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Alison Radke
Career High Game:196MVBs:   9
Fall 2019 Season
Career High Series:   479#1 Power Rankings:   4
Titles Won:0#1 Head-to-Head:   0
Debut:Fall 2009
ToC Champ:1 (0 2nd)
Alison was captain of the 4th place team BDE.

This season she has been the Most Valuable Bowler 2 times and earned 0 #1 Power Ranked bowler and 0 #1 Head-to-Head bowler nods(s).

her latest scores put her in the # position for the week. Overall, she is cumulatively the # Power Ranked bowler in the league this season out of a field of 32 bowlers.

Box scores for Fall 2019

  Opponent Lanes G1 G2 G3 Series Hdcp. Avg.
Week 1 C.I.C.K. Ass 2 3&4 133 143 123 399 559 133
Week 2 (Absent)              
Week 3 Pin Is King 2 7&8 112 119 113 344 504 123
Week 4 Rear Admirals 5&6 92 131 138 361 545 122
Week 5 The James Tott Center... 9&10 (122) (122) (122) 366 553 122
Week 6 See you next Tuesday! 3&4 122 101 91 314 501 118
Week 7 Bowl Movements 7&8 190 102 132 424 620 122
Week 8 C.I.C.K. Ass 2 5&6 (122) (122) (122) 366 553 122
Week 9 C.I.C.K. Ass 2 9&10 (122) 159 111 392 579 124
Week 10 Scared Splitless 3&4 98 106 157 361 543 123
Week 11 Pin Is King 2 5&6 153 139 123 415 599 125
Week 12 Rear Admirals 19&20 167 138 119 424 604 127
Week 13 The James Tott Center... 5&6 131 133 134 398 573 127
Week 14 See you next Tuesday! 9&10 114 146 142 402 577 128
Week 15 Bowl Movements 3&4 146 136 134 416 588 129
Week 16 C.I.C.K. Ass 2 19&20 (129) (129) (129) 387 557 129
TOTALS 1953 1926 1890 5769 8455 129

Alison Radke made her league debut in the Fall 2009 season.

Having rolled 342 games over the course of 9 seasons in her GutterAlley career, Radke carries a lifetime average of 126.

To date, Alison's highest game shot in league was a 196 bowled in Game #2 during Week #2 of the Spring 2019 session and her highest series in league was the 479 she rolled in Week #16 during the Fall 2011 season.

She has been named the Most Valuable Bowler 4 time(s) and the runner-up 3 time(s).

Alison has bowled for:
  -Fall 2019: BDE   (Avg: 129)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2019: BDE   (Avg: 140)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2018: BDE   (Avg: 125)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2017: Bowl Yer Ballz Off   (Avg: 128)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2015: Ballz Out   (Avg: 131)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2014: Ballz Out   (Avg: 127)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2011: Kitten Mittons   (Avg: 130)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2010: Kitten Mittons   (Avg: 112)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2009: BOWLSH!T   (Avg: 112)   (My profile for this team)


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A listing (from most current to furthest back) of any write-up posts in which Alison has been mentioned:
  • Spring 2020 Coronalicious Recap (May 4th, 2020) - Though we began this season right as the very first coronavirus quarantine went into place (in Wuhan), there were some other things that happened during our bowling season you probably forgot all about. Such as (in no particular order): League legend Pat Searcy passed after a 2-year battle with cancer. Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Wildfires in Australian. Mass anti-US protests in Iraq. Kobe Bryant died. Brexit. The brink of war with Iran. The Chiefs won the Superbowl. We had a parade.

  • Fall 2019 Recap (Jan 4th, 2020) -

  • They're Back! (Nov 27th, 2019) - Despite it not being the most likely of the three possible outcomes tonight, See you next Tuesday! managed to clinch the championship a week early! Though it's been a few seasons since we last saw them on top, this makes the third title for this specific team. This is also the third title for Nick Kinney, the fourth for Aaron Barber, the seventh for Jonathan Vigliaturo, and then... twelfth... for Seth Gunderson. Congrats, guys!

