Bowler Profile 

Scott Murdock
Career High Game:245MVBs:   36
Spring 2019 Season
Career High Series:   617#1 Power Rankings:   15
Titles Won:6#1 Head-to-Head:   8
Debut:Spring 2001
ToC Champ:1 (1 2nd)
Scott is a member of the 5th place team Scoot's Raging Bone Spur.

This season he has been the Most Valuable Bowler 1 time and earned 0 #1 Power Ranked bowler and 0 #1 Head-to-Head bowler nods(s).

his latest scores put him in the # position for the week. Overall, he is cumulatively the # Power Ranked bowler in the league this season out of a field of 48 bowlers.

Box scores for Spring 2019

  Opponent Lanes G1 G2 G3 Series Hdcp. Avg.
Week 1 (Absent)              
Week 2 (Absent)              
Week 3 Pin Is King 3&4 160 148 172 480 576 160
Week 4 We Don't Give a Split 7&8 151 166 143 460 556 156
Week 5 Holy Forkin Shirt Balls 9&10 162 128 150 440 545 153
Week 6 Open Frames R Us 1&2 184 172 175 531 643 159
Week 7 JoAnne's Dirty PJs 5&6 145 139 172 456 554 157
Week 8 Bowl Movements 3&4 191 155 125 471 574 157
Week 9 CICK Ass 11&12 135 153 156 444 547 156
Week 10 BDE 1&2 145 154 139 438 543 155
Week 11 #MGAGA 7&8 167 147 185 499 607 156
Week 12 #MGAGA 7&8 210 200 124 534 639 158
Week 13 Bowl Movements 1&2 169 149 192 510 610 159
Week 14 JoAnne's Dirty PJs 5&6 203 181 173 557 655 161
Week 15 Open Frames R Us 11&12 147 169 123 439 532 160
Week 16 Open Frames R Us 5&6 146 152 182 480 576 160
TOTALS 2315 2213 2211 6739 8157 160

Scott Murdock made his league debut in the Spring 2001 season.

Having rolled 1569 games over the course of 36 seasons in his GutterAlley career, Murdock carries a lifetime average of 151.

To date, Scott's highest game shot in league was a 245 bowled in Game #3 during Week #10 of the Fall 2017 session and his highest series in league was the 617 he rolled in Week #8 during the Fall 2012 season.

He has been named the Most Valuable Bowler 15 time(s) and the runner-up 25 time(s).

Scott has bowled for:
  -Spring 2019: Scoot's Raging Bone Spur   (Avg: 160)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2018: Red Strikes Matter   (Avg: 155)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2018: Splitbowl Countries   (Avg: 168)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2017: Less Terra Bowl   (Avg: 162)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2017: Terra Bowler   (Avg: 160)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2016: O'Dell Lawn Service   (Avg: 143)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2016: 404: Team Name Not Found   (Avg: 154)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2015: 404: Team Name Not Found   (Avg: 160)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2015: The Pin is Mightier   (Avg: 160)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2014: More Beer, Chelsea    (Avg: 157)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2014: Schwetty Balls   (Avg: 161)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2013: Gutterfingers   (Avg: 153)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2013: Ballz Out   (Avg: 162)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2012: Mayan Apocalypse   (Avg: 162)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2012: Brown Belt Jones   (Avg: 152)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2011: Gutterballs: A Jackie Treehorn Presentation   (Avg: 152)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2011: Istanbowl Turkey   (Avg: 149)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2010: Ground Zero Mosques   (Avg: 154)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2010: Scoot Gave Us The Schlitz   (Avg: 157)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2009: BILFs   (Avg: 161)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2009: Schlitz For Us, Splits For You   (Avg: 147)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2008: Dr. Strangelanes, Or How I Learned To Stop Opening And Earn The Belt   (Avg: 144)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2007: Cannonbelt Run   (Avg: 146)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2007: Those 4 Bowlers   (Avg: 145)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2006: All Belts Are Off   (Avg: 146)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2006: I'm Gonna Belt Ya, Sucka!   (Avg: 146)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2005: Same Belt, New Notch   (Avg: 149)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2005: All Belt, No Buckle   (Avg: 148)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2004: The Belt Strikes Back   (Avg: 143)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2004: T.R.O.T.B.   (Avg: 150)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2003: Spare Change   (Avg: 141)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2003: D-Day   (Avg: 134)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2002: GRRR   (Avg: 123)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2002: Team 3   (Avg: 122)   (My profile for this team)
  -Fall 2001: High Plains Bowlers   (Avg: N/A)   (My profile for this team)
  -Spring 2001: The Justice League   (Avg: 115)   (My profile for this team)


Scott has unlocked the following Spring 2019 achievements...

Your highest game during the season, increments of 25. Your highest series during the season, increments of 25. Named the Most Valuable Bowler of any week. Your current position in the league standings.
Victory! Your team swept another team. Losers! Your team was swept.
Your team's longest winning streak this season. Your team's longest losing streak this season. Beat Don Glasscock's Fall 2007 scores! Bested Sweep the Leg, Johnny's Fall 2009 scores!
Logged into Visited the site three days in a row during the season!
Voted for the Season Favorites.
Huge incremental drops in-between game scores! Shot well over your average! Increments of 25. Bowled below your average all 3 games in a single week.
You're all paid up for the season!
A listing (from most current to furthest back) of any write-up posts in which Scott has been mentioned:
  • Clinched! (Apr 23rd, 2019) - Originally I was going to leave this week's as a robo-writeup due to me having another busy week, but then CICK Ass screwed that up for me by accomplishing something I had failed to notice they could do this week: they clinched the championship two weeks early! This makes the first championship for Chantal Jacot, 6 for Ian Goetz, a staggering 13 for Carl "Tits" Goetz, and an even more staggering 14 for Ken M. Wilson (sheesh!). Congratulations to all four of you!

  • It was the best of frames, it was the worst of frames... (Apr 9th, 2019) - When we have 8 teams the Position Round slices our season cleanly in half. But when we have 12 teams the Position Round is more like the mighty guillotine, slicing off just the end while the main body remains on the slab of history. Three normal-ish weeks remain before the Championship round, but even lest time that that remains for anyone to act before the current #1 team clinches the championship outright.

