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Cannon Fodder

Posted by Ken April 29, 2014 Spring 2014, Week 14 View Score Sheets

The Finals are almost upon us as Week #14 proved to be a quiet one in regards to any switches in the league standings. The league leaders, however, managed to increase their lead from a mere 1.5 games back up to 3.5 over the rest of the league as they try to wrap up the season before the big Finals showdown. Here's how it all played out...In the first matchup of the evening, reigning champs Bowltron took on opponents Split It & Hit It. With anchor Ryan Doll leading the way with a 573 series for 'tron – and ending his 200+ game consecutive streak at nine, the 8th best in league history – the guys cruised to a 4-0 sweep. Lead off roller Michael Smith led the charge for Split It, rolling a 386 series but couldn't quite get the help he needed to turn the tides. Neither team moved up or down at all with Bowltron remaining in 5th and Split It & Hit It staying put in 7th place.Lanes 43 & 44 watched a back-and-forth battle between Twerking Balls and UpgrayeDD. Taking Game #1, UpgrayeDD came away with a single pin victory led this week by Josh Robison and his 455 series. The Twerkers struck back to emphatically take Game #2 behind a shared effort by teammates Jake Parrott and AJ Hofmann, each ending their nights with a 448 series. UpgrayeDD came back to secure Game #3 in the 10th frame but failed to do enough damage to win total pins. The teams split the series 2-2. Twerking Balls continues to dance in 6th while UpgrayeDD refuses to budge from 8th place.The biggest matchup of the evening took place between league leaders Pinterest and their closest rivals in the standings, The Finger Holes. With anchor Aubrey Moren leading the way with a 550 series, the F-Holes took Game #1 before Pinterest mounted their charge. Returning fire (cannon fire?), the loudest lunkheads on the lanes stormed back behind Ian Goetz's 612 series to take Games #2 as well as a nail-biting Game #3 and ultimately wrapping up total pins in the process. The 3-1 matchup victory keeps Pinterest in 1st and The Finger Holes in 2nd place, with 3.5 games separating the two.Down on the last pair of lanes, Ken M. Wilson finally showed some signs of life with his new ball. Shooting a league leading 660 series for Mark It Zero, Wilson helped his team land a clean sweep over opponents Schwetty Balls while earning both the Most Valuable Bowler and #1 Power Ranked bowler honors. Schwetty's Bob Brunker added a team leading 545 series into the mix but couldn't pull out any wins in the process. Mark It Zero sticks to 5th while the Schwetty Balls roll around in 3rd place.The Tournament of Champions has almost run its course and currently sits like this:Division 1: Ian Goetz (29), Seth Gunderson (25)Division 2: Phil Schroeder (23), Ryan Doll/Dennis Laube (19)Division 3: Freda Schroeder/Teresa Deterding (18)Division 4: Michael Gordon (33), AJ Hofmann (15)Bowlers talking in The 200 Club about Jonathan crawling around on the lanes this week include: Aubrey Moren (223), Bob Brunker (218), Freda Schroeder (200), Ian Goetz (215, 225), Ken M. Wilson (233, 235), Rob Kaszuba (211), Ryan Doll (237), and Seth Gunderson (212).See you next Tuesday!


Ken Wilson
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Ken Wilson
Runner Up:
Ian Goetz


Ken M. Wilson
Runner Up:
Angela Bradford

"I'm anal, but I'm easy."

Bryan Bay, after being asked about his bowling shoes.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 Pinterest 40.5-15.5 .723 29,858 n/a
2 The Finger Holes 37-19 .661 28,904 n/a
3 Schwetty Balls 34-22 .607 26,736 n/a
4 Bowltron 29-27 .518 29,340 n/a
5 Mark It Zero 28-28 .500 30,173 n/a
6 Twerking Balls 21.5-34.5 .384 23,273 n/a
7 Split It & Hit It 18-38 .321 24,040 n/a
8 UpgrayeDD 16-40 .286 21,104 n/a
Top Individual Achievements for Week 14
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Ken Wilson - 660
Ian Goetz - 612
Kody Karnes - 586
Seth Gunderson - 577
Ryan Doll - 573
Angela Bradford - 543
Freda Schroeder - 513
Anita Osthoff - 468
Sabrina Gray - 364
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Ken Wilson - 684
Ian Goetz - 633
AJ Hofmann - 611
Phil Schroeder - 611 (t)
Andy McLeod - 607
Jonathan Vigliaturo - 605
Angela Bradford - 624
Freda Schroeder - 613
Anita Osthoff - 566
Sabrina Gray - 534
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Ryan Doll - 237
Ken Wilson - 235
Ian Goetz - 225
Aubrey Moren - 223
Bob Brunker - 218
Freda Schroeder - 200
Anita Osthoff - 187
Angela Bradford - 183
Sabrina Gray - 136
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Ryan Doll - 245
Ken Wilson - 243
Rob Kaszuba - 240
Bob Brunker - 235
Ian Goetz - 232
Freda Schroeder - 233
Anita Osthoff - 219
Angela Bradford - 210
Sabrina Gray - 192
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
Rob Kaszuba - 48
Ryan Doll - 47
Ken Wilson - 45
Bob Brunker - 40
Bryan Mohr - 39
Freda Schroeder - 42
Anita Osthoff - 28
Angela Bradford - 17
Sabrina Gray - 7

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