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Rules for “Bowling Thru Time”

Posted by ScooterJ August 20, 2019 Fall 2019

For our 20th Anniversary Season we're doing a special side game that will make at least half of this season's bowlers winners!

Every week one of our past seasons will be featured in a handout provided with your scoresheet, and each team will roll (virtually) against their counterpart's opponent from that past season. Scoring is done with the standard 80% handicap, and the four teams with the best win-loss records at the end of the season will all win extra cash!

But that's not all. Each week you as an individual bowler are rolling against the past-season bowler opposite you in the lineup. Use a 100% handicap when scoring, just like in the Tournament of Champions. Earn points for each victory (or half a point for each tie). Borrowing the Tournament of Champions divisions, the top four points-earners in each division will also win extra cash! But there are a couple of caveats for the one-on-one games:

  • If you are bowling against a past version of yourself and you lose any game, one point will be deducted.

  • If your individual opponent happens to have been blind for all 3 games, the maximum points you can earn that week is 3 instead of 4.

Game Rules

  1. You don't need to worry about doing anything but bowling. We will be tracking it all for you.

  3. The season that will be featured each week will not be revealed in advance.

  5. The schedule was determined in advance before any current team numbers were assigned.

  7. Changing your bowling order does not change who your past opponent is at the individual level. Whomever is opposite you on the printed sheet each Tuesday is who you face regardless of any changes your team makes to the bowling order.

  9. In the event of any ties, the ties will be broken by an impartial method to be determined by Scott and AJ at the end of the season.

  11. Online tracking and leaderboards will begin in week 4, when the ToC divisions are known. (Until then we will be tracking on paper.)

  13. For the team vs team games, use an 80% handicap. 1 point is earned for each win, 0.5 point for each tie, for a maximum of 4 team points each week.

  15. Subs count in the team games.

  17. For the individual bowler games, use a 100% handicap against the past opponent. 1 point is earned for each win, 0.5 point for each tie, for a maximum of 4 team points each week. (Exceptions, max of 3 points if opponent is blind for all 3 games, and minus 1 point if you lose a game against your past self.)

  19. Team prizes will be paid lump sum to each winning team at the awards ceremony, it is up to your team to determine how to divide it up.

  21. Individual prizes will be paid directly to each individual at the award ceremony.

  23. This is a one-time-only game. If we ever play it again, it probably won't be until Fall 2024.

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  1. avatar Ken says:

    Soooo…does this mean that there’s even less money in the general prize fund (win record) at the end of the season?

  2. avatar ScooterJ says:


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