  • Let Chaos Reign (Apr 2nd, 2019) - By now every team has bowled each other once, so next week is the Spring 2019 position round. But enough about next week, you came here to read about this week. The eleventh week saw four teams climb in the standings, while four teams slipped. Freda Schroeder picked up this week's high game (175) and series (442) for the women. As for the men, Jonathan Vigliaturo and Ken M. Wilson both tied for this week's high game with a 237, and high series was earned by Aaron Barber with a 663. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Speedy Recap (Mar 26th, 2019) - With about a quarter of the league at the Weezers/Pixies concert (admit it, Phil & Freda, we all know you were there too), the rest of us got to enjoy a speedy evening that finished relatively early. Unfortunately that didn't translate into extra write-up time for Scoot, and since he's very busy today we are going to leave about 90% of this as the computer-generated writeup. The tenth week of Spring 2019 saw two teams climb in the standings, while three teams slipped. One bowler roll a new personal best game. Monica Hufford picked up this week's high game (176) and series (491) for the women. As for the men, Aaron Barber snagged this week's high game with a 234, and high series was earned by Ian Goetz with a 643. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Big Ball Chantal (Mar 12th, 2019) - Many times throughout our history bowlers have bought a new ball and seen immediate improvement in their game. But never before have we seen this happen as dramatically as it did last night with Chantal's new ball. Overall, two teams climb in the standings, while three teams slipped. One bowler set a new personal best series, and two rolled new personal high games. Chantal Jacot picked up this week's high game (208) and series (471) for the women, while Dennis Walling earned this week's high game (245) and series (634) for the men. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • The Lava Lamp (Mar 5th, 2019) - Like the globs in a lava lamp, teams have been taking turns rising to the top only to then quickly sink back down. This week was no exception, as CICK Ass returned to the top with We Don't Give a Split bubbling up just behind, while Pin Is King and #MGAGA have cooled and sunk, perhaps to be heated back up again.

  • Week 6 RoboRecap (Feb 26th, 2019) - The sixth week of Spring 2019 saw five teams climb in the standings, while five teams slipped. One bowler set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game. Freda Schroeder landed this week's high game for the women with a 179, and women's high series was bagged by Monica Hufford with a 447. As for the men, Matthew Taylor earned this week's high game (279) and series (747). Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Teetering on the Brink of a 1st Place Swap (Feb 12th, 2019) - The fourth week of Spring 2019 saw four teams climb in the standings, while five teams slipped. One bowler set a new personal best series, and three rolled new personal high games. Freda Schroeder landed this week's high game for the women with a 151, and women's high series was bagged by Monica Hufford with a 404. As for the men, Nick Kinney snagged this week's high game with a 234, and high series was earned by Ian Goetz with a 615. Meanwhile, the Tournament of Champions also kicked off tonight, beginning of 13 weeks of one-on-one bowling excitement! Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • State Of The Alley (Feb 5th, 2019) - The third week of Spring 2019 saw two teams climb in the standings, while one team slipped. One bowler roll a new personal best game. Monica Hufford picked up this week's high game (178) and series (475) for the women, while Carl Goetz earned this week's high game (255) and series (629) for the men. And the Tournament of Champions divisions are now set, ready for one-on-one action to begin next week! Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Fall 2018 Recap (Dec 13th, 2018) -

  • EIGHT-BALLED UPSET!!!!! (Dec 4th, 2018) - The Fall 2018 season draws to a close, with 8 Balls officially earning this season's championship title! But we aren't quite finished yet -- next week we will meet at our usual time to name all the award winners and hand out prize money (in the meeting room on the Finnegan's side, through the back of the snack bar), followed by 9-pin-tap fun night. The final week saw three teams climb in the standings, while three teams slipped. One bowler set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game. Freda Schroeder picked up this week's high game (191) and series (451) for the women. As for the men, Michael Gordon and Russell Bingham both tied for this week's high game with a 224, and high series was earned by Russell Bingham with a 605. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Week 11 Final RoboHeadline (Oct 30th, 2018) - The eleventh week of Fall 2018 saw two teams climb in the standings, while one team slipped. Monica Hufford picked up this week's high game (162) and series (427) for the women, while Michael Gordon earned this week's high game (242) and series (595) for the men. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Shifting Positions (Oct 24th, 2018) - The Fall 2018 position round is now history, and we now have a new league leader that has pulled ahead of the pack. The tenth week saw two teams climb in the standings, while one team slipped. Two bowlers set a new personal best series. Freda Schroeder landed this week's high game for the women with a 190, and women's high series was bagged by Monica Hufford with a 480. As for the men, Dennis Walling earned this week's high game (224) and series (598). Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Hitting A Wall (Oct 9th, 2018) - We are now halfway through the Fall 2018 season, and the league seems to have hit a brick wall. Other than a tit-for-tat between BDE and We Don't Give A Split, no teams were able to budge in the standings with just a week to go before Position Round.

  • The Post-Bowling Blues (Sep 18th, 2018) - The fifth week of Fall 2018 saw two teams climb in the standings, while two teams slipped. One bowler set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game. Monica Hufford picked up this week's high game (199) and series (522) for the women, while Aaron Barber earned this week's high game (257) and series (609) for the men. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • Time Again for Fall Bowling (Aug 16th, 2018) - With most of last season's bowlers returning, our newcomers brings back up to 10 teams for this session! We have 8 rookies joining us, plus two more "technically-rookies" -- subs from last season who are joining full time. Please give a warm welcome to (in roster order): Jeremy Cline, Conor Clarke, Emmy Hanlon, Ben Conaghan, Colin Belmont, Chuck Kissee (sub going full-time), David Juiliano, Luke Melton, Curtis Whiles, and Neil Hufford (sub going full-time).

  • Spring 2018 Recap (Jul 11th, 2018) -

  • Back Half Blues (Mar 27th, 2018) - As we enter the back side of the season, we find the standings constipated with absolutely no movement. One bowler set a new personal best series, and one rolled new personal high game, and one of those two also set an inauspicious league record. Angela Bradford picked up this week's high game (224) and series (562) for the women, while Aaron Barber earned this week's high game (245) and series (638) for the men. Read on for all the rest of the details!

