Best and Worst 

We've all seen it before – either on the good side or the bad side to the equation, bowlers in our league tend to perform their best and/or their worst against particular teams. Why is this? If we knew that answer to that, do you honestly think we'd be sitting around creating these kind of charts for a bowling site? Nonetheless, we'd like to be able to definitively see just who is doing their best and worst against that various teams around the league.

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Who everyone bowled their best against...

Bowler Best Game Against Best Series Against
Aaron Barber 237 Gimme Some Of Your Totts 655 Gordon Michael's Groupies
AJ Hofmann 212 Smokin Js ,Gimme Some Of Your Totts 549 Gimme Some Of Your Totts
Ben Spencer 223 Name Coming, Curtis Said 574 Gordon Michael's Groupies
Curtis Whiles 245 Gordon Michael's Groupies 620 Gordon Michael's Groupies
Dennis Walling 255 Raining Chimps 634 Smokin Js
James Tott 235 Gordon Michael's Groupies 606 Gordon Michael's Groupies
Jeremy Varnell 180 Larry, I'm On Ducktales 438 Name Coming, Curtis Said
JoAnne Barber 164 Raining Chimps 433 Larry, I'm On Ducktales
Matthew Taylor 266 Raining Chimps 714 Raining Chimps
Michael Gordon 254 Smokin Js 689 Smokin Js
Michael Whiles 196 Larry, I'm On Ducktales 465 Larry, I'm On Ducktales
Scott Murdock 247 Name Coming, Curtis Said 593 Raining Chimps
Here's how many best performances each team had rolled against them...
Team # Best Games
Against Them
# Best Series
Against Them
Gimme Some Of Your Totts 2 1
Gordon Michael's Groupies 2 4
Larry, I'm On Ducktales 2 2
Name Coming, Curtis Said 2 1
Raining Chimps 3 2
Smokin Js 1 2
Here are the teams that each bowler rolled their worst against...
Bowler Worst Game Against Worst Series Against
Aaron Barber 152 Name Coming, Curtis Said 520 Smokin Js
AJ Hofmann 114 Gordon Michael's Groupies 444 Smokin Js
Ben Spencer 118 Larry, I'm On Ducktales 429 Gimme Some Of Your Totts
Curtis Whiles 129 Larry, I'm On Ducktales 441 Larry, I'm On Ducktales
Dennis Walling 118 Gimme Some Of Your Totts 472 Smokin Js
James Tott 105 Name Coming, Curtis Said 420 Smokin Js
Jeremy Varnell 99 Gordon Michael's Groupies 332 Gordon Michael's Groupies
JoAnne Barber 94 Gordon Michael's Groupies 353 Gordon Michael's Groupies
Matthew Taylor 152 Larry, I'm On Ducktales 533 Name Coming, Curtis Said
Michael Gordon 137 Name Coming, Curtis Said 546 Gimme Some Of Your Totts
Michael Whiles 116 Smokin Js 309 Gordon Michael's Groupies
Scott Murdock 127 Name Coming, Curtis Said 493 Name Coming, Curtis Said
Here's how many worst performances each team had rolled against them...
Team # Worst Games
Against Them
# Worst Series
Against Them
Gimme Some Of Your Totts 1 2
Gordon Michael's Groupies 3 3
Larry, I'm On Ducktales 3 1
Name Coming, Curtis Said 4 2
Smokin Js 1 4



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