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Spring 2021 Starts Tuesday!

Posted by ScooterJ February 11, 2021 Spring 2021

With the 'rona continuing to ravage normalcy, we are once again embarking on a shortened and minified bowling season.

This time, the same 12 bowlers from Fall 2020 (except swapping out Luke Melton for Jeremy Varnell ) have formed 6 teams of 2 and will embark on a 12-week season (rather than the too-short 8 weeks we did last Fall.)

  • A reminder to all that masks are required at all times inside the bowling alley, except for while you are standing or seated at your actual assigned lane. We prefer you just keep them on even then, but as long as you are keeping proper distance we won't make you do more than what the bowling alley requires.

  • Also we will once again not be setting out the poker cards or payment envelopes. Hand sanitizer will be set out in their place... fun.

  • Bowling fees will be collected electronically like last season, through Paypal or Venmo. And yes, James, Cash App is now also accepted. As long as you don't get too far behind, we will not be hounding you for payments each week.

  • Like last season, bowling fees are $12.75/week. We are only charging you what AMF charges us, there will once again not be a prize fund or "fun week". Since we will be bowling for 12 weeks, this makes the total $153 for the season.

  • No touching! Please refrain from touching other bowlers. Including (and especially) Scoot!

Some fun stuff to look forward to:

  • Aaron Barber should roll his 200th 200+ game this season unless I just jinxed it, and Matthew Taylor is likely to reach his 100th.

  • A modified Tournament of Champions will be run, even though it's once again just for fun. To maximize the time playing it, we have pre-seeded everyone based upon their most recent 9 games rolled. This way, like last Fall, we can start playing right at week 1.

PS - If you didn't give me a team name, I made one up for you. You can change it at any time.

Everybody keep staying safe, and see you on the lanes on Tuesday!

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