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Hall of Fame Nominees: Fall 2012

Posted by Ken October 22, 2012 Fall 2012

Kicking off in the Spring 2011 season, our bowling community collectively cast its votes for the inaugural class of enshrinees to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame. These initial four bowlers were tasked with carrying on the Hall's enshrinement duties, promising that one new bowler would make his or her way to join them at the end of every season going forward. We are happy to say that the tradition is about to continue for a fourth time to welcome in the seventh inductee. The GutterAlley Hall of Fame Screening Committee is proud to announce the names of the six candidates up for enshrinement this season – David Codding, Demond Robinson, Janelle (Laube) Lamar, Jason Carpio, Pat Searcy, and Seth Gunderson.Each of these six bowlers, in his or her own way, has made an impact on the league over the years. It will now be up to you to cast your votes to send one person to join AB, Scoot, Freda, Ken, Carl, and – most recently – Bob in the Hall.Every member of the bowling community that has an active account on will be assessed a number of votes based upon his or her tenure within the league. Bowlers who have not yet completed a full season are ineligible to vote for the Hall of Fame candidates. Bowlers who have completed 1-2 full seasons are allowed one vote. Bowlers who have completed 3-4 season are allowed two votes. Bowlers who have completed 5+ seasons are allowed three votes. Hall of Famers are allowed four. Voters are not required to cast all of their available votes.Voting starts today and shall remain open until the week before the Finals (Week 15 - December 4th, 2012).For your convenience, we have prepared a page about each nominee so that you can get to know them better and see their influence on our league both on and off the lanes:

So what are you waiting for?!? Get in there and vote!The winner will be announced at the Fun Night on December 18th.

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  1. avatar Ken says:

    Voting for this season’s Hall of Fame inductee will be easier than ever as anyone that has ever completed at least one season in our league’s history will be able to login using their Facebook account. So get in there and cast your ballot!

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