  • It's Springtime! Why are we inside? (Mar 20th, 2018) - Upon closer observation of the actual lane oil patterns (left), it has been determined that only house balls will be allowed for the remainder of the season. In other news, a renowned scientist was brought in to study Mary Janes Last Frame's current slump, a birthday announcement was missed by Scoot, and the computer overlords have changed the outcome of a series. To find out more, read on!

  • Fall 2017 Recap (Dec 13th, 2017) - 36 seasons of bowling are now behind us, and while we didn't set much in the way of records, having 10 teams brought us some new twists and turns and the largest pool of prize money (just shy of $2200) we have seen in quite some time!

  • Another Season, Another Upset (Dec 5th, 2017) - For the second season in a row, a second place team made a shocking comeback at the last possible moment to steal the championship from the expected winner. And, the common element in both comebacks is Aaron Barber. Is he a good luck charm that teams will fight to recruit in the off-season?

  • NOT NotContra (Nov 22nd, 2017) - With only one week remaining before the final position round, only three teams are mathematically still in the hunt for this season's championship. But a chant of "NOT NotContra" has been gaining momentum, that may or may not, have started on lanes 1 and 2 tonight.

  • Finally, A Leader Emerges (Oct 24th, 2017) - Our position round has brought us a first in the Fall 2017 Seasoon. For the first time this season, a team has moved into first place that has more than just a 1-game lead!

  • Post Bowl Time (Oct 3rd, 2017) - Post-bowling scores are in, let's see how everything turned out!

  • Nate Silver Predicted 71.4% Likelihood Frankee's Uncles To Sweep Championship (May 10th, 2017) - In an effort to fully understand the situation facing the league going into tonight, we asked renowned statistician Nate Silver to take a look at the numbers. Noting that Omaha Hambone would need to win an unpresidented [sic] FIVE games in a row to win the championship, and that Omaha Hambone lost three games to Frankee's Uncles the last time they faced each other, the analysis revealed a 71.4% chance of the Uncles sweeping the Hambone, and a 99.973% chance of an Uncle championship overall. But, because November 8, 2016 exists, we all know exactly how this turned out...

  • Can the Dark Horse Still Win? (May 2nd, 2017) - Probably not. :) Tonight was the last night of regular-season bowling, and next week decides it all! As is stands now, Omaha Hambone would have to sweep and then win the roll-off in order to defeat the perennial champs. However, Hambone is currently 4-4 against the Uncles, only won one game when they last faced each other, and last enjoyed a sweep 4 weeks ago. Sure, they may pull off a huge upset, but it's looking quite unlikely. How did it come to this?

  • Tightening the Grip (Apr 25th, 2017) - Next week is the last week of regular season bowling, and after a season that at first seemed to be heading toward finally letting someone else win for a change, it appears the dark overlords are getting a tighter grasp on yet another victory. Just two weeks left for any of the remaining competition to make a play!

  • Another RoboWriteup :( (Apr 18th, 2017) - Sorry, folks. Scoot only got 3 hours of sleep last night, so we have to do another computer-generated writeupo this week. :( Sorry about that!

  • The RoboWriteup (Apr 5th, 2017) - Scoot had a lot he needed to do tonight and didn't have time to write a recap, so this week's update is the automated, computer-generated version. Sorry about that!

  • The Uncles Wiggled Back Up (Mar 28th, 2017) - Last week left things with the top three teams only one game apart. Now they are three games apart and a new leader has emerged.

  • Getting Tighter (Mar 21st, 2017) - While the only position change in the standings tonight was a flip right in the very center of the lineup, the race for first place definitely became a lot more interesting as now only one game separates the top three teams. Who will have what it takes to come out ahead 7 weeks from now?

  • Halfway to the Pot o' Gold (Mar 14th, 2017) - Our season is now officially half over. Three teams are sliding along the downhill side of the rainbow towards the pot of gold, while everyone else is still back on the uphill slope, weighed down with too much corned beef and green beer

  • Fat Tuesday? Nah, It's Just a Beer Belly. (Feb 28th, 2017) - Tonight we had several bowlers off celebrating Mardis Gras, and for a while it seemed some of the lanes might take the night off as well. Luckily everything came together and we finished our games with little debauchery, no arrests, and no one getting run over.

  • Bowl To The Future (Feb 22nd, 2017) - Okay, get ready for this, our league has just undergone time travel and split off into an alternate reality. Last night while working up the scoresheets, things just weren't adding up no matter what Scoot tried. After a great deal of frustrating recap sheet auditing, it finally came to our attention that a blind series we had recorded for Michael Gordon back in Week 3 had actually been pre-bowled and we never got the scores for it. So, moments ago, week 3's scores were re-entered, and all affected matchups since then have been re-calculated. The result is a history of the past 3 weeks considerably different from the one we have already experienced. In this new timeline, Ebowla experienced a week as the first-place team, and Frankee's Uncles are now enjoying their second week in first place.

  • Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire! (Feb 8th, 2017) - Tonight was a night of some pretty incredible games. With two veterans setting new personal high games, one setting a new personal high series, and people rolling well above their average in every one of our matchups, tonight was literally smoking

  • So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World (Jan 31st, 2017) - With so much darkness and suffering in our country and the world the last 11 days, it is nothing short of miraculous when a tiny ray of light cuts through the darkness and brings hope to a world in sorrow. So, Omaha Hambone, we thank you.

  • 2016 Is A Wrap (Dec 21st, 2016) - With 34 seasons of bowling now behind us, the Fall 2016 season ended tonight as the 3rd best season in league history in terms of combined league average. Congratulations, everyone, on a great season!

  • Same Result, with a Tiny New Twist (Dec 6th, 2016) - Congratulations to Seth and Ashlee Gunderson on the birth this morning of their first child, Spring 2038 women's high game scratch winner Frankee Belle Gunderson! (Oh also also congratulations to Seth and his team for winning the championship yet again...)

  • Up In The Air (Nov 29th, 2016) - All bowling scores are in, and the headline for this write-up doesn't need to change! After ruling the roost all season, Vote JV is now in a tie with the team that is trying very hard to live up to the namesake of its acronymous name. It litterally comes down to who wins next week!

