - On a week where it is customary to give thanks for what we have, the teams of the VML Bowling League thanked one another by handing out turkeys -- either in the form of three strikes in a row or handing out victories to their opponents. The top three teams in the league have an opportunity over these two final weeks to move into the all-time record books for compiling some of the best win percentages in league history. Can they all three make it or will they stumble? We'll know in two weeks when the Fall season comes to a close.

  • Go For It (Nov 16th, 2010) - Week 13 saw the largest shakeup in the league standings in quite some time with three teams swapping places after all was said and done. Bowl Movement, after last week's set back, got right back on the horse and galloped up from 6th to 4th place with their sights on climbing even higher before the season ends. With the Finals just a mere three weeks away on December 7th, will they continue their meteoric rise or will the teams ahead of them in the standings hold onto their respective spots? Only time will tell...

  • The Mighty Mosques (Nov 2nd, 2010) - As the league moves into the month of November, there is still little movement in the league standings. However, the distance between the teams is radically changing. The first place team continues to distance themselves from the rest of the pack while the rest of the league tightens up around the middle. For the second week in a row, third place Ground Zero Mosque gains ground in the standings as they inch closer to overtaking 2nd place No Pinheads. With only five weeks remaining until the Finals, will these same teams remain in their respective spots or will there be a shakeup? Only time will tell...

  • She Gives Me Vict'ries When I'm In Need (Oct 19th, 2010) - As the season's schedule restarts itself, each team faced a familiar opponent. Barring the outcome of the post-bowling matchup between the Pin Pricks and Feed the Monkey, every team that rolled Tuesday night met with radically different results than their initial meeting back in August. Despite the wins and losses, only had two teams swapped places in the league standings.Ready to see how everyone did? Read on...

  • Slowly Chipping Away (Sep 28th, 2010) - Having led the league since Week #2, the bowlers of No Pinheads found their lead cut down to a single game after narrowly taking a 3-1 victory over Bowl Movement this week. A two pin victory in Game #2 keeps them atop of the league standings...but with three other teams within striking distance of over taking the #1 spot, can they hold onto it long enough to win the title?Find out how everyone did in Week #6...

  • Ups and Downs, Ins and Outs (Sep 7th, 2010) - During Week #3, some things stayed the same – No Pinheads still remain the team to beat – while some thing radically changed. After a forgettable Week #2, one bowler managed to completely reverse his team's fortunes with a powerful performance to earn this week's MVB nod while pushing them into third place. On the flip side, Feed the Monkey and Ground Zero Mosque took a brutal beating at the hands of their competitors. Want the full scoop? Read on...

  • Movin’ On Up (Aug 31st, 2010) - With two weeks of bowling in the books, the teams of the VML Bowling League have once again played musical chairs in the standings. The members of No Pinheads have pushed themselves above the rest of the heap with an impressive 7-1 record while other teams in the league continue to find their team chemistry. The second week of the league is always a tumultuous one as bowlers adjust to their Week #1 averages and typically bowl way over or way under their scores from seven days before. Who brought the power on this particular Tuesday? Well, read on...

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