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Fall 2019 Teaser

Posted by ScooterJ April 30, 2019

The Fall 2019 bowling season will be our 40th consecutive bowling season. That makes 20 years of bowling! One of you isn't even that old, and some of you were still pooping your pants when we started rolling. Some of us still are.

The past 20 years have seen (so far):

  • 414 individual bowlers rolling on 287 different teams teams
  • 4 former league members who are now bowling at the great lanes in the sky and are therefore responsible for all of today's thunder.
  • 49,668 games rolled
  • Scores ranging from 34 to 300
  • 623 manifestations of the Split Curse
  • 152 manifestations of the Cheese Stick Curse
  • 19 different ball returns kicked a total of 826 times
  • One ball thrown toward the snack bar
  • One person shoved to the ground
  • 27 instances of a bowler falling to the ground without being shoved
  • One bottle of water poured out onto the front desk in anger
  • 143 separate instances of genital-shaped bruises appearing on Scoot's legs. (All of the bruises have been rather small.)

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, there will be some special events happening this Fall!

  • Additional side games (that require no extra work by you, they will all be tracked online) that tie into the history of our league. Cash prizes to be awarded!
  • An expanded prize fund, at no increase of cost to you, to fund the prize pools for the new side games!
  • New decks of playing cards commemorating our first 20 years
  • A special celebration on October 29 (week 11, details TBD) to mark the date at which the league rolled its very first games (Oct 26, 1999)
  • More surprises to come!

Also, since some of you are nitpicky, yes we will add the "Y&R" to the league name over the summer. And also because it will be fun listening to the front counter have to read all those letters.

Fall Season Details:

  • Bowling starts on August 20
  • Barring any snow days, bowling ends on December 10
  • Cost unchanged: $15/wk, or $8/week for VML or DI (pending approval)
  • Location unchanged. No, we are not moving bowling centers. We have a good working relationship and a 38-season history with this center, and it is the only bowling center that is centrally-located for everybody. (We will work with them over the summer about the specific gripes some of you have.)

Key Dates for Fall Registration:

  • May 7: Registration begins for those who are currently bowling in the Spring 2019 league.
  • June 4: Registration begins for former league members. NOTE: We only send personal invites to those who have bowled recently and expressed interest in bowling again. All others must make contact with us.
  • July 2: Registration opens to all. Sign-ups will close when all available positions are filled, though we will maintain a waiting list for the usual last-minute drops.
  • August 13: Team names, bowling orders, and team captains are due.
  • August 20: Bowling begins!

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