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Absolute Perfection

Posted by Ken October 2, 2012 Fall 2012, Week 6 View Score Sheets

With over 35,000 individual games rolled in our league's 13-year history, no one has ever walked away with a perfect game. That all changed Tuesday night as David Codding became the first person to string 12 consecutive strikes to walk off the lanes with a perfect 300. Here's video of the 12th strike that made league history:While Week #6 will forever be remembered as the week Codding shot a perfect game, other things did go down: several games were settled by just single digits, half the league changed places in the league standings, and the gaps in-between teams tightened up as the position round quickly approaches. After getting back on track last week with their first sweep of the season, the rollers on Mayan Apocalypse looked poised to double their number of sweeps while facing opponents Ballz Out. After taking Game #1 by a mere four pins and Game #2 by a huge margin, Game #3 seemed to be in the bag for the Mayans until all four Ballz Out bowlers rolled over average forcing a 10th frame showdown. End result? A single pin victory for the Ballz and a 3-1 matchup victory for Mayan Apocalypse. Cliff Barendsen had the highest output for Ballz Out, ending with a personal best 412 series while Pat Searcy's 600 led the way for the Mayans. Despite the wins, neither team moved from their respective positions – Mayan Apocalypse holds onto 4th while Ballz Out remains in 8th place.Typically when the predictions powered by ScooterMath™ call for the 2nd place team to drop three games to 7th place team, people scoff. But when Split It and Hit It turns it into a reality over reigning champs Turkey Hunters, you have to wonder why Scoot doesn't play the lottery. Game #1 went to Split it, 663-617. The predictions? Game #1 to Split It, 641-617. Game #2 went to the Turkey Hunters 689-632. The predictions? Turkey Hunters, 689-638. Game #3 and total pins went to Split It and Hit It, compliments of anchor Dennis Blake's 494 series and a #1 Power Ranked bowler performance from teammate Michael Smith. Game #3 was won 735-721, total pins by three. Predicted outcome? 670-642 and total pins by one. Amazing. Aubrey Moren led the Turkeys with a 553 series in the losing effort but remain in 2nd place. Split It and Hit It hop one spot up into 6th place.Sexual Chocolate had plans to take some games from the current 1st place FTOP and emphatically did just so in Game #1. With Jason Carpio leading the way with his 596 series – include a 246 to start his night off – the Chocolates easily took the first game of the matchup. FTOP, led by the man of the night David Codding and his 693 series, took Game #2 by four pins to even it at one game apiece. Game #3 ended up being the game that David Codding has chased his entire life, rolling a perfect 300 and winning the game but not by a margin large enough to overcome the total pins beat down from Game #1. The teams split the series at two games apiece. FTOP remains in first place, ahead now by a margin of four games, while Sexual Chocolate slip a spot into 7th place.Down on Lanes 47 & 48, the Pocket Pounders bounced back from their woes from last week to lay down the only sweep of the night against opponents Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends. With all four men raising their averages – led by Ryan Doll's 633 series and a Most Valuable Bowler performance from Neil Reiger – the Pounders took control early and never let any games even get close to being settled in the 10th frame. The Belt, led this week by Bill Krejci and his 527 series, just couldn't get into a rhythm and drop two spots in the league standings down into 5th place. The Pocket Pounders swap places with them and now sit in 3rd place. Bowlers telling Codding that he needs to go find The 300 Club down the street this week in The 200 Club include: Aubrey Moren (210), Carl Goetz (206), Dennis "Pops" Laube (202), Jason Carpio (246, 201), John Boren (212), Neil Rieger (206, 215), Pat Searcy (210), Ryan Doll (226, 204, 203), Seth Gunderson (204), and Steve Kiernan (213).Participants in the Tournament of Champions continue to add points to their totals. Carl Goetz continues to lead Division #1 with 7 points while John Boren and Pat Searcy chase him with 6 points. Division #2 still has Aubrey Moren out in front with 9 points but Phil Schroeder, Cory Chorpenning, and Seth Gunderson all sit three points behind him. Andy McLeod continues to crush the competition in Division #3 with his 15 points while Matt Bunyard sits in second at 6 points. Division #4 is pretty much owned by Teresa Deterding, who has won every week so far and maintains her first place perch with 18 points – Michael Smith is second with 5 points.Congratulations again to David Codding for being absolutely perfect in Game #3...a fitting game for a 300.See you next Tuesday!


Michael Smith
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Neil Rieger
Runner Up:
David Codding


Ryan Doll
Runner Up:
Steve Kiernan

"Wait a minute. Seriously?!? Now, if I shot a 300 and didn't get a 700 series I'd be absolutely ashamed. I'm serious."

Pat Searcy, upon discovering Codding ended the night with a 693 series.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 FTOP 18-6 .750 13,403 n/a
2 Turkey Hunters 14-10 .583 12,084 n/a
3 Pocket Pounders 13-11 .542 12,422 +2
4 Mayan Apocalypse 12-12 .500 12,230 n/a
5 Bobby Belt and the Facebook Friends 12-12 .500 11,550 -2
6 Split It and Hit It 11-13 .458 9,836 +1
7 Sexual Chocolate 10-14 .417 10,321 -1
8 Ballz Out 6-18 .250 7,813 n/a
Top Individual Achievements for Week 6
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
David Codding - 693
Ryan Doll - 633
Pat Searcy - 600
Steve Kiernan - 598
Jason Carpio - 596
Anita Osthoff - 479
Teresa Deterding - 419
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
David Codding - 693
Ryan Doll - 671
Neil Rieger - 667
Jason Carpio - 651
Steve Kiernan - 629
Anita Osthoff - 637
Teresa Deterding - 584
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
David Codding - 300
Jason Carpio - 246
Ryan Doll - 226
Neil Rieger - 215
Steve Kiernan - 213
Anita Osthoff - 187
Teresa Deterding - 145
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
David Codding - 300
Jason Carpio - 264
Neil Rieger - 245
Ryan Doll - 238
Dennis Laube - 230
Anita Osthoff - 239
Teresa Deterding - 200
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
David Codding - 99
Jason Carpio - 69
Neil Rieger - 53
Jake Parrott - 44
Ryan Doll - 42
Anita Osthoff - 53
Teresa Deterding - 14

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Doll can't believe he's being beaten by Eric "No. 1" Summers.

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