Look At Some Cute Things While Reading About Bowling

Fall 2016, Week 12 Posted by ScooterJ On November 9, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Scoot tried several times last night to get this write-up going, and even had various sets of images already loaded up to go with a theme for either way the election went. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it, and decided that what this nation needs now more than anything else is a bowling recap to help us heal. (more...)  Read More →

No Change

Fall 2016, Week 11 Posted by ScooterJ On November 1, 2016ADD COMMENTS

You'd think that with new bowlers continuing to be introduced 11 weeks into the season, that we'd see some changes in the standings. But nope, not this week, every team stayed exactly where they were! (more...)  Read More →


Fall 2016, Week 10 Posted by ScooterJ On October 25, 2016ADD COMMENTS

You'd think we wouldn't be welcoming a new bowler into the league in Week 10, but hey, this is the Fall 2016 season so anything goes. And, in typical Fall 2016 season, the team he was going to bowl on didn't show up. But that's okay, he got to kick ass for another team instead. (more...)  Read More →

Pops Tops Pins

Fall 2016, Week 9 Posted by ScooterJ On October 18, 2016ADD COMMENTS

We begin the second half with no movement in the standings, at least not so far. However the matchup between the top two teams can't be reported until the alphabet team post-bowls on Monday. (more...)  Read More →

Halfway Done!

Fall 2016, Week 8 Posted by ScooterJ On October 11, 2016ADD COMMENTS

It's on. Despite all the sickness and injuries and disappearing team members, our league came back to form in a big way this week. This week was our league's strongest showing since April 19 and the second-strongest performance we've seen so far in 2016. We had more 200+ game tonight (14) than we've seen in any week so far this season. The season is now halfway over, and while last season's champions remain in the lead, a challenger is finally emerging who is chipping away at their lead. (more...)  Read More →

A Fractured League Enters Midseason

Fall 2016, Week 7 Posted by ScooterJ On October 4, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Our decimated league is now approaching the position round, and yet another injury takes yet another bowler out for the the season. Let's al wish the best for both Mark DeVoe and Kody Karnes on their individual roads to recovery! Meanwhile, nobody moved in the standings this week. Which only makes sense, considering how few league members can even walk. (more...)  Read More →

Humptastically Excited about First

Fall 2016, Week 6 Posted by ScooterJ On September 27, 2016ADD COMMENTS

In a season that seems to almost be cursed, for the first time this season, every real team had a full roster despite four bowlers being absent. Not that that mattered in any way for keeping the defending champions from making an early start at running away with the season once again. (more...)  Read More →

Don’t Tread On Mead

Fall 2016, Week 5 Posted by ScooterJ On September 20, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Tonight was supposed to see our league finally as full as it's going to get this season, but like several other bowlers our new guy was infected with pestilence. However, Michael Mead showed up and inoculated us with a shot of kick-ass bowling that rocketed him to the top of the individual standings. (more...)  Read More →

Tournament Takes Off, Ray & Stevie Take It Slow

Fall 2016, Week 4 Posted by ScooterJ On September 14, 2016ADD COMMENTS

For the first time in league history, the team rolling against the Blind (Vacancy) Team not only didn't finish early, they were actually the last to finish. Meanwhile a late addition to the league (Ben Spencer) made for a complicated first week for the Tournament of Champions, and next week will be equally complicated when another new bowler -- likely the last new bowler this season -- will join us. (more...)  Read More →


Fall 2016, Week 3 Posted by ScooterJ On September 6, 2016ADD COMMENTS

All four matchups ended in sweeps tonight. Who did the sweeping and who wound up in the dustbin? The answers to these questions and more, in this week's episode of All My Gutterballs. (more...)  Read More →


Fall 2016, Week 2 Posted by ScooterJ On August 30, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Apart from some sexy new bowling shirts making a debut, the biggest development tonight was some pretty amazing performances by two of our non-anchors. Congratulations to Dustin and AJ on some mighty fine bowling tonight! (more...)  Read More →

A Split-It First?