  • Thankful For a More Interesting Championship (Nov 22nd, 2016) - In what was a very short night for everybody except the poor schmoes on the first pair of lanes, things suddenly have become potentially very interesting as we close in on the Championship round. Suddenly the team that has been running away with first place all season is finding themselves needing to fight for it. How did this happen?

  • Flat-ner Is Coming (Nov 15th, 2016) - After years over suffering with blurry, miscolored, distorted scoreboards, we have credible information that by next week all of the scoreboards will be replaced with modern LCD flat=panel screens. It remains to be seen if or when this will be followed with high-def signal on the TVs, or working lanes. :)

  • Look At Some Cute Things While Reading About Bowling (Nov 9th, 2016) - Scoot tried several times last night to get this write-up going, and even had various sets of images already loaded up to go with a theme for either way the election went. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it, and decided that what this nation needs now more than anything else is a bowling recap to help us heal. (Pictured left: Freda & Carl reconcile after some heated post-bowling election night bickering.)

  • A Fractured League Enters Midseason (Oct 4th, 2016) - Our decimated league is now approaching the position round, and yet another injury takes yet another bowler out for the the season. Let's al wish the best for both Mark DeVoe and Kody Karnes on their individual roads to recovery! Meanwhile, nobody moved in the standings this week. Which only makes sense, considering how few league members can even walk.

  • Tournament Takes Off, Ray & Stevie Take It Slow (Sep 14th, 2016) - For the first time in league history, the team rolling against the Blind (Vacancy) Team not only didn't finish early, they were actually the last to finish. Meanwhile a late addition to the league (Ben Spencer) made for a complicated first week for the Tournament of Champions, and next week will be equally complicated when another new bowler -- likely the last new bowler this season -- will join us. And, finally, find out how the Carolina Reaper may come into play this season.

  • It's Time for some Fall Bowling! (Aug 18th, 2016) - Welcome to the Fall 2016 season! We start rolling this coming Tuesday, January 23rd! This season will feature two new recruits making their debut. A special welcome to rookies James Glenn and Landon Cline!

  • Spring 2016 is History (May 24th, 2016) -

  • Tailgating! (Apr 19th, 2016) - When bowling begins with a tailgating session — certainly a first in our league's history and very possibly a first in the history of AMF Pro Bowl — it's an omen that more unexpected things are in store. With new records set and trash talk backfiring, this was definitely an evening of surprises.

  • Fear The Cheese (Mar 29th, 2016) - Why, oh why, do people continue to deny the power of The Cheese Stick Curse? Time and time again, the power of the molten mozzarella has been proven!

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! (Mar 22nd, 2016) - Bookended by a lack of movement, the 6 teams not at the extremes all saw shuffling in the standings in this week's position round. Though it's doubful anyone noticed over all the celebratory hollering down on lane 48.

  • The 11th Frame -- Week 6, Spring 2016 (Mar 11th, 2016) -

  • Almost No Change (Mar 8th, 2016) - Despite some major upsets tonight, the only change in the standings was a slight fliop between Split It and Bowlgasmic.

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Mar 1st, 2016) - Many in our league did not stick around to witness the end of bowling tonight. Nay, not even their children, nor their children's children, would serve as witnesses. But one day, far in the future, the final bowling matchup of the night will come to an end. Will we still be human then, or will we have evolved into a new, more enlightened species?

  • Fallop Ian Squeezes Through a Small Lead (Feb 23rd, 2016) - Half of tonight's matchups saw underdogs come out on top, while the other half saw bullies beat up on their prey. Which way did each matchup go? Read on to find out.

  • Theory of Relativity Proven (Feb 16th, 2016) - Just days after the announcement that gravity waves were detected, another portion of Einstein's Theory of Relativity was proven tonight when the matchup that involved Holy Sandbaggers, Batman! finished in less time than any other matchup! Granted, they shed half of their mass in order do do it, but it's all part of the famous equation.

  • Let's Bowl! (Feb 16th, 2016) -

  • Six More Weeks of Cheese Sticks (Feb 2nd, 2016) - Groundhog Day saw Glory Bowl leapfrog to 3rd place and an unSetherized Fallop Ian continue to make an early claim on repeating first place.

  • Off And Rolling (Jan 26th, 2016) - The first week of our 33rd season began with lots of laughter and reunions, progressed through lots of beer, and ended with four teams rubbing their sore butts.

  • Let's Try This Again... It's Time to Bowl! (Jan 22nd, 2016) -

  • Welcome to the Spring 2016 Season! (Jan 11th, 2016) -

  • Full of Turkey, No One Wants to Move (Nov 24th, 2015) - Turkey week saw lots of turkeys but no movement in the standings, likely due to everyone being overloaded on tryptophan.

  • Someone is Cornholing the League (Nov 10th, 2015) - Holy Sandbaggers, Batman, has swept 3 weeks in a row and faces the blind team next week. Could a new threat to the Taffy domination be emerging?

  • A Royally Quick Night (Oct 27th, 2015) - One team pre-bowled, one team is post-bowling, and one team was only halfway here. A quick night of bowling got everyone away from the bowling alley's fuzzy TV's in time to watch the Royals win / lose / win / lose / win / screw it I'm going to bed.

  • Taffy Pulls Further Ahead (Oct 20th, 2015) - Phil and Ian both set new personal bests tonight, and 4 teams moved into a tie for second place.

  • Midterms Already? (Oct 13th, 2015) - With the position round already upon us, one bowler reached a new milestone, one bowler left us, and a "former" bowler returned to take his place.

  • Salt Water Daffy (Sep 15th, 2015) - Apparently the secret to sweeping this season (apart from bowling the blind team) is to pre-bowl, based upon a precedent set by Salt Water Taffy. Read on to find out how much they bribed the AMF staff to set them up with Fisher-Price bowling pins...

  • 404: Loss Not Found (Sep 8th, 2015) - The Tournament of Champions brackets are set, the last straggler bowler has arrived, and a clear front-runner has temporarily emerged.

  • Shaking It Up (Sep 1st, 2015) - The standings were severely shaken up this week, with nearly every team moving and many of them moving quite a bit. Read on to see how it all shook out.

  • Sandbaggers Away! (Aug 25th, 2015) - Failing to live up to their name, Holy Sandbaggers, Batman! took an early lead tonight, sending their their opponents, It's A Trap!, to the bottom of the standings. Hopefully that's a trap they can escape from next week. Read on to see how the rest of the night came together...

