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We’ve Got Big Ballz

Posted by Ken November 13, 2012 Fall 2012, Week 12 View Score Sheets

Week #12 is now in the books and with it came yet another shake up in the league standings involving half the league. Four teams swapped places with one another as the Finals loom in the distance, a mere four weeks away. Two teams continue to keep themselves distanced from the rest of the league but there's always one team keeping itself just within range to strike. Is it too little too late or could their possibly be an upset? We'll know by the end of December 11th.The last time that FTOP faced reigning champions Turkey Hunters, they walked away with a clean sweep. Tuesday night started out the same way with a Game #1 victory, led by Ken M. Wilson and his 524 series, that came down to the 10th frame. Game #2 was more of the same, but by a wider margin of victory. Game #3, however, was a different story as the Turkey's Aubrey Moren – and his 536 series – provided enough to turn the tide to come away with a 10th frame victory but was unable to turn the tide for total pins. FTOP ends the night with a 3-1 matchup win and return to the top of the league standings. The Turkey Hunters drop one spot down into 5th place.Down on Lanes 43 & 44, Sexual Chocolate and Split It and Hit It battled it out to a standstill in what may be their final matchup the season. With Split It stealing Game #1 in the 10th frame, compliments of Dennis Blake and his 481 series, it was the anchorless Sexual Chocolate that fought back to even the series at a game apiece after an 8-pin victory in Game #2. Game #3 came down to the final throw with Sexual Chocolate – led by Jake Parrott's 415 series – earning a 2-pin victory...but faltering to take total pins, dropping it by only seven pins. With their two wins apiece, neither team moved at all in the standings. Split It and Hit It remains in 6th with Sexual Chocolate one game behind them in 7th place.Let's face it...when Cliff Barendsen of Ballz Out faces whichever team is the top of the heap, the man brings his A game. Raising his average five pins with his 585 series, Cliff not only earned Most Valuable Bowler and #1 Power Ranked bowler honors, he also revoked the Pocket Pounders short-lived tenure in first place. Despite a 546 series from the Pounders anchor Ryan Doll, the best they could do was a tie in Game #3 which was handed to them rather than being truly earned. Ballz Out, taking the matchup 3.5-0.5, remain in 8th place but continue to wreak havoc on the top teams in the league. The Pocket Pounders drop into 2nd place, trailing FTOP by a game and a half.The final battle of the evening pitted powerhouse teams Mayan Apocalypse and Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends against one another on the final pair of lanes in the house. The Belt, led this week by anchor Bill Krejci's 595 series, easily took Game #1. Not to be outdone, the Mayans fought back to take Game #2 led by Carl Goetz and his 538 series. A 10th frame showdown seemed inevitable as both teams had a chance to take it but it was The Belt that stepped up to overpower their opponent when it truly mattered. Splitting their matchup 2-2, Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends remain in 3rd while Mayan Apocalypse climbs to 4th place two games back.Bowlers preparing for a long final four weeks in our league in The 200 Club this week include: Anita Osthoff (212), Bill Krejci (235), Cliff Barendsen (209), Neil Reiger (200), Ryan Doll (218), Scott Murdock (212), and Seth Gunderson (211). The Tournament of Champions pushes onward, with little change across the top two spots in each division. Carl Goetz (19) and John Boren (13) still rule Division #1. Division #2 is still held by Aubrey Moren (19) and Phil Schroeder (16). Andy McLeod (22) and AJ Hofmann (16) continue to lead Division #3...but Division #4 had a swap. Cliff Barendsen (26) has finally caught Teresa Deterding (24) to take over the last division. If you haven't voted for this season's Hall of Fame nominees, shame on you. Come on, it only takes a couple of minutes to do it. If you're an undecided voter, you could always see how they all compare across a number of categories.See you next Tuesday!


Cliff Barendsen
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Cliff Barendsen
Runner Up:
Anita Osthoff


Cliff Barendsen
Runner Up:
Anita Osthoff

"Gee, I'm sure glad our anchor got that brand new ball."

Rob Kaszuba, after narrowly avoiding getting swept by the last place team by a single pin.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 FTOP 30-18 .625 26,700 +1
2 Pocket Pounders 28.5-19.5 .594 25,273 -1
3 Bobby Belt and the Facebook Friends 25-23 .521 23,906 n/a
4 Mayan Apocalypse 23-25 .479 25,055 +1
5 Turkey Hunters 23-25 .479 24,328 -1
6 Split It and Hit It 22-26 .458 20,103 n/a
7 Sexual Chocolate 21-27 .438 21,133 n/a
8 Ballz Out 19.5-28.5 .406 16,592 n/a
Top Individual Achievements for Week 12
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Bill Krejci - 595
Cliff Barendsen - 585
Ryan Doll - 546
Carl Goetz - 538
Aubrey Moren - 536
Anita Osthoff - 508
Freda Schroeder - 459
Teresa Deterding - 411
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Cliff Barendsen - 724
Bill Krejci - 619
Andy McLeod - 612
Scott Murdock - 607
Dennis Laube - 595
Anita Osthoff - 637
Freda Schroeder - 574
Teresa Deterding - 555
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Bill Krejci - 235
Ryan Doll - 218
Scott Murdock - 212
Seth Gunderson - 211
Cliff Barendsen - 209
Anita Osthoff - 212
Freda Schroeder - 170
Teresa Deterding - 147
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Cliff Barendsen - 255
Bill Krejci - 243
Scott Murdock - 242
Andy McLeod - 235
Dennis Laube - 228
Ryan Doll - 228 (t)
Anita Osthoff - 255
Freda Schroeder - 208
Teresa Deterding - 195
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
Cliff Barendsen - 67
Scott Murdock - 50
Andy McLeod - 46
Bill Krejci - 45
Dennis Laube - 36
Anita Osthoff - 66
Freda Schroeder - 18
Teresa Deterding - 7

4 Responses to “We’ve Got Big Ballz”

  1. avatar Ken says:

    Thanks for knocking Doll off his short-lived high horse, Ballz Out. Greatly appreciated.

  2. avatar Krejci says:

    “he teams flip-flopped in the league standings with the exact same record…separated only by total pins. Mayan Apocalypse takes over 4th while Bobby Belt and The Facebook Friends slip a spot down into 5th place.”

    we’re in 3rd, yo:

    1 FTOP 30-18 .625 +1
    2 Pocket Pounders 28.5-19.5 .594 -1
    3 Bobby Belt and the Facebook Friends 25-23 .521 n/a

  3. avatar Ken says:

    I need to smoke less crack. Updated!

  4. avatar ScooterJ says:

    Not only that, our two teams aren’t the pair with the exact same record. I know I have trouble recognizing people, but even I can tell the difference between you and Aubrey, JV and Phil, and Andy and Pops. (Seth vs Freda is another matter, though. ;) )

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