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Corona Bowling

Posted by ScooterJ March 12, 2020

All previous joking aside, we do need to take COVID-19 seriously. But at the same time, during this period of so many cancellations, we don't want to take away one of the few remaining fun activities unless we really have to.

So, to do what we can to help reduce the risk while allowing bowling to continue, here's the plan for now. (Further measures may be taken later if necessary.)

Effective immediately, for the remainder of the season:

  • Excluding weeks 15 & 16, limitations on post-bowling are lifted:
    • Teams may post-bowl as many times as necessary.
    • While it's preferred if you can, teams do not have to request post-bowl in advance. If an entire team fails to show unexpectedly, it will not be scored as a forfeit as long as the game is made up by the following Monday.
  • A single bowler showing up to represent their team will count as quorum. This applies to post-bowling as well.

However, for the time being, we will continue not allow anyone to post bowl if any team member bowled for that session at or prior to the scheduled time. The logistics of allowing that are just too complicated, so we're going to hope it doesn't need to come to allowing that.

Other actions we can take:

  • Please refrain from bowling on Tuesday night if you have any cold or flu symptoms, or have recently traveled to an outbreak hot spot. (Especially internationally or to New York, Florida, or the West coast.)
  • Let's please all stop with the high-fives for now. Just clap or say "nice balls". Hip-thrusting to virtually hump Scoot from a distance of 2 meters is also acceptable.
  • Consider taking a hand-washing break between each game.
  • For the poker players: I will be sanitizing the card decks each week.

Thanks everyone! Let's keep having fun but stay healthy while doing it!

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Please keep these hours in mind if you need to pre- or post-bowl! Call (816) 221-8844 to schedule your pre/post bowling session!