Futility for the Finals

Fall 2011, Week 15 Posted by Ken On December 6, 20113 COMMENTS

A new champion was crowned Tuesday night as the members of No Pinheads made it impossible for anyone to dethrone them in the Finals next week. Congratulations to Freda Schroeder, Phil Schroeder, Dennis "Pops" Laube, and Aubrey Moren on becoming the Fall 2011 champions! Tuesday night also saw some stellar performances throughout the league as other teams set their own stages for the Finals in a last ditch effort to move up in the league standings. Ready to see how everyone did? Read on, my good... (more...)

Two Games Away

Fall 2011, Week 14 Posted by Ken On November 29, 2011ADD COMMENTS

Only two weeks remain in the Fall 2011 season and with that, the members of No Pinheads are just two games away from winning the championship – their first since the Spring 2008 session. Week #14 provided absolutely no movement either up or down in the league standings but did set the stage rather nicely for teams to make moves over the next two Tuesdays. Will the current league leaders finish off the season and take the title? Will Kitten Mittons continue their incredible season and move... (more...)

NEW FEATURE: The Over/Under Factor

Fall 2011 Posted by Ken On November 23, 20111 COMMENT

We here at GutterAlley are always dreaming up goofy ways to utilize the huge stockpile of bowling score data we have collected over the better part of the last decade. Things such as the Most Valuable Bowler and the #1 Power Ranking have come about due to these brainstorming sessions. Well, here's our latest offering -- The Over/Under Factor.Born out of a debate based upon the outcome of the Spring 2009 season – in which the eventual championship team was gifted more wins than they actually... (more...)

Happy Thanks-taking!

Fall 2011, Week 13 Posted by Ken On November 22, 20112 COMMENTS

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, several teams this week decided to say thanks as they were busy taking away victories from their opponents. While one team opted to post-bowl, the other three matchups of the evening saw some big wins earned as two teams swept while the third narrowly missed joining them in the clean up crew. After the scores came in, though, one team moved up and one moved down in the league standings. Ready to hear how everyone else did? Let's go.The last time... (more...)

Obviously You’re Not a Golfer

Fall 2011, Week 12 Posted by Ken On November 15, 20111 COMMENT

Week #12 is now finished and with it we enter the final month of the Fall 2011 season. With wins and losses scattered throughout the various matchups, only one team managed to climb anywhere in the standings this week despite some heroic performances across the league. The Finals are just around the corner so if any team is going to unseat the current league leaders, they best get a move on.For those of you wondering what in the hell is going on in this week's feature image it's Ken "Walter Sobchak"... (more...)

New Feature: Averages

Fall 2011 Posted by Ken On November 15, 2011ADD COMMENTS

On our old site, we had a feature that allowed you to quickly see the averages of each person in the league. When we ported the core functionality of the original GutterAlley into what it is today, we left behind a lot of that code with the intention of making it better at a later date.With that, we're happy to reintroduce Averages. You can get to by mousing over the "Bowlers" main nav item at the very top of the site. "Averages" will be the first submenu item that appears.The biggest difference... (more...)

The Lad and the Legend

Fall 2011, Week 11 Posted by Ken On November 8, 20111 COMMENT

Tuesday night saw a resurgence of several of the underdogs in the league, who rose up to strike down their higher ranked competitors. And while only two teams swapped places, the overall result was a tightening in the standings all over the place. To top off the evening, a visit was paid by league legend – and Hall of Fame nominee – Pat Searcy to a "young whippersnapper" attempting to make his move into the upper echelon of league lore. Ready to see how your favorite team performed?... (more...)

Maintaining the Status Quo

Fall 2011, Week 10 Posted by Ken On November 2, 2011ADD COMMENTS

Only six weeks remain in the Fall 2011 season and three teams have broken away from the rest of the league on a course towards the Finals. Week #10 is now history and with it came very little movement in the standings. Big performances from several rollers aided their teams in adding more notches in their win column, including a near perfect game by one and another bowler achieving his very first 600+ series. Ready to hear how your favorite team did Tuesday night? Keep on reading, then.At the... (more...)

Still On Top

Fall 2011, Week 9 Posted by Ken On October 25, 20111 COMMENT

Week 9 of sixteen is now in the history books and with it, only three teams swapped places in the standings...in the top half. While there was no change in the #1 spot, 2nd through 4th place shuffled spots with the lead over the league being cut by one game. While there is still plenty of time to catch the current league leaders, they have only suffered one matchup loss all season long. If any team is going to catch them, it'll at least be two weeks out.Before we get down into the recap from this... (more...)