Fall 2016, Week 1 Posted by ScooterJ On August 23, 2016ADD COMMENTS

For what could very well be the first time ever in their 9-season history, Split It & Hit It is in first place! How did it come to this? Read on to find out... (more...)  Read More →

It’s Time for some Fall Bowling!

Fall 2016 Posted by ScooterJ On August 18, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Welcome to the Fall 2016 bowling season, our 34th session! This season will so far feature one new recruit making his debut. Welcome to the league, Landon Cline! We also welcome back Bryan Bay, Dennis Cummings, and Jake Parrott. (more...)  Read More →

Spring 2016 is History

Spring 2016 Posted by ScooterJ On May 24, 2016ADD COMMENTS

With 33 seasons of bowling now behind us, the Spring 2016 season ended tonight as the 3rd best season in league history in terms of combined league average, and 4th best and in terms of the number (215) of 200+ games rolled. Congratulations, everyone, on a great season! (more...)  Read More →

Why Did Pocahontas Leave Her Hairpiece By The Campfire?

Spring 2016, Week 16 Posted by ScooterJ On May 18, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Tonight, on our last real night of bowling, we were joined by several new people that had never rolled in our league all season. It was the strangest thing, though... none of them were ever seen at the same time as Amber, Michelle S., Angela, Bob, Kody, or John Boren. Very! weird!Anyway, with the championship already decided last week, we're just going to fly with the mostly computer-generated version of the lane-by-lane portion of the recap so we can hurry and get to the part you all really care... (more...)

Back to Back Clinchings

Spring 2016, Week 15 Posted by ScooterJ On May 10, 2016ADD COMMENTS

Fallop Ian clinched the the championship tonight, back-to-back championships for each member of the team! (Technically John Boren was not on the previous winning team, but his team took 1st the last time he bowled.) This is the 11th championship for Carl Goetz, the 8th for Seth Gunderson, the 6th for John Boren, and the 3rd for Jonathan Vigliaturo. Congratulations, guys! But maybe give someone else a chance? First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Despite another successful tailgating episode,... (more...)

Split Sisters Split It and Swept It

Spring 2016, Week 14 Posted by ScooterJ On May 3, 2016ADD COMMENTS

The Split Sisters utilized the power of high squeaky sounds of excitement to eke out their first sweep of the season! How did everyone else do? Read on to find out...The last time Holy Sandbaggers, Batman! faced 404: Team Name Not Found, a surprising upset resulted in a 3-game victory for 404. Tonight the Sandbaggers were hungry to settle the score. So hungry, in fact, they brought tupperware to take home the leftovers. Unfortunately Aubrey Moren was one of two bowlers wearing an apparently... (more...)

Escaping the Flood

Spring 2016, Week 13 Posted by ScooterJ On April 26, 2016ADD COMMENTS
A 12-board-wide patch of sticky goo made for difficult bowling on lane 48.

Tonight bowling ended nearly half an hour earlier than usual, allowing everyone to get home without drowning or getting struck by lightning. Due to a combination of weather and Scoot being really tired, we'll be using the computer-generated writeup tonight. Sorry about that! (more...)  Read More →


Spring 2016, Week 12 Posted by ScooterJ On April 19, 2016ADD COMMENTS

When bowling begins with a tailgating session — certainly a first in our league's history and very possibly a first in the history of AMF Pro Bowl — it's an omen that more unexpected things are in store. With new records set and trash talk backfiring, this was definitely an evening of surprises. The last time 404: Team Name Not Found visited with Split It & Hit It, it was a clean sweep for the 404. This would not be the case tonight, however. Though Russell Bingham led Split It with a... (more...)

From Everyone Here, to Barely a Soul Left

Spring 2016, Week 11 Posted by ScooterJ On April 12, 20161 COMMENT

Tonight's bowling session included some pretty aggravating lane malfunctions, two demonic series (666), and the first 200+ game by a member of Split Sisters. It was also the first time, all season, that all 32 of our bowlers were all present at the same time.First up, on lanes 41 & 42: Bowlgasmic had been predicted to take this series and finally put some pressure on the league leaders. But Fallop Ian just does not seem to be stoppable. This week it was John Boren who, with a 629 series,... (more...)



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