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Kiernan Takes Over the Crown

Posted by Ken September 18, 2012 Fall 2012, Week 4 View Score Sheets

In 1986, The Rolling Stones released a single called "Harlem Shuffle". Well, on Tuesday night, the GutterAlley bowling league released their own shuffle single as all but two teams shifted around in the standings. To top it off, the fourth 250+ game has been rolled this season – and it's only Week #4! Ready to get the lowdown? So are we...After missing the first three weeks of the season, Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends' very own Seth Gunderson finally made his debut this season in a big way. Leading his team with a 568 series, Gunderson – along with this week's Most Valuable Bowler performance by teammate Andy McLeod – The Belt pulled off a 3-1 matchup against opponents Mayan Apocalypse. Pat Searcy put up the best series for the Mayans with his 566 which was just in time to pull off an upset in Game a mere three pins. With the wins, The Belt moved up one spot into 2nd while the Apocalypse remain in 7th place. No doubt about it, Steve Kiernan had a big night. With the highest series of the night across the entire league – a 597 – Steve gave his Pocket Pounders a 3-1 matchup win over opponents Ballz Out. After a 3-pin victory by the Ballz in Game #2, compliments of a 439 series out of sub Bryan Mohr, Kiernan caught fire. Putting up a new season high game with his 259, Kiernan's heroics pushed the Pounders up one spot into 3rd while Ballz Out remains in 8th place.Long-time rivals FTOP met up with reigning champs Turkey Hunters for the first time this season down on Lanes 45 & 46. Earlier in the day, FTOP's lead off roller John Boren predicted that his team would come away with a clean sweep. Boren's call was spot on as he lead his team with a 590 series to a 4-0 win to reclaim first place. The Hunters, led by anchor Aubrey Moren and his 521 series, plummet three spots down into 4th place.Something is in the water with Split It and Hit It. In a repeat of their outcome of last week, Split It dropped Game #1 – this time to opponents Sexual Chocolate – before coming to life and taking every game after that. With anchor Dennis Blake's 499 series leading the charge and this week's #1 Power Ranked bowler Matt Bunyard adding to the damage, the men of Split It came back in a big way to end the night with a 3-1 matchup win. Teresa Deterding led Sexual Chocolate with her 440 series but it was only enough to secure a single victory. With the wins, Split It & Hit It climb one spot into 5th while Sexual Chocolate drops the mic and exits the stage in 6th place.Only four bowlers graced the halls of The 200 Club this week: John Boren (210, 202), Pat Search (210), Seth Gunderson (203, 203), and Steve Kiernan (259).The first week's results for this season's Tournament of Champions are in. Division #1 starts off being led by John Boren with 3 points with Carl Goetz just behind him with 1 point. Division #2 was handily won by Seth Gunderson (6 points) while Phil Schroeder and Jonathan Vigliaturo both start out with a point apiece. Matt Bunyard dominated Division #3 to win all 6 points while Andy McLeod trails him with 3 points. Division #4 finds teammates Teresa Deterding (6 points) and Jake Parrott (3 points) sharing first and second, respectively.Nominations for this season's induction into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame are now open. Get in there and make your picks now!See you next Tuesday!


Andy McLeod
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Matt Bunyard
Runner Up:
Andy McLeod


Matt Bunyard
Runner Up:
John Boren

"Kiernan shot a 259? Huh. Did you know that the iPhone 5 still doesn't have global LTE or NFC?!?"

Jason Carpio, while staying at home on Facebook rather than bowling.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 FTOP 12-4 .750 8,877 +1
2 Bobby Belt and the Facebook Friends 10-6 .625 7,506 +1
3 Pocket Pounders 9-7 .563 8,217 +1
4 Turkey Hunters 9-7 .563 8,033 -3
5 Split It and Hit It 8-8 .500 6,480 +1
6 Sexual Chocolate 6-10 .375 6,719 -1
7 Mayan Apocalypse 5-11 .313 7,934 n/a
8 Ballz Out 5-11 .313 5,272 n/a
Top Individual Achievements for Week 4
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Steve Kiernan - 597
John Boren - 590
Seth Gunderson - 568
Pat Searcy - 566
Ken Wilson - 561
Freda Schroeder - 476
Teresa Deterding - 440
Anita Osthoff - 367
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Matt Bunyard - 671
Andy McLeod - 649
John Boren - 642
Steve Kiernan - 640
Dennis Blake - 604
Teresa Deterding - 632
Freda Schroeder - 584
Anita Osthoff - 539
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Steve Kiernan - 259
Pat Searcy - 210
John Boren - 210 (t)
Seth Gunderson - 203
Jonathan Vigliaturo - 198
Aubrey Moren - 197
Freda Schroeder - 164
Teresa Deterding - 160
Anita Osthoff - 126
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Steve Kiernan - 273
Matt Bunyard - 238
Jake Parrott - 238 (t)
Andy McLeod - 237
Dennis Blake - 228
John Boren - 227
Teresa Deterding - 224
Freda Schroeder - 200
Anita Osthoff - 183
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
Steve Kiernan - 77
Jake Parrott - 53
Matt Bunyard - 53 (t)
Andy McLeod - 51
Dave Winger - 40
Dennis Blake - 37
Teresa Deterding - 40
Freda Schroeder - 9

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