  • Sweepage! (Nov 19th, 2019) - As the Fall 2019 season draws closer to its conclusion, a bowling session that went almost exactly as predicted saw four sets of sweeps that led to... no change in the standings except for a flip of the bottom two positions. However, three bowlers set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game. Freda Schroeder landed this week's high game for the women with a 151, and women's high series was bagged by Alison Radke with a 402. As for the men, Ben Spencer snagged this week's high game with a 235, and high series was earned by Carl Goetz with a 637. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Just Peachy (Nov 12th, 2019) - Everything is just peachy!

  • Keeping It Brief (Nov 6th, 2019) - (Scoot here... I'm taking care of a dog that just came home from surgery while also trying to get some yard work done during this window of good weather, so I'm keeping this writeup short by mostly leaving it as what the bot generated.)
    The twelfth week of Fall 2019 saw two teams climb in the standings, while two teams slipped. One bowler set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game. Alison Radke picked up this week's high game (167) and series (424) for the women, while Michael Gordon earned this week's high game (242) and series (674) for the men. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • See You Next Tuesday for the Position Round! (Oct 1st, 2019) - By now every team has bowled each other once, so next week is the Fall 2019 position round. But enough about next week, you came here to read about this week. The seventh week saw one team climb in the standings, while one team slipped. Alison Radke landed this week's high game for the women with a 190, and women's high series was bagged by Mary Clarke with a 469. As for the men, Carl Goetz and Seth Gunderson both tied for this week's high game with a 246, and high series was earned by Matthew Taylor with a 654. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Spring 2019 Recap (May 15th, 2019) -

  • The Bowler Vortex (Jan 29th, 2019) - As the nation prepared to plunge into the harsh abyss of arctic doom, the second week of Spring 2019 saw five teams climb in the standings, while five teams slipped and one remained frozen in place. Two bowlers roll a new personal best game. Alison Radke landed this week's high game for the women with a 196, and women's high series was bagged by Monica Hufford with a 461. As for the men, Russell Bingham snagged this week's high game with a 236, and high series was earned by Seth Gunderson with a 620. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Fall 2018 Recap (Dec 13th, 2018) -

  • Almost A Clean Sweep (Nov 13th, 2018) - This topsy-turvy season continues to get screwier and screwier, as four sweeps and a near sweep continued to stir up the standings. Once in 7th place, BDE this week pulled ahead of the two-time defending champions and found themselves tied for third place. Meanwhile rookie team Teeby Dee, who spent most of the season lingering near the bottom of the standings, suddenly finds a winning record within quick reach and is still mathematically a contender for the trophy. These two teams face each other next week, so this will be the game to watch as the outcome could be BDE moving cleanly into third place or TBD attaining a positive win record.

  • Hitting A Wall (Oct 9th, 2018) - We are now halfway through the Fall 2018 season, and the league seems to have hit a brick wall. Other than a tit-for-tat between BDE and We Don't Give A Split, no teams were able to budge in the standings with just a week to go before Position Round.

  • Fall 2017 Recap (Dec 13th, 2017) - 36 seasons of bowling are now behind us, and while we didn't set much in the way of records, having 10 teams brought us some new twists and turns and the largest pool of prize money (just shy of $2200) we have seen in quite some time!

  • Holy NotContra, Batman! (Nov 28th, 2017) - With the last regular night of bowling in the history books, the remote possibility of the season ending in a three-way tie has faded away. Instead, next week Holy Sandbaggers, Batman! will attempt to protect their cherished first-place position from their only remaining challenger: NotContra.

  • Our Best Season Ever is History! (May 19th, 2015) -

  • Freda Finishes... First? (May 5th, 2015) - The championship ends the season wit the thinnest of win margins, the team that waS in last place most of the season opts to forfeit to regain their status, and an unlikely team was the first done bowling.

  • The League is Stuck! (Apr 21st, 2015) - Two weeks in a row have produced stagnant standings, but a record was shattered anyway!