  • Fall 2015 Preview: Milestones to Watch For (Aug 25th, 2015) -

  • Welcome to the Fall 2015 Season! (Aug 21st, 2015) - Summer is behind us and it's already that time again – dust off your balls and say goodbye to the wife and kids as it's time to head back onto the battlefields as the 32nd season of GutterAlley actions begins this Tuesday. This season will feature eight new recruits making their debut this season! A special welcome to rookies Andrew Finger, Brian Walsh, Chelsie Finger, Matt O'Dell, Meghan Cummings, Sean Miller, Seaon Simmons, and Zach Cross!

  • Our Best Season Ever is History! (May 19th, 2015) -

  • 7-10! (Apr 28th, 2015) - Champs crowned, splits splatted, pins righted, what DIDN'T happen this week?

  • The League is Stuck! (Apr 21st, 2015) - Two weeks in a row have produced stagnant standings, but a record was shattered anyway!

  • Some Taxing Matchups (Apr 14th, 2015) - Bowlers getting tax refunds bowled well, bowlers who owe bowled terribly, and bowlers who haven't started their taxes at all yet were no-shows. Who fell into what category? Read on to find out.

  • Coe Golfs A Perfect 18! (Or something like that) (Mar 31st, 2015) - On the far left set of lanes, one team tripled their record from the first half of the season. On the far right hand set of lanes, a 300 was rolled. What else happened?

  • AmazeBallz Upsets (Mar 24th, 2015) - Tonight, in the 10th week of bowling, Ballz Out won more games than they had in the previous 9 weeks combined. What other dramatic upsets happened tonight? Read on to find out...

  • Bowlers On Fire! (Mar 10th, 2015) - A record high temperature inside the bowling alley wasn't the only record set tonight...

  • Balls of Amazingness (Feb 25th, 2015) - Another odd week of bowling shakes up the top of the standings, but little else!

  • The Cream Rises (Feb 3rd, 2015) - The same teams that sat atop the league standings last season are back at it after the results of Week #3. Big scores and even bigger series continue to be put up by the league as a whole as the 32-person roster currently sits at the 2nd best season of all time mark. Not a bad start, gang. Not a bad start at all.See how it all played out...

  • Battle Tested, Brunker Approved (Jan 27th, 2015) - With two weeks of the Spring 2015 season in the books, six – count 'em, SIX! – bowlers are currently carrying averages above the 200 mark. The number six also made its mark in the league standings this week as that number of teams swapped places. Did we also mention that Carl Goetz shot a 666 series? Spooky.Ready to get all the details? You know what to do...

  • Wasting No Time (Jan 20th, 2015) - The Spring 2015 session kicked off Tuesday night and Kody Karnes wasted absolutely no time at serving notice that his team looks to repeat as champions. Setting a 237 average, Karnes quickly re-established his team at the top of the heap.Can they keep it until the Finals in May? Only time will tell...

  • Welcome to the Spring 2015 Season! (Jan 20th, 2015) -

  • A New King is Crowned (Dec 10th, 2014) - Sixteen weeks ago 32-bowlers on 8 different teams started out all with the same record of zero wins and zero losses, scheduled to do battle with one another at least twice. Tuesday night saw the end results of those slugfests with the men of the brashly named 921+ walking away as the champions of the Fall 2014 season of GutterAlley action.Find out how the Finals went...

  • Eye on the Prize (Nov 18th, 2014) - GutterAlley action in Week #13 ended with the only two teams that have occupied first place in a tie at 34 wins apiece, potentially setting the stage for a winner-takes-all showdown in the Finals three weeks away. Two other teams, however, remain in striking distance as the Fall 2014 season marches on.

  • 9...3...4 (Oct 28th, 2014) - For more than six years, the men of Ain't No Sh!T enjoyed sitting atop one of the most impressive league records of all-time – their 921 single game team output. Tuesday night, however, saw that score moved to 2nd place as four new guys moved to the top of that mountain after some stellar output...and climbing to within two games of the current league leaders.Can they catch them before the Finals? Only time will tell.

  • Number One Sons (Sep 23rd, 2014) - My Three Sons continue to dominate the league with a clean sweep of the team with the most output in league history, led by Ian Goetz's very first 700+ series. Rob Kaszuba put up his first MVB of the season to bring Dixie Stampede out of the gutter. All in all, Week #4 action saw some big action.

  • Holding onto the Reigns (Sep 9th, 2014) - Despite a league record being shattered by the team right on their tail, My Three Sons – last season's reigning champs – refuse to relinquish control of 1st place for a second week in a row. Tentatively, five teams took over a new spot in the standings while we all wait for Split It & Hit It to complete their post-bowling.

  • Welcome to the Fall 2014 Season! (Aug 26th, 2014) -

  • Pinterest Pins the Championship (May 13th, 2014) - The Spring 2014 season came to a close with the Finals a mere formality as Pinterest had already wrapped up the championship last week. Congratulations to title winners Jonathan Vigliaturo, Andy McLeod, Ian Goetz, and Seth Gunderson on their impressive run, ending with the 6th best win record in league history. The full recap can be found inside...

  • The Home Stretch (Apr 15th, 2014) - Just a few short weeks back, it looked like Pinterest's crowning as the champions of the Spring 2014 season was just a matter of time due to their huge lead over the rest of the league. Now with less than a month until the Finals we're quickly learning that a couple of other teams are not quite ready to give up the fight. As the march until the final showdown on May 13th continues, the lead has evaporated to merely 3.5 games proving that it's not over quite yet...especially considering that the three teams still in it face one another over the next three weeks.

  • Tronned! (Apr 8th, 2014) - Pinterest had five weeks left to wrap up the championship crown but the rest of the league refuses to make it easy on them. Around the rest of the league, some big scores – and one REALLY big series – showed up as the Spring 2014 continues on.Check out how your favorite team did in this week's update...

  • April Fool's Gold! (Apr 1st, 2014) - Week #10 happened to fall on April Fool's Day this year but the biggest jokesters in the league weren't laughing as much as they suffered their biggest matchup defeat of the season. Granted, it wasn't huge but it was a surprise as to who dished it out.Around the league, some big scores came out of unexpected places as the season continues onward...

