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Fall 2023 Recap

Posted by ScooterJ January 20, 2024 Fall 2023

Here is your Fall 2023 Recap, where you can find out who won all the individual awards plus lots more! Our next season will begin on January 23, 2024!

Before I get into the recaps, I want to first apologize for a couple of things that I also had to apologize for in the corresponding lost from the previous season. First, this post should have been made a month ago -- this winter break unexpectedly busy and time just got away. Second, I realized I still forgot to ever finish updating the Hall of Fame section of the web site. I feel much worse about this, and promise to get this corrected before the ToC begins.

Now, on with the recap. And if you missed the presentation, you can see it here on Google Docs, and if that doesn't work you can also see it as a PowerPoint or (without any animation) as a PDF.

For much of this season it was essentially anybody's to win, and even after the championship was clinched a week early the spread between the remaining teams was only 4 games. This was one of the closest seasons ever. It was Vigs Eras Tour 2023 who took first place this time, with a (39-25) record. However, the team finishes as the 179th strongest team in league history, putting it at only the 47th percentile.


Women's High Series Scratch: JoAnne Barber (476)

Women's High Game Scratch: N/A due to insufficient females)

Women's High Series Handicap: N/A due to insufficient females)

Women's High Game Handicap: N/A due to insufficient females

Men's High Series Scratch: Matthew Taylor (685)

Men's High Game Scratch: Nick Kinney (277)

Men's High Series Handicap: AJ Hofmann (711)

Men's High Game Handicap: JC Cox (266)

Nick Kinney is #1 Power ranked bowler, Chris Lenz is runner up.

Vigs Eras Tour 2023 is #1 Power ranked team, Balderdash is runner up.

Head to Head: Nick Kinney would have won 63.672% of all possible one-on-one matchups this season, Chris Lenz comes in second at 58.887%, Ben Spencer comes in third with 57.238%. Since the winner of prize money for Power Rank is ineligible for the prize money for Head to Head, Chris (2nd place) got the cash.

The Tournament of Champions was won by Chris Lenz, with Doug Lenz as runner-up.


Rookie of the Season

(Which first year bowler did the most for his or her team in their initial outing?)

  • Nobody - We had no rookies

Seth Gunderson Captain of the Season

(Which team captain provided the most leadership, dedication, and inspiration to their team?)

Carl Goetz Defensive Bowler of the Season

Which player with an average of 150 or above proved to be the strongest finisher in crucial tenth frame situations?

  • Runner Up: (Nick Kinne
  • Winner: Matthew Taylor

Ian Goetz Underdog of the Season

Bowler with an average under 150 who was the biggest spark for their team.

  • Runner Up: Doug Lenz & Ryan Sisco (tie)
  • Winner: JC Cox

Bob Brunker / Rob Kaszuba Sportsmanship Award

This award should go to the one male bowler who continually shows the best example of good sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

Emily Podhajsky / Alison Radke Sportsmanship Award

This award should go to the one female bowler who continually shows the best example of good sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

  • Runner Up: Miranda at Easy Inn
  • Winner: JoAnne Barber

Pat Searcy 'Life of the Party' Award

Named for a man whose exuberant personality made bowling nights more fun for all those around him. Given to the person who livens up Tuesday nights and brings a smile to all our faces.

Sub of the Season

The sub who did the most for the team or teams they helped

Most Valuable Bowler – People's Choice

Who did everyone think did the most for their team?

  • Runner Up: Matthew Taylor
  • Winner: Nick Kinney & JC Cox (tie)

Favorite Team to Roll Against

  • Runner Up: Glory Bowl
  • Winner: Sun Dolphins

Most Feared Team to Roll Against

  • Runner Up: Sun Dolphins
  • Winner: Balderdash


  1. Balderdash: Michael Gordon
  2. &sqrt;-1: Scott Murdock
  3. Glory Bowl: Brett Afolter
  4. DB Lenz a Hand: Doug Lenz
  5. Vigs Eras Tour 2023: Nick Kinney
  6. Sun Dolphins: Scott Thompson

ACTUAL SEASON MVB: Doug Lenz, single-handedly responsible for 8 of his team's wins. — Runners-Up: Chris Lenzs & Scott Thompson


  • Week 16's match between Sun Dolphins and √-1 saw more true splits than any other match since we started tracking splits, with 28 total. Pitifully, only 2 of them were picked up.

  • Among those who bowled this season, Dustin Schmeltz is now the best bowler to never win a championship, with Brett Affolter and Kent Harms nipping at his heels.

  • Out of the 46 recorded seasons, this was the 9th lowest-scoring and by far the lowest-scoring season we've had at St. John's. This is primarily due to the bizarre two weeks at the end of October where we all rolled so terribly that for the first time since 19 years ago we had a week with no 200s.

  • We only had 56 200+ games this season. The last time we had fewer was Fall 2020 when only 12 people bowled due to covid.

New Personal Best Games

Bowler New
Carl Mueller 172 134 Spring 2023,  wk 14
JC Cox 206 144 Spring 2023,  wk 13
Nathan Burrows 202 187 Spring 2022,  wk 12

New Personal Best Series

Bowler New
Carl Mueller 417 366 Spring 2023,  wk 14
Doug Lenz 500 487 Spring 2023,  wk 12
JC Cox 465 400 Spring 2023,  wk 15
Nathan Burrows 486 466 Spring 2023,  wk 3
Scott Thompson 549 508 Spring 2023,  wk 8

New Personal Best Average

Bowler New
Dustin Schmeltz 176 174 Spring 2017
JC Cox 128 107 Spring 2023
Scott Thompson 149 144 Spring 2023
Chris Lenz 138 132 Spring 2023
Carl Mueller 112 110 Spring 2023

AALL 2023

Doug Lenz


"Zhi shoo, ze zhoo. Yaknowhaddamean?"

Ryan Sisco, around the middle of the 3rd game in week 16.

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