Top 25 Best Female Bowlers 

While the league has been, to quote Bill Riley, more or less "a sausage fest" since its inception, many members of the opposite sex have graced the lanes of GutterAlley since the very beginning. We've decided to showcase the best of the best in this list, determining the rankings by selecting each bowler’s best season-ending average.*

Here are the Top 25 Female Bowlers of All Time:

Top 25 Female Bowlers of All Time
Rank Bowler Average Total Pins Season
1. Angela Bradford 174 8375 Spring 2015
2. Freda Schroeder 167 8056 Spring 2010
3. Anita Osthoff 166 6973 Fall 2013
4. Kathy Smith 162 7812 Fall 2000
5. Jennifer Seefeldt 150 5857 Fall 2007
6. Teresa Deterding 144 5616 Spring 2014
7. Andrea Caudillo 143 5610 Fall 2009
8. Janelle (Laube) Lamar 141 6794 Spring 2003
9. Jessica Thomas 141 5101 Fall 2010
10. Sarah Sauer 138 4565 Spring 2010
11. Deena Slinkard 136 5323 Spring 2007
12. Tanya Collins 134 5651 Fall 2000
13. Andee Weinfurt 134 4839 Spring 2004
14. Carrie Payne 133 5207 Fall 2000
15. Chelsie Finger 131 5502 Fall 2015
16. Alison Radke 131 4741 Spring 2015
17. Kathy Labonte 131 4722 Fall 2000
18. Sara Bryant 128 4245 Spring 2007
19. Tracy Rychlewski 126 6095 Spring 2006
20. Shannon Myers 125 5632 Spring 2003
21. Kelly Minihan 125 5276 Spring 2009
22. Amanda Schulte 125 5258 Spring 2005
23. Michelle Shoemaker 125 5257 Spring 2016
24. Ashley Razak 124 5601 Spring 2005
25. Michelle Tollefson 123 4830 Spring 2003

* This way, bowlers who have only completed a single season are just as eligible for the list as someone who has bowled 20+. The only stipulation is that a bowler must have rolled 11 of the 16 weeks for their average to be eligible for inclusion. In the event of a tie, totals pins were used to break it.

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