  • A New King is Crowned (Dec 10th, 2014) - Sixteen weeks ago 32-bowlers on 8 different teams started out all with the same record of zero wins and zero losses, scheduled to do battle with one another at least twice. Tuesday night saw the end results of those slugfests with the men of the brashly named 921+ walking away as the champions of the Fall 2014 season of GutterAlley action.Find out how the Finals went...

  • Welcome to the Fall 2014 Season! (Aug 26th, 2014) -

  • And the winner is... (Dec 21st, 2011) - Carl Goetz became the 5th bowler to be inducted into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame on Tuesday, capping off the Fall 2011 Fun Night. The winners of the Season Favorites were also announced along with the other various season-ending awards. Ready to find out who all was chosen? Read on, then, dammit!

  • The Big Finish (Dec 13th, 2011) - What a whirlwind finish to the Fall 2011 season – Ryan Doll shoots a 700+ series, 5 out of the eight teams swapped places in the league standings, and several people rolled their all time personal best games and series including this week's Most Valuable Bowler Eric Summers. Not a bad way to end it all, eh?

  • The Lad and the Legend (Nov 8th, 2011) - Nine different bowlers hoisted games in the 200+ range Tuesday night but, despite the heavy hittings of the pins, only two teams managed to swap places in the league standings. Despite the moves, the gaps in-between teams have shrunk setting the stage for a fun final month of the Fall 2011 season. Can league leaders No Pinheads hold onto first place for the remainder of the season? Only time will tell.And who the hell let Pat Searcy into NKC Pro Bowl?!? Find out why in this week's update...

  • Maintaining the Status Quo (Nov 2nd, 2011) - Week #10 had big games...big series...big wins. And yet, hardly anything changed in the league standings. With the Finals a mere six weeks away, if someone plans to challenge the current standings leaders they best make their move soon before it's too late.

  • Fall 2011: Time to Pick Teams! (Aug 4th, 2011) -

  • Fall Recruitment (Jul 29th, 2011) - Starting back on August 23rd, the twenty-fourth season of the VML Bowling League will get underway. There are 32 spots that need to be filled and we're cruising right along. Interested in either being on the list or seeing who has already signed up? Check it out...

  • Happy Holidays! (Dec 15th, 2010) - The Fall 2010 bowling season officially came to a conclusion Tuesday night with the disbursement of the prize fund and individual awards. The final results of the season favorite awards were also announced. Congratulations to all of the winners!The next session of the league will begin on Tuesday, January 25th. Hope to see you there!

  • It's a Wrap! Finals Next Week (Nov 30th, 2010) - This season's powerhouse team proved to be the Pin Pricks as they clinched the title one week before the Finals. Congratulations to Ian Goetz, Carl Goetz, David Codding and Ken M. Wilson for winning the 2010 Fall season of the VML Bowling League. While the rest of the league spread themselves out quite a bit on the second to last week of bowling, the teams in 2nd and 3rd place end up with a mere half of a game separating one another.The season's individual achievements reached an ending as well with eight bowlers lined up to receive additional money in their envelopes at the end of the season. Want to find out who garnered the extra green? Read on...

  • The Mighty Mosques (Nov 2nd, 2010) - As the league moves into the month of November, there is still little movement in the league standings. However, the distance between the teams is radically changing. The first place team continues to distance themselves from the rest of the pack while the rest of the league tightens up around the middle. For the second week in a row, third place Ground Zero Mosque gains ground in the standings as they inch closer to overtaking 2nd place No Pinheads. With only five weeks remaining until the Finals, will these same teams remain in their respective spots or will there be a shakeup? Only time will tell...

  • Can They Be Stopped? (Sep 14th, 2010) - One month into the bowling league and the members of No Pinheads are definitely kicking ass and taking names. With an 11-game winning streak under their belts at the moment, the team continues to distance themselves from the rest of the pack. However, the teams beneath them continue to battle it out in an effort to derail their championship efforts. Case in point? An unlikely bowler brought her A game this week while securing Most Valuable Bowler honors and derailing the reigning champions from inching within striking distance of the current league leaders...

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