Hear ye, hear ye...bowling court is now in session.


a. The Bowling League shall not be sanctioned.

b. The league shall consist of 12 teams with a playing strength of 4.

c. The league will bowl on Tuesday for 17 weeks, starting on January 21, 2020 and ending on May 12, 2020.

d. Practice will start promptly at 6:20 p.m.

e. Match play will start promptly at 6:30 p.m.

f. Position rounds will be March 10 and May 5 (Finals).

g. The last week of bowling (May 12) will be a 9-pin tap fun night.


a. The amount to be paid per bowler per week will be $15.00 of which $12.50 will cover the cost of bowling & taxes, with the balance to be placed in the league treasury.

b. The last three-(3) weeks of bowling must be pre-paid by the fourteenth (14th) week of the league schedule.

c. Any team shall forfeit games if more than three (3) participating members are more than two (2) weeks behind in league fees, unless satisfactory arrangements are made with the league officers.

d. If a bowler wishes to resign, a one (1) week written notice must be given to the team captain and/or league Pres./Sec.

d1. The resigning bowler continues to be responsible for all weekly league fees until a replacement bowler is found, unless other arrangements are approved by the league President.

d2. The resigning bowler forfeits all monies to the team unless other arrangements are made with the team captain.


a. The league will give prize money to the individual High Game and High Series, both scratch and handicap, both men and women.

b. A bowler must have been present and bowled 2/3rd of the season (32 games, or 11 weeks) to qualify for the individual awards. No one bowler may receive more than one individual award or prize.

c. Scratch awards begin the first week of league, handicap awards begin after 9 games have been bowled.

d. At the end of the season each team will receive a prize payment based on the number of wins.

e. The First Place team shall receive an additional $5 per member in its prize payout.


a. At least fifty percent (50%) of the team's roster must be present by the bottom of the first frame of any game or the game and total pins will be forfeit. Vacancies that are part of the team's normal roster count toward legal lineup provided at least one real roster bowler is present.

b. Any bowler who arrives late may enter any game provided the anchor bowler of the opposing team has not completed the fifth (5th) frame. Frames missed may be made up.

c. Teams and subs can be any gender.

d. All members must bowl three consecutive games during the session in which the average is set. If a bowler fails to complete all three games on his or her first outing of the season, those scores will not be counted.


a. Subs should pay the regular fees of the bowler they replace. If the sub does not pay, the regular bowler must cover the fees upon returning.

b. No new subs/members may be used on position rounds or the last two weeks of the schedule that count. Subs need 12 games to bowl the last two weeks that count.

c. A bowler who is a current member of a team shall not substitute for another team in the same league.

d. A team must maintain the same roster throughout all three games of each series. Any bowler substitutions must be made by the bottom of the 5th frame of the first game, no exceptions.


a. The league blind will be 120 for man or woman and shall be used if a team is short a regular member.

b. If a team bowls a blind or absent team, they must bowl within 40 pins of their own teams’ average to win the game. A scratch total exactly 40 pins below the team's average shall be treated as a tie win and awarded half a a full point.


a. Handicap will be based on 80% (percent) of the difference of the bowler's average from 200 for individual awards and 80% (percent) of the difference of the two teams average for team handicap.

b. Team handicap begins the first week and is figured after three (3) games are bowled.

c. Three (3) games constitute an average.

d. A new bowler or sub coming in after the first week will figure handicap after (3) three games are bowled.

e. An unpaid bowler's average may be carried for two (2) consecutive weeks, after which time the bowler is dropped and a new bowler or league blind will be used, unless satisfactory arrangements have been made with the league officers..

f. A paid bowler's average may be carried indefinitely.


a. The four-(4) point system shall be used. One point for each game won and one point for total pins. In case of a tie, each team shall be awarded half a point.


a. In case of a playoff for the league championship or a cash position, a one game roll-off will be bowled the last night of bowling.

b. An extra complete tenth frame shall be bowled in the event of a tie at the end of the playoff series.

c. Scores bowled in playoffs shall not count toward individual awards or individual or team averages.


a. A postponement must be requested 24 hours before the scheduled time except for emergencies. The league officers will decide all emergencies.

b. The league officers must be informed in order to prevent a forfeit.

c. All postponed games are required to be made up within six (6) days of the scheduled match or before a position round.

d. Post-bowling is not permitted for the final session that counts for points (championship round), or for the session immediately preceding any position round, except in cases of extreme emergency. Pre-bowling is always permitted.

e. The team captain of any team that pre or post bowls must call 816-221-8844 to schedule a time. On completion of bowling the team captain must turn in their scores to the counter as well as notify the league officers of all scores.

f. In a post-bowling situation, league officers shall not make the scores of the match available until both teams have completed bowling.

g. No team may post-bowl more than twice in the same season.

h. Post-bowling is never permitted if at least 50% of the team (including any Vacancies) has already bowled for that week's session.


a. Though we are a non-sanctioned league, we defer to the USBC Rulebook for situations not covered by our own rules.

b. For situations that cannot be resolved by either our rules or the USBC Rulebook, the League Officers shall make a joint ruling after consulting with the captains of any and all teams directly affected by the situation.


CO-PRESIDENT : Scott Murdock - 816-509-4466

CO-PRESIDENT : AJ Hofmann - 913-660-4980

NKC PRO BOWL PHONE: (816) 221-8844



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