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Scoring system beta test results

Posted by ScooterJ September 29, 2021

It was great seeing all three scoring tablets work for all three games last night! What follows are the results of last night's tests and the plans for future updates.


  1. There were some issues initially getting the score system to advance to the next ball after a pinfall button was pressed, but I was unable to figure out a pattern. This seemed to resove itself later but if anyone has any helpful comments on this item let me know.
  2. The handicap computation wass rounding up instead of down.
  3. If a score correction was made on the 10th frame, the dropdown for the third ball was getting recalibrated by the score entered for the second ball instead of always showing 0-10.
  4. The left and right ends of the scoreboard screen were cut off. (Fixed on-site at the end of the night.)
  5. The scoreboard failed to automatically load Game 2 for lanes 1 & 2.



  • Tablet: Add the ability to enter a sub without Scoot intervention
  • Tablet and Scoreboard: Add a Recap screen after the end of the third game
  • Tablet and Scoreboard: Automatically calculate handicap for the recap when a new bowler is setting an average.
  • Scoreboard: Add the name of the current bowler up on each team.
  • Scoreboard: Add a color indicator to show the current active frame or bowler
  • Scoreboard: Add a "Game Over" indicator
  • Tablet: Run a test to see if they will hold a charge for 3 hours of scoring use, hoping to be able to ditch the awkward external batteries.

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