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Steve Kiernan
Career High Game:259MVBs:   4
Spring 2019 Season
Career High Series:   706#1 Power Rankings:   0
Titles Won:0#1 Head-to-Head:   1
Debut:Spring 2006
ToC Champ:0 (0 2nd)
Steve has not bowled this season. Steve bowled most recently in the Spring 2013 season.

Steve Kiernan made his league debut in the Spring 2006 season.

Having rolled 126 games over the course of 4 seasons in his GutterAlley career, Kiernan carries a lifetime average of 183.

To date, Steve's highest game shot in league was a 259 bowled in Game #3 during Week #4 of the Fall 2012 session and his highest series in league was the 706 he rolled in Week #9 during the Spring 2013 season.

He has been named the Most Valuable Bowler 0 time(s) and the runner-up 4 time(s).

Steve has bowled for:
  -Spring 2013: Dragon Balls   (Avg: N/A)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2012: Pocket Pounders   (Avg: 190)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2007: Dios Mios   (Avg: 174)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2007: T.B.D.   (Avg: 181)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2006: Bowl Movement   (Avg: 180)   (My profile for this team)


Steve has unlocked the following Spring 2019 achievements...

A listing (from most current to furthest back) of any write-up posts in which Steve has been mentioned:
  • Open Letter from Ken: Pat Searcy for the Hall of Fame... (Sep 9th, 2013) -

  • Spring 2013: And the winner is... (May 22nd, 2013) - The Spring 2013 Fun Night closed out the season with an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the individual achievements, season favorites, and the newest addition to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame...

  • The 11th Frame Week 14, Spring 2013 (May 6th, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame - Week 9, Spring 2013 (Mar 28th, 2013) -

  • Hes Baaaaaaaaaaaack! (Mar 26th, 2013) - What do you get when you cross Steve Kiernan and a 2+ month absence from the bowling league? Why, a 700+ series...that's what! The impressive output from Steve keeps the team he subbed for firmly in first place while only one team in the league managed to find themselves upward bound in the first week of GutterAlley action after last week's position round. Ready to see how the rest of the league stacked up? Hop to it, then...

  • Fall 2012: And the winner is... (Dec 18th, 2012) - Mr. 300 himself – David Codding – was named this season's inductee into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame, becoming the 7th bowler to enter as the Fall 2012 season officially came to an end Tuesday night. Prize money was handed out to everyone during the semi-annual Fun Night. The winners for the individual achievements as well as the top picks for the season favorites were announced as the gang enjoyed a round of 9-pin tap and the various traditional trick shot challenges.

  • The Walking Ahead (Oct 30th, 2012) - On Devil's Night, mischief took place across the lanes as Week #10 made its way into the record books. Thirteen people raised their averages while the league standings continue to tighten up with the possibility of other teams overtaking the coveted first place spot. Ready to find out how it all went down? Let's go trick or treating, then.

  • Position Round Repositionings (Oct 16th, 2012) - With only two teams staying put, every other team found itself in a new spot on the league standings after the position round. Huge games and series were recorded across the board in what was probably the highest scoring midway point of any season in league history. Even Hall of Famer Scott "Scooter J" Murdock shot his first 600+ series. What in the hell are they putting in the beer on Tuesday nights?!?Ready to get the full recap? You know what to do.

  • Absolute Perfection (Oct 2nd, 2012) - One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Twelve strikes in a row. David Codding becomes the first person to roll a perfect game on league night. It doesn't get much better than that, folks. Actually, it cannot.

  • Rise of the Mayans (Sep 25th, 2012) - Week #5 saw some domination as three of the four matchups ended in opponents getting swept. Only one matchup was a real roller coaster thanks to an MVB performance from Teresa Deterding that ended in a 2-2 split. Five of the eight teams changed places in the league standings and two bowlers shot lights out to both surpass the highest series thrown this season so far. Hop on into this week's writeup to get the lowdown...

  • Kiernan Takes Over the Crown (Sep 18th, 2012) - When you have eight teams on a roster, you don't expect 75% of them to swap places on a single Tuesday. Well, Week #4 was that week. The highlight of the night, however, was Steve Kiernan throwing a 259 in Game #3 to take over the highest game thrown all season.

  • Three is a Magic Number (Aug 29th, 2012) - The new season. Eight teams. 32 bowlers. Initial week results? 3-1 for four teams, 1-3 for the others. Nothing like consistency to get things started, eh?The highlight of the night, though, was seeing Rob Kaszuba receiving his surprise replacement bowling ball after a mishap over the summer that destroyed his regular ball. Thanks to everyone who pitched in on the gift!

  • Welcome to the Fall 2012 Season! (Aug 22nd, 2012) - The Fall 2012 session of the VML Bowling League kicks off on Tuesday, August 28th. We're returning to 4-man teams vying for the championship title over the course of 16 nights on the lanes. Before we get started, we wanted to welcome our newest recruits and explain what they can expect in the league...

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