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Spring 2007, Week 3

Posted by BowlingBot January 30, 2007 Spring 2007, Week 3 View Score Sheets

Spring 2007 Week 3 Robo-RecapThe third week of Spring 2007 saw three teams climb in the standings, while three teams slipped. Three bowlers set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game. Freda Schroeder picked up this week's high game (206) and series (560) for the women, while Ken M. Wilson earned this week's high game (268) and series (662) for the men. And the Tournament of Champions divisions are now set, ready for one-on-one action to begin next week! Read on for all the rest of the details!

First up, on lanes 15 & 16: Those 4 Bowlers alternated splits with Unstoppabowl. Even though highlighted by the skills of Scott Murdock with his below-average 403 series, 4 Bowlers accomplished only 1 win against Unstoppabowl. While that was going down, Cory Chorpenning ruled Unstoppabowl with his 550 as his team took the series with 3 wins. Those 4 Bowlers remains in 5th place, while Unstoppabowl moves 1 spot to 3rd.

week3On lanes 17 & 18: King Pins shared a platter of cheese sticks with Churn and Burn. Although blessed by Duncan Ferber with his above-average 584 series, King Pins accomplished only 1 win against Churn and Burn. Meanwhile, Jason Carpio showed off in Churn and Burn with his 485 (with kudos to Most Valuable Bowler Emily Austin) as his team took the series with 3 wins. King Pins remains in 10th place, while Churn and Burn jumps 3 spots to 6th.

On lanes 19 & 20: Frickin' Ten Pin matched wits with Oily Balls. In spite of the prowess of Freda Schroeder with her awe-inspiring 560 series, Ten Pin got swept by Oily Balls. On the other side, Ken M. Wilson guided Oily Balls with his miraculous 662 as they swept the competition. Frickin' Ten Pin plummets 2 spots in the standings to 8th place, while Oily Balls remain in 2nd.

On lanes 21 & 22: Doll's Balls alternated between bowling and dry humping T.B.D.. Showcasing #1 Power Ranked and #1 Head-to-Head Ryan Doll and his dazzling 647 series, Doll's Balls collected 3 wins against T.B.D.. Conversely, Steve Kiernan shined in T.B.D. with his 563 despite his team notching only a single win. Doll's Balls leap 4 spots in the standings to 4th place, while T.B.D. plunges 2 spots to 9th.

Finally, down on lanes 23 & 24: X9XX spent a romantic evening with Guttersluts. Regardless of the star power of Thomas Lin with his above-average 585 series, X9XX got swept by Guttersluts. On the flipside, John Boren laid down the law in Guttersluts with his above-average 609 as they swept the competition. X9XX plummets 4 spots in the standings to 7th place, while Guttersluts remain in 1st.

Bowlers enjoying a guest admission to The 200 Club include: Carl Goetz (205), Cory Chorpenning (210), Duncan Ferber (209), Freda Schroeder (206), John Boren (231,216), Ken M. Wilson (268,213), Ryan Doll (226,237), Steve Kiernan (236), and Thomas Lin (201,202)

A new personal high game was set tonight by Ryan Doll (237, previous best 234). In addition, new personal best series were rolled by Kris Hiestand (471, previous best 450), Ryan Doll (647, previous best 591), and Ariel Waldman (389, previous best 369).

Freda Schroeder earned both this season's women's high game and series with her 206 and 560, respectively. In addition, Ken M. Wilson nabbed both high game and series for the men this season with his 268 and 662, respectively.

The 268 rolled by Ken M. Wilson is tied for the 5th-best game in league history!
The 560 rolled by Freda Schroeder is tied for the 9th-best women's series in league history!

The Tournament of Champions begins next week. Here are the final division assignments for this season:

1. Ken Wilson
2. John Boren
3. Steve Kiernan
4. Cory Chorpenning
5. Pat Searcy
6. Carl Goetz
7. Duncan Ferber
8. Ryan Doll
9. Seth Gunderson
10. Jason Carpio
1. Stefan Miller
2. Bill Krejci
3. Dennis Laube
4. Freda Schroeder
5. James Cholke
6. Phil Schroeder
7. David Parre
8. Angela Bradford
9. Scott Murdock
10. John Richardson
1. Chris Lewis
2. Dave Hickerson
3. Deena Slinkard
4. Kris Hiestand
5. Kendall Kukowski
6. Andee Weinfurt
7. Sara Bryant
8. Shaun Crockett
9. Emily Austin
10. Daniel Bolton
1. Greg Middleton
2. Justin Comfort
3. Ariel Waldman
4. Ginger O'Reilly
5. Ben Lee
6. Jonathan Jacobson
7. Sarah Buchanan