  • Goetz It Done (Mar 25th, 2014) - Pinterest continues to extend their lead in the league standings as they now sit a full eight games out from second place. It's going to take some serious competition to derail the most energetic team this season from their steam rolling to the championship crown. Ian Goetz narrowly missed putting up his first 700 series as the boys continue to destroy all who stand in their way. Week #9 action is now in the books...

  • Position Round Robin (Mar 18th, 2014) - The Spring 2014 season is now halfway complete and Pinterest is laying claim to this season's crown. Having put up the 2nd best first half win record in league history, it's going to be their crown to lose as the season progresses. The position round is now in the books and, with it, four teams swapped places in the standings.Ready to find out who made moves during the position round?

  • Batting .857 (Mar 10th, 2014) - Not since the Fall '09 season has a team gotten off to such an incredible start to their season as Pinterest. Currently sitting with an 85.7% win percentage, the loudest and most fun team in the league is on the cusp of making history. Could they be on their way to being only the third team in league history to wrap up the championship by week #13? They'll definitely set the tone next week in the position round.But, for now, let's see how everyone landed for next week's big showdown...

  • Blue Skies for Gray (Mar 4th, 2014) - Week #6 was fraught with ups and downs as almost every single team found a new home in the league standings. Pinterest, however, continues to dominate the league with their impressive 21-3 start and are definitely the team to beat. On an individual basis, many bowlers put up big series and games this week including Sabrina Gray – who rolled her highest series ever. Congrats, Sabrina!

  • Welcome to the Spring 2014 Season! (Jan 20th, 2014) - Let's get this party started! Thirty-two bowlers – including three brand new rookies – will lace up their shoes this week to do battle for the next sixteen weeks. Now let's see some new high scores out there, gang!Good luck, gang...and welcome back!

  • Fall 2013: And the winner is... (Dec 11th, 2013) - The Fall 2013 Fun Night closed out the season with an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the individual achievements, season favorites, and the newest addition to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame...

  • It's All Over (Dec 4th, 2013) - Despite the Finals having been settled and decided last week, there was still one more night to make great things happen...and Chadwick Andrews did 'em all.Over the course of three games Andrews shot his career high game as well as series, secured his second consecutive night to be named Most Valuable Bowler and #1 Power Ranked Bowler, and concluded his evening by winning the Tournament of Champions. Not too bad of a way to finish one's season, eh?

  • Awards Renamed in Honor of Hall of Famers, Others (Dec 3rd, 2013) -

  • Things are Getting Tighter (Nov 12th, 2013) - Time is ticking away in the Fall 2013 season and there are now four teams in contention for the title. With the Finals a mere three weeks away, this session of GutterAlley action is still up for grabs amongst half the league. It's now just a question of who wants it the most.Week #13 tightened the distance between those teams with only two teams changing places at all. Check out the recap to see where everyone sits...

  • Chopping Away (Oct 30th, 2013) - The league continues to chop away at the lead that Bowltron has held on the league standings for quite some time, this week narrowing that gap to a mere three games. With the Finals a little over a month away, wins are going to be come more precious going forward. Will anyone catch 'em before it's too late? It's looking that way.Now get in there and see how everyone did...

  • 3-1 or 1-3, Take Your Pick (Oct 8th, 2013) - The midway point of the Fall 2013 season has been reached and with it came all four matchups ending at 3-1. The current league leaders have built and impressive gap between themselves and the rest of the league setting up an interesting second half.

  • Back and Forth (Sep 17th, 2013) - Six teams moved places in the league standings, there were hardly any 200s, teams continue to bowl like crap but are still handed wins, and Grand Theft Auto 5 came out so this week's recap is pretty damn sparse.

  • Open Letter from Ken: Pat Searcy for the Hall of Fame... (Sep 9th, 2013) -

  • Free Fallin' (Aug 20th, 2013) - Over the course of the next several months, eight teams will do battle in the quest to secure this season's championship title. With a lot of last season's bowlers returning, the rivalries picked right back up Tuesday night as GutterAlley kicked off its 28th season. Ready? Set...GO!

  • Welcome to the Fall 2013 Season! (Aug 19th, 2013) - And we're back on the air as of Tuesday, August 20th. Thirty-two bowlers – including three brand new rookies and one former sub officially joining the league – will lace up their shoes this week to do battle for the next sixteen weeks.Good luck, gang...and welcome back!

  • Spring 2013: And the winner is... (May 22nd, 2013) - The Spring 2013 Fun Night closed out the season with an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the individual achievements, season favorites, and the newest addition to the GutterAlley Hall of Fame...

  • New Season Favorite Awards: Searcy, Scoot Honored (May 13th, 2013) - With the closing of the Spring 2013 season, we've decided to expand the offering of our end of the league Season Favorite Awards by honoring two people that have made GutterAlley better over the years in their own respective ways – Pat Searcy and Scott "Scooter J" Murdock.

  • The Stage is All Set (May 7th, 2013) - The stage is all set for a Finals week showdown between the lone two contenders – Will Strike if Provoked and Dragon Balls. The winners of the Spring 2013 season will be crowned in a do-or-die matchup next week between these two teams with the Dragon Balls having absolutely no room for error. Four wins and the crown is loss, and Will Strike if Provoked walks off with the title. It's gonna be a fun one...but, for now, let's see how everyone else did.

  • The 11th Frame Week 14, Spring 2013 (May 6th, 2013) -

  • Breaking Away? (Apr 23rd, 2013) - The Finals are three weeks away and one team has started to separate themselves from the rest of the pack with their eye on the title. While various scenarios are still possible, momentum seems to be on the side of the former championship team that last won it all just last Spring. Can they be stopped or are they simply breaking away?Also this week – a slumping vet turns his season around and earns #1 Power Ranked Bowler honors in the process, a quiet bowler puts on the first MVB performance of her career, and the league shatters the all-time record for most 200+ games in a single season. What a week!

  • The 11th Frame Week 12, Spring 2013 (Apr 22nd, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame Week 10, Spring 2013 (Apr 4th, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame - Week 9, Spring 2013 (Mar 28th, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame: Week 4, Spring 2013 (Feb 17th, 2013) -

  • The 11th Frame: Week 3, Spring 2013 (Feb 7th, 2013) -

  • Murder, They Wrote (Jan 29th, 2013) - The second week of GutterAlley action is now in the history books and one team has raced out to a 7-1 record to lead the league. Angela Lansbury would be proud...