Hall of Fame Nominees: Spring 2011

Fall 2011 Posted by Ken On October 25, 2011ADD COMMENTS

Last season, our bowling community collectively cast its votes for the inaugural class of enshrinees to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame. These four bowlers were tasked with carrying on the Hall's enshrinement duties, promising that one new bowler would make his or her way to join them at the end of every season going forward. We are happy to say that the tradition is about to continue. (more...)  Read More →

Trivia Contest – No Winners

Fall 2011 Posted by ScooterJ On October 19, 2011ADD COMMENTS

There were no winners in this week's trivia contest, so the FREE PITCHER OF BEER for the winning team goes unclaimed. Don't worry, you'll have another chance to win next Tuesday night. Hopefully the beer doesn't go flat by then!  Read More →

Compromising Position Round

Fall 2011, Week 8 Posted by Ken On October 18, 20111 COMMENT

The second best week of the season is always the position round. With the chance to watch the standings swing wildly in any direction, the matchup victories set the stage for a potentially crazy second half. Can the current league leaders hold onto first place? History has proven otherwise, watching them fold like a paper napkin season after season in the second half. Perhaps this is their time...perhaps not. The stage has been set for the second half. Let's go.Regardless of the outcome of... (more...)

A Plea from Scoot

Fall 2011 Posted by Ken On October 18, 20114 COMMENTS

Fellow bowlers, Our very own Scott "Scooter J" Murdock has fallen on his knees to ask of you – on this season's position round – that you refrain from humping him in the event that you throw three strikes tonight. Instead, he begs, he feels that everyone should simply go and give Dennis "Pops" Laube a big hug for each and every strike that you throw. Perhaps even a pat on the back for every spare.Murdock simply wants to spread the love around after having received so much this season.What... (more...)

Three is a Magic Number

Fall 2011, Week 7 Posted by Ken On October 11, 2011ADD COMMENTS

With the position round a mere week away, a sense of urgency swept across the league with teams needing to win big Tuesday night during Week #7 in order to face the opponent they most desired. In the end, four teams came out with three wins while the rest of the league took their lumps and walked away with only a single win. While only the bottom half of the league standings shifted around, two teams in the top half managed to extend their lead away from the rest. For those of you not familiar... (more...)

The Untouchables

Fall 2011, Week 6 Posted by Ken On October 5, 2011ADD COMMENTS

We're now six weeks into the season and one team has resoundingly pulled out ahead of the rest of the pack. While half the league jump all over the place in the standings, the other half remained steadfastly in their current positions. The position round is just around the corner so wins this week and next week are truly important leading into the mid-point of the Fall 2011 season. Ready to see how everyone did? Let's go.After a bad opening week of the season, the members of No Pinheads began... (more...)

Constant Focus

Fall 2011, Week 5 Posted by Ken On September 27, 2011ADD COMMENTS

As the league puts Week #5 to rest, five teams shuffled spots in the league standings with three moving up and two dropping down. While the team at the top of the heap holds onto their spot for a second straight week, the teams in second through sixth place played musical chairs with a mere three games separating them all from one another. The big surprise on the lanes came from the team that moved up two spots behind an outstanding performance from a man earning his first MVB and #1 Power Ranking... (more...)

Orion Win-kaid!

Fall 2011, Week 4 Posted by Ken On September 20, 2011ADD COMMENTS

With the Fall 2011 season a quarter of the way complete, things are shaping up to make this season interesting. After four weeks, three different teams have sat atop the league standings. One bowler put on the performance of the season thus far, securing both of the top weekly honors while obliterating the reigning champs. Did we mention that this season was going to be interesting? Read on...Please, if you could spare a minute or two, click over and nominate someone for the GutterAlley Hall... (more...)

STFU, Johnny!

Fall 2011, Week 3 Posted by Ken On September 13, 20111 COMMENT

With averages leveling out after three weeks of bowling, things typically begin to settle down and we start to see which teams are hell bent on proving that they are in it to win it. Tuesday night's performances, however, contained a mishmash of scores – some way up, some way down – that once again shifted around the league standings...including an interesting tie at the top of the heap. If you haven't taken a moment to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, please consider doing so.... (more...)

Up, Up and Away

Fall 2011, Week 2 Posted by Ken On September 6, 20113 COMMENTS

Ahh, the uncertainty of Week #2. If there was ever a week tailor made to wreak havoc on everything from averages to the league standings, it's the second week of any season. Week #2 of the Fall 2011 was no exception with every single team changing places in the standings, averages swinging wildly and Scoot's team ascending into the top spot. In other words, hell has frozen over.In the first matchup of the night, the reigning champs STFU Donny had planned to extend their win streak after a perfect... (more...)

Our 25th Anniversary

Fall 2011 Posted by Ken On September 5, 2011ADD COMMENTS

Had anyone asked league founder – and Hall of Famer – Angela Bradford in our inaugural season how long she thought the VML Bowling League would last, I doubt she would have been anywhere close to right. And here we are, twelve years later, currently bowling in our 24th session. Next season will be the 25th in our collective history and we here at GutterAlley thought it would be fun to look back upon the best, the worst and the oddest records that we could dig up since we began the task... (more...)



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