  • First, on lanes 15&16, 10th-place King Pins (hcp 120) will meet with 2nd-place Oily Balls. King Pins are expected to maintain their current strength as they lose the series but avoid getting swept; while Oily Balls are forecast to raise their average while they enjoy their victories.
  • Moving to lanes 17&18, 3rd-place Unstoppabowl will face 4th-place Doll's Balls (hcp 22). Unstoppabowl might maintain their current strength as they win the series; while Doll's Balls ought to raise their average even as they avoid getting swept.
  • Then, over on lanes 19&20, 5th-place Those 4 Bowlers (hcp 28) will roll against 1st-place Guttersluts. 4 Bowlers will likely roll decently and win the series; while Guttersluts will probably raise their average even as they avoid getting swept.
  • Next up, on lanes 21&22, 6th-place Churn and Burn (hcp 11) will throw some gutter balls with 7th-place X9XX. Churn and Burn might maintain their current strength as they lose the series but avoid getting swept; while X9XX ought to hold steady as they enjoy their victories.
  • Finally, on lanes 23&24, 8th-place Frickin' Ten Pin will tussle with 9th-place T.B.D. (hcp 62). Ten Pin is predicted to perform well and sweep the series; while T.B.D. is anticipated to hold steady as they endure a rough night.
*(Remember, the predicted results above are based on mathematical extrapolations and can be changed by all sorts of factors. If you don't like how your team's results are predicted, you and your teammates have the power to prove the math wrong!)


Emily Austin
Runner Up:
(See Posting)


Ryan Doll
Runner Up:
Ken Wilson


Ryan Doll
Runner Up:
Ken M. Wilson

"Lin, Tracy, and I had a three way that last frame. Err, I mean, we were all three in the gutter. Dammit, you know what I mean!"

Shaun Crockett, with whom the seed for the idea has now been planted.

Pos. Team name Record Percent Total Pins Change
1 Guttersluts 9.5-2.5 .792 5,367 n/a
2 Oily Balls 9-3 .750 6,045 n/a
3 Unstoppabowl 8-4 .667 5,251 +1
4 Doll's Balls 6-6 .500 5,056 +4
5 Those 4 Bowlers 6-6 .500 5,050 n/a
6 Churn and Burn 5.5-6.5 .458 5,109 +3
7 X9XX 5-7 .417 5,511 -4
8 Frickin' Ten Pin 4-8 .333 5,429 -2
9 T.B.D. 4-8 .333 4,785 -2
10 King Pins 3-9 .250 4,462 n/a
Top Individual Achievements for Week 3
Men's High Series Scratch Women's High Series Scratch
Ken Wilson - 662
Ryan Doll - 647
John Boren - 609
Thomas Lin - 585
Duncan Ferber - 584
Freda Schroeder - 560
Angela Bradford - 447
Sara Bryant - 424
Emily Austin - 398
Ariel Waldman - 389
Men's High Series Handicap Women's High Series Handicap
Ryan Doll - 755
Ken Wilson - 712
Kris Hiestand - 665
Duncan Ferber - 653
John Boren - 642
Freda Schroeder - 684
Ariel Waldman - 629
Sara Bryant - 620
Emily Austin - 616
Angela Bradford - 571
Men's High Game Scratch Women's High Game Scratch
Ken Wilson - 268
Ryan Doll - 237
Steve Kiernan - 236
John Boren - 231
Cory Chorpenning - 210
Freda Schroeder - 206
Angela Bradford - 181
Emily Austin - 169
Sara Bryant - 160
Tracy Rychlewski - 157
Men's High Game Handicap Women's High Game Handicap
Ken Wilson - 284
Ryan Doll - 273
Steve Kiernan - 243
John Boren - 242
Duncan Ferber - 232
Freda Schroeder - 247
Emily Austin - 241
Ariel Waldman - 228
Sara Bryant - 225
Angela Bradford - 222
Men's Pins Over Average Women's Pins Over Average
Ken Wilson - 89
Ryan Doll - 82
Ben Lee - 48
Steve Kiernan - 45
John Boren - 45 (t)
Kris Hiestand - 44
Emily Austin - 60
Freda Schroeder - 58
Ariel Waldman - 48
Sara Bryant - 42
Tracy Rychlewski - 34

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