  • Colossal Debuts (Jan 23rd, 2013) - The Spring 2013 season got underway Tuesday night and a good portion of the league forgot that you're not supposed to bowl lights out and set big averages on the first night. Ian Goetz, pictured, was the biggest ignorer of this time honored tradition.Want to see just how well people shot in Week #1? Well, read on...

  • Welcome to the Spring 2013 Season! (Jan 22nd, 2013) - The 27th season of GutterAlley action gets back underway but before all of the swearing, drinking, and in-fighting begin we thought we'd officially welcome you all back...

  • Fall 2012: And the winner is... (Dec 18th, 2012) - Mr. 300 himself – David Codding – was named this season's inductee into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame, becoming the 7th bowler to enter as the Fall 2012 season officially came to an end Tuesday night. Prize money was handed out to everyone during the semi-annual Fun Night. The winners for the individual achievements as well as the top picks for the season favorites were announced as the gang enjoyed a round of 9-pin tap and the various traditional trick shot challenges.

  • You Can't Top FTOP (Dec 11th, 2012) - It took until the very last roll of their matchup, but a new championship team was crowned on Tuesday night as the Finals went down to conclude the Fall 2012 season of GutterAlley action...Congrats to John Boren, Cory Chorpenning, David Codding, and Ken M. Wilson!

  • No Friends of Mine (Dec 4th, 2012) - Week #15 set the stage for the Finals of the 26th season of GutterAlley action. Two teams, separated by a mere half a game, will battle it out for the crown in one of the tightest races to the finish line in league history. Let's get this party started...

  • The Antithesis of Perfect (Nov 27th, 2012) - Two weeks until the Finals. Big battles on the lanes. High scores. Low scores. Blowout victories. Extremely narrow losses. And yet, in the end, not a single team managed to move up or down in the league standings. Ready to see how the teams are setting the stage for the last week before the Finals? Let's go.

  • We've Got Big Ballz (Nov 13th, 2012) - Ballz Out proved, once again, that when they are scheduled to bowl whichever team is in first place they are THE team to be feared. Cliff Barendsen torched his opponents and sent them packing after their short lived tenure at the top of the league standings with yet another incredible performance. How did the rest of the league standings shape up? Let's get onto that write-up, shall we?

  • The Walking Ahead (Oct 30th, 2012) - On Devil's Night, mischief took place across the lanes as Week #10 made its way into the record books. Thirteen people raised their averages while the league standings continue to tighten up with the possibility of other teams overtaking the coveted first place spot. Ready to find out how it all went down? Let's go trick or treating, then.

  • Position Round Repositionings (Oct 16th, 2012) - With only two teams staying put, every other team found itself in a new spot on the league standings after the position round. Huge games and series were recorded across the board in what was probably the highest scoring midway point of any season in league history. Even Hall of Famer Scott "Scooter J" Murdock shot his first 600+ series. What in the hell are they putting in the beer on Tuesday nights?!?Ready to get the full recap? You know what to do.

  • Three is a Magic Number (Aug 29th, 2012) - The new season. Eight teams. 32 bowlers. Initial week results? 3-1 for four teams, 1-3 for the others. Nothing like consistency to get things started, eh?The highlight of the night, though, was seeing Rob Kaszuba receiving his surprise replacement bowling ball after a mishap over the summer that destroyed his regular ball. Thanks to everyone who pitched in on the gift!

  • Welcome to the Fall 2012 Season! (Aug 22nd, 2012) - The Fall 2012 session of the VML Bowling League kicks off on Tuesday, August 28th. We're returning to 4-man teams vying for the championship title over the course of 16 nights on the lanes. Before we get started, we wanted to welcome our newest recruits and explain what they can expect in the league...

  • Spring 2012: And the winner is... (May 8th, 2012) - The 25th season of the GutterAlley bowling league came to a close and the list of winners from the season favorites to individual achievements were well as Bob Brunker, the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame.

  • V for Victory (Apr 11th, 2012) -

  • Pole Position (Mar 6th, 2012) - Ahh, the position round...that time honored mid-season event that allows teams to either really put it to their closest competitors and climb the league standings. While one team continues to further extend their domination over the league, other teams in the middle tightened the distance between themselves and the teams just ahead of them. How did everyone do? You're just a click away.

  • Welcome to the Spring 2012 Session! (Jan 15th, 2012) - The Spring 2012 session of the VML Bowling League kicks off on Tuesday, January 17th. This time around we'll have eight 5-man teams vying for the championship title over the course of 16 nights on the lanes. Before we get started, we wanted to welcome our newest recruits and explain what they can expect in the league...

  • NEW FEATURE: The Over/Under Factor (Nov 23rd, 2011) -

  • Happy Thanks-taking! (Nov 22nd, 2011) - Later this week, many of us will enjoy a feast with our loved ones over a wonderful dinner. Tuesday night, however, three teams in our league made meals out of their opponents on the lanes to begin their holiday week. With one team still waiting to find the results of their matchup due to their competition opting to post-bowl early next week, as it stands at the moment not a single team moved up or down in the league standings. Will this change once the final scores are tallied? We'll have to wait and see...

  • Obviously You're Not a Golfer (Nov 15th, 2011) - Only three more weeks or regular season bowling remain before the eight teams of the Fall 2011 season march into the Finals. Theoretically, any one of four teams could come away with the crown but time is quickly running out. While none of those teams exchanged places in the league standings, the gaps in-between them have tightened setting up these last few weeks for quite a showdown.Two surprising and outstanding performances came to light Tuesday night with Sarah Sauer and Kelly Sands earning #1 Power Ranked Bowler and MVB nods respectively. How did everyone do, though? Let's find out...

  • Still On Top (Oct 25th, 2011) - No Pinheads continues to sit atop the standings, a full eight games ahead of the rest of the league. In the Spring 2008 session, these same four bowlers wrapped up their season as league champions. They seem to be on pace to finish on top but the rest of the league has other plans. Is it too late to catch them or is the fun just getting started? Ready to find out how everything went down this week? Let's get it on.

