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So you didn't get the Most Valuable Bowler nod after an incredible week and can't believe it, right? Well, welcome to the Power Rankings...where your individual performance on a given week is matched up against everyone else's in the league... no matter how many games your team won or lost. Take THAT, Most Valuable Bowler.So how is this figured? Well, we take a look at how your best game compares to your in-between game. Then we look at how your worst game compares to your in-between game. We compare both of those pairings to your average, then work in some fancy mathematics involving your personal handicap and your total pins over/under average. The result is a score that quantifies how you, personally, bowled in competition with only yourself. So regardless of whose teams did well and whose teams did not, this lets us see who the strongest performers were each week.

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POWER RANKINGS: Weekly Top Individuals for Week #7 of Fall 2020
Rank Name Score
1. Ben Spencer 256.004
2. James Tott 228.613
3. Scott Murdock 219.560
4. Dennis Walling 218.090
5. Michael Gordon 204.885
6. Matthew Taylor 203.267
7. Curtis Whiles 201.905
8. Michael Whiles 199.517
9. JoAnne Barber 186.177
10. Aaron Barber 177.747

POWER RANKINGS: Weekly Top Teams for Week #7 of Fall 2020
Rank Name Score
1. LETITSNOW 217.099
2. Six Games Apart 208.748
3. Six Games Apart, But Better 197.512
4. Three Blind Strikes 192.313


POWER RANKINGS: Cumulative Top Ten Individuals - Fall 2020 (thru Week #7)
Rank Name Score Change
1. Ben Spencer 1497.169 +3
2. Matthew Taylor 1451.409 +1
3. AJ Hofmann 1435.752 -2
4. Curtis Whiles 1432.266 +1
5. Aaron Barber 1426.157 -3
6. Dennis Walling 1411.896
7. Scott Murdock 1375.401
8. James Tott 1370.073 +2
9. JoAnne Barber 1330.168
10. Luke Melton 1324.157 -2

POWER RANKINGS: Season Top Teams - Fall 2020 (thru Week #7)
Rank Name Score Change
1. LETITSNOW 205.158
2. Six Games Apart 203.488
3. Six Games Apart, But Better 196.495
4. Three Blind Strikes 194.298



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