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Fall 2013: And the winner is…

Posted by Ken December 11, 2013 Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 season came to an official conclusion on Tuesday night, complete with prize disbursement and the announcement of the various season-ending awards.Truth be told, this was an odd season as compared to our last one. There weren't any really incredible games this time around. Hardly any big series were thrown. No one went on a lengthy win streak tear nor did anyone shatter any long-standing records (well, no positive ones anyway). The following are bowlers that shot their all-time bests:Highest game?Bryan Mohr, Chadwick Andrews, Dennis Blake, Eric Lynch, Kody Karnes, and Matt BunyardHighest series?Bryan Mohr, Chadwick Andrews, Matt BunyardHighest season-ending average?Seth Gunderson, Greg Middleton, Jonathan Vigliaturo, Sarah Lynch, Anita Osthoff, Dennis Blake, Matt Bunyard, Bryan MohrWe looked and looked for any great new additions to the Top 25 lists but could only find one golden nugget across all of them – with their season-ending averages, Hall of Famer Seth Gunderson has moved up to be the 22nd best bowler of all time while Dennis Blake debuts on the list in the 24th spot.The biggest individual achievements for the season came out as follows:Angela Bradford Women's High Series Scratch = Angela Bradford (572)Freda Schroeder Women's High Game Scratch = Anita Osthoff (210)Women's High Series Handicap = Freda Schroeder (687)Women's High Game Handicap = Sarah Lynch (206)Women's Pins Over Average = Freda Schroeder (+50)Women's Most Improved Bowler = Freda Schroeder (+13)Don Glasscock Men's High Series Scratch = Ryan Doll (697)David Codding Men's High Game Scratch = Kody Karnes (267)Men's High Series Handicap = Chadwick Andrews (719)Men's High Game Handicap = Dennis Blake (273)Men's Pins Over Average = Ryan Doll (+98)Men's Most Improved Bowler = Chadwick Andrews / Bryan Mohr (+24)The results of the Season Favorites were announced at the Tuesday night meeting:Rookie of the Season - Chadwick Andrews (Adam LaRocca, runner-up)Seth Gunderson Captain of the Season - Ryan Doll (Seth Gunderson, runner-up)Carl Goetz Defensive Bowler of the Season - Dennis Blake (John Boren, runner-up)Underdog of the Season - Chadwick Andrews (Matt Bunyard, runner-up)Bob Brunker Good Sportsmanship Award - Rob Kaszuba (Kody Karnes, runner-up)Emily Podhajsky Good Sportsmanship Award - Anita Osthoff (Sarah Lynch, runner-up)Pat Searcy Life of the Party - Jonathan Vigliaturo/Cliff Barendsen (Seth Gunderson, runner-up)Most Fun Team to Face - Split It & Hit It (Bewbie Dance, runner-up)Most Feared Team to Face - Breaking Bad (Bewbie Dance, runner-up)People's Choice: Most Valuable Bowler - Bryan Mohr (John Boren, runner-up)Actual individual team MVBs:Ballz Out = Chadwick AndrewsBewbie Dance = Angela Bradford / Jonathan VigliaturoBreaking Bad = Kody KarnesBowltron = Bryan MohrEven Brunker Than Defore = Eric LynchGutterfingers = Scott MurdockSplit It & Hit It = Dennis BlakeWill Strike if Provoked = Freda Schroeder / Aubrey MorenActual: Most Valuable Bowler - Dennis Blake (Eric Lynch)Cumulative #1 Power Ranked Bowler: Kody Karnes (Dennis Blake)The Tournament of Champions was won by Chadwick Andrews when he beat runner-up Ryan Doll scratch...with a house ball. As this season's champ, Chadwick received an additional $42 in his prize envelope. Doll received $22 for second place. Prize money was handed out for the teams based upon wins:1. Bowltron (44-20)2. Bewbie Dance (39-25)3. Split It and Hit It (38-26)4. Will Strike if Provoked (35-29)5. Ballz Out (30.5-33.5)6. Breaking Bad (29-35)7. Gutterfingers (26.5-37.5)8. Even Brunker Than Defore (14-50)Dave Winger announced his retirement from the league so a special award was created for a league staple that has been a part of GutterAlley for 12 seasons (8 as a regular member, 4 as a sub). Going forward, one bowler from the league's past will be chosen by the Hall of Famers to be the recipient of the Dave Winger "Gone But Not Forgotten" Award. Naturally, Winger was the first recipient of the award bearing his name. And lastly, Pat Searcy was officially inducted into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame after being selected over Bill Krejci, Cory Chorpenning, Demond Robinson, Jason Carpio, and Ryan Doll by the voters of the bowling community.Congratulations to all of the winners this season!

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Searcy tries to find the pair that Ian claims he's grown.

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