  • A Plea from Scoot (Oct 18th, 2011) -

  • Welcome to the Fall Session! (Aug 16th, 2011) - It's almost that time, ladies and gents (and Scoot)! The Fall 2011 session of the VML Bowling League kicks off on Tuesday, August 23rd. Once again we'll have eight 4-man teams vying for the championship title over the course of 16 nights on the lanes. Before we get started, we wanted to welcome our newest recruits and explain what they can expect in the league...

  • Fall 2011: Time to Pick Teams! (Aug 4th, 2011) -

  • Fall Recruitment (Jul 29th, 2011) - Starting back on August 23rd, the twenty-fourth season of the VML Bowling League will get underway. There are 32 spots that need to be filled and we're cruising right along. Interested in either being on the list or seeing who has already signed up? Check it out...

  • And Summer Break Begins... (May 24th, 2011) - The Spring 2011 season is now officially over and with it came the Fun Night complete with the prize fund payouts, season favorite award winners and the induction of the first four bowlers into the GutterAlley Hall of Fame. The next season of the league will start up in late August for those of you interested.Ready for all the details from the Fun Night? Well let's go...

  • Analysis: Season Favorites (May 17th, 2011) -

  • Introducing the Hall of Famers (May 15th, 2011) - With bowlers throughout the league's entire history casting their votes over the past two months, the members of the GutterAlley's Hall of Fame inaugural class have been selected. Congratulations to Angela Bradford, Scott Murdock, Freda Schroeder and Ken M. Wilson on their upcoming inductions.

  • Rally of the Dolls (Apr 12th, 2011) - When the league began, Ryan Doll claimed that his team this season was "just for fun." Throw in unexpected arm surgery on his bowling arm and a roster member that has been there only once during the 11 weeks of the season so far, you'd think that they wouldn't be ranked that high in the league standings. Well, that's not even close to the case. Moving into 2nd place tonight after an impressive return to the lanes, Dolls and Balls is definitely on the move. Ready to see how the league rolled? Let's do this.

  • New Feature: The Hall of Fame (Mar 22nd, 2011) -

  • Touch It for the Win (Mar 15th, 2011) - Seven weeks. Eight teams. The first half of the league is now complete with each team having faced one another once. With the outcome of this week, we now know who will face off next week in the mid-season position round. The surprise of the evening easily goes to Touch My Vlad who notched their first sweep "against real people" (to quote Sarah Manning). Congrats, Vlad!Ready to see how everyone else did right before the rolloff?

  • Dedication, Devotion...and Destruction (Mar 8th, 2011) - With the position round just two weeks away, teams are slowly gravitating towards their standings opponents in what should be a do or die rolloff week on March 22nd. For now, Week #6 managed to keep everyone in their current spots with two exceptions as No Pinheads bunny hopped SucmaBOWLS. Not complacent with the status quo, the league was treated to a nice showing of dedication from Dolls and Balls' anchor Ryan Doll who despite having recently had surgery performed on his bowling arm showed up to keep his team from forfeiting and rolled with his opposite hand to keep his team in the running. Ready to see how everyone did as the first half of the season nears its end?

  • Let Them Eat Pins (Feb 15th, 2011) - The league's third week is now in the books and with it comes half the teams possessing a winning record, providing our first glimpse at true diversity in the standings. While the two teams that met in the Finals two seasons ago continue to remain at the top, Eat Split and DI made quite an impressive leap up into 3rd place after routing No Pinheads Tuesday night behind a great performance from this week's Most Valuable Bowler, AJ Hofmann.Ready to find out how everyone did? Well, let's dive in...

  • Time to Pick Teams (Jan 11th, 2011) - Two weeks from today, the next session of the VML Bowling League starts up. With that looming on the horizon, 'tis time to pick teams.Want to find out which teams are already fully-formed? Well, check it out...

  • It's 2011: Open Recruitment! (Jan 3rd, 2011) - The 2011 Spring league is now forming. We're aiming to have a full 40-person roster and spaces are filling up rather nicely in order to meet our goal. We still need some more people, though. The next session begins on Tuesday, January 25th at the NKC Pro Bowl in North Kansas City, Missouri.Are you interested in bowling? If so, please let us know.

  • Happy Holidays! (Dec 15th, 2010) - The Fall 2010 bowling season officially came to a conclusion Tuesday night with the disbursement of the prize fund and individual awards. The final results of the season favorite awards were also announced. Congratulations to all of the winners!The next session of the league will begin on Tuesday, January 25th. Hope to see you there!

  • Serving Up Turkeys (Nov 23rd, 2010) - On a week where it is customary to give thanks for what we have, the teams of the VML Bowling League thanked one another by handing out turkeys -- either in the form of three strikes in a row or handing out victories to their opponents. The top three teams in the league have an opportunity over these two final weeks to move into the all-time record books for compiling some of the best win percentages in league history. Can they all three make it or will they stumble? We'll know in two weeks when the Fall season comes to a close.

  • Scoot'ing Right Along (Nov 9th, 2010) - French novelist Alphonse Karr coined the expression "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Such is the case, for the most part, in the VML Bowling League's standings for yet another week. While two teams did manage to swap places, the real story comes with the bowlers of Ground Zero Mosque. Having amassed a record of 11-5 since the position round, they continue to gain ground on the top teams in the league. Is it too late in the season for them to reach the top?

  • She Gives Me Vict'ries When I'm In Need (Oct 19th, 2010) - As the season's schedule restarts itself, each team faced a familiar opponent. Barring the outcome of the post-bowling matchup between the Pin Pricks and Feed the Monkey, every team that rolled Tuesday night met with radically different results than their initial meeting back in August. Despite the wins and losses, only had two teams swapped places in the league standings.Ready to see how everyone did? Read on...

  • Ups and Downs, Ins and Outs (Sep 7th, 2010) - During Week #3, some things stayed the same – No Pinheads still remain the team to beat – while some thing radically changed. After a forgettable Week #2, one bowler managed to completely reverse his team's fortunes with a powerful performance to earn this week's MVB nod while pushing them into third place. On the flip side, Feed the Monkey and Ground Zero Mosque took a brutal beating at the hands of their competitors. Want the full scoop